New Years’ Resolution: Switch to E-Cigarettes

By Dave S. Posted January 15, 2013

Quitting smoking is one of the most common and difficult to accomplish New Years’ resolutions. Most people struggle immensely, and by a couple of weeks into the New Year they will have succumbed to the temptation and gone back to the odorous habit. Dropping the smog, the stench, the tar and the chemicals that accompany smoking has immense health benefits, but nicotine addiction makes them much harder to achieve. Thankfully, technology has provided the ultimate solution to this issue: electronic cigarettes.


Using an e-cigarette isn’t smoking; it’s vaping. There is no combustion; a solution is simply heated electronically to produce a vapor, and you get nothing other than nicotine, propylene glycol and some food flavorings. There is no tar, so your lungs aren’t clogged up with the oozing, sticky black mess you get with tobacco. You also reduce the amount of chemicals you consume from over 5,000 to a mere handful. Tobacco contains an army of carcinogens and some nasty extras like carbon monoxide, but e-cigarettes let you wave them goodbye.


It’s important to note that e-cigarettes don’t necessarily help you quit smoking. Manufacturers don’t claim they can, but there have been several pieces of research which indicate they could. What we know definitively is that e-cigarettes are considerably safer than smoking, and that many people have successfully used them as part of a plan to stop smoking. Technically speaking, they’re designed as a harm reduction device, or in other words a safer alternative. It’s minimizing the damage you’re doing to yourself while still giving you the nicotine you crave.


From a sensory perspective, electronic cigarettes are very much like the real thing. They have cigarette-like design, some complete with speckled “butts,” a realistic amber glow at the tip as you inhale and clouds of vapor. Most come in two pieces, with a long battery and a smaller (usually disposable) cartridge containing the atomizer and the nicotine-infused liquid. You simply screw the pieces together and start vaping. When the cartridge is empty, throw it away and attach another (there are loads of different flavors to try, too). The battery charges via USB, and most starter kits will also include a wall adapter for when you can’t access a computer.


You’ll also save money by switching to e-cigarettes because cartridge contains roughly the amount of nicotine you’d get in an entire pack of cigarettes. You can buy five cartridges for around the price of a single pack of cigarettes, and if you use refill cartridges the savings are even more substantial. The up-front cost of a starter pack disappears in no time when you’re paying five times less for your nicotine.


Quitting smoking isn't the only resolution you can make this year to kick the tobacco habit. If you've had trouble stopping in the past and just want to reap the health benefits, e-cigarettes are safe, affordable and effective. Just trying to quit smoking isn't enough. This year, make your New Years’ resolution to switch to e-cigarettes.


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