Nightlife with E-Cigarettes is Just So Much Better!

By Dave S. Posted February 20, 2013

Nightlife With Electronic Cigarettes


All smokers long for the days they were allowed to smoke in their favorite bars and clubs, but if you switch the word “smoke” with “vape”, it’s still very much a reality. Because electronic cigarettes don’t combust anything, they produce vapor instead of smoke, and therefore aren't subject to the smoking bans in bars and nightclubs. Unless the owner of the establishment specifically doesn't allow people to use e-cigs, you’ll undoubtedly have a much more enjoyable evening as well as vastly reducing the harm you’re doing to yourself.


The fact that some non-smokers have a cigarette when they’re out drinking is testament to the fact that nicotine and alcohol complement each other extremely well. For a smoker, enjoying a cigarette alongside their favorite drink is one of the greatest pleasures in life, but it’s not really that simple. The majority of the population lives under either a local or a state-wide indoor smoking ban, so most smokers have to stand outside while they have a cigarette. Depending on the location, you might also have to leave your drink inside, forcing you to separate nicotine and alcohol when you’re out on the town.


This means that a smoker’s night at the bar is broken up with regular trips outside to satisfy their cravings, and they’ll have to leave the majority of their group to do so. If most of the people you’re with are smokers, you might even have to leave one or two non-smokers inside while everybody heads out for a smoke (or drag them out with you). Having to go outside to fulfill your nicotine needs breaks up the sociability of the evening; splitting your friend group into smokers and non-smokers. You don’t all stay together, because every single cigarette you have separates your party.


Throw e-cigarettes into the mix and things change dramatically. You can puff away and enjoy your nicotine without leaving your friends, so you won’t be shuffling off at regular intervals with the other smokers. It doesn't matter what the weather is like, because you don’t have to leave the bar. You can soak up the atmosphere, dance to the music and savor your favorite drink while you’re enjoying your e-cigarette. You experience the sensation of smoking, but e-cigarettes bring everything together.


Not only do smoking bans not apply to them, they replicate the sensation of smoking without the associated health risks. Because they just contain nicotine (with levels of nitrosamines equal to FDA-approved nicotine patches), propylene glycol, water and food flavorings, the risks of second-hand smoking don’t apply. It also means that you aren't putting yourself at risk, because they don’t include the carbon monoxide, tar and the multitude of carcinogens you get with tobacco cigarettes.


If you’re using e-cigarettes, you can forget about the negative aspects of smoking. You won’t stink of smoke, you aren't segregated by legislation and you aren't putting yourself at risk. Instead you’re free to sip your drink, dance to the music and have an awesome night with your friends.


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