Maya Electronic Cigarette Review

By John Madden Posted September 23, 2013

Maya Electronic Cigarette is based in Los Angeles, CA and, according to their Facebook, has been around since 2010. However, I was unaware of their existence until a couple months ago when their social media team reached out to me on Twitter. I had them send over a basic starter kit and some flavored cartridges to test for this review.

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  • Competitive prices on starter kits
  • Good throat hit and vapor production
  • Minimal, but tasty flavor selection
  • Great battery life, manual and automatic options


  • Only four nicotine strengths in cartridges, no low strength option
  • Made in China, no ingredients listed on packaging

Bottom Line

Maya's starter kits and refill cartridges combine simplicity with well-balanced performance. They give you everything you need to make the switch from smoking to vaping with no gimmicks.
Price: $59.95

Maya Electronic Cigarette Review

On their website, Maya offers starter packages that include a battery, charger and either two or three cartridges, as well as a “Delux” kit that ups the ante to two batteries and chargers along with 6 cartridges. They also sell refill cartridges in packs of 6 as well as bottles of e-liquid for use with their “iFill” eGo style kits and clearomizers.


Packaging and Design


Maya electronic cigarette seems to gear their starter packages for sale in quick service markets and smoke shops. They are sold in hard plastic casing nestled in a cardboard display card. The front of the packaging is printed with the Maya logo and product information while the reverse contains instructions on how to use the Maya e-cig.


Maya Electronic Cigarette Kit Review


Refill cartridges are sold in boxes of 6. Inside each box is a plastic tray with individual casing sealed by aluminum wrap. Each cartridge is further sealed by two rubber caps to prevent contamination.


Design-wise, the Maya is probably the most simple looking rechargeable e-cig I've seen. Cartridges are each covered in a solid industrial tape color-coded to their corresponding flavor. The battery is solid white in color and has “Maya” printed on it.  For a bit more of a sampling, Maya also offers a “Premium” starter package with three cartridges and a manual battery that has a button to activate the atomizer.


Flavors and Vapor


Each starter package comes with two or three cartridges in either tobacco or menthol with the premium kit containing one of each along with a third in vanilla. All kits come standard with 16mg/ml nicotine strength cartridges. For refills, customers have the option of choosing from 0, 11, 16 or 24mg/ml in either tobacco, menthol, or vanilla (0-16mg).


Apple, blueberry, cherry, coffee, “eBull”, mango, peach, strawberry and watermelon are all available as standalone flavor packs in 16mg only. Maya also has a “Six Mix” sample pack of flavors in 0, 16 or 24mg. The liquid used in each cartridge is made from a propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, natural and artificial flavors and nicotine (not in 0mg cartridges). I tested out the tobacco and Six Mix in 24mg/ml.


Maya Electronic Cigarette Cartridges Review


Maya's tobacco, especially at 24mg, is very rich and feels almost smokey upon exhaling. It feels almost identical to a cigarette, just doesn't taste like one. I would definitely recommend it for smokers new to vaping. While most menthol cartridges taste the same, Maya's kind of reminds me of a mint toothpaste. It's not bad by any means, just doesn't quite taste like a menthol cigarette.


The Six Mix in 24mg came with one each of menthol, vanilla, apple, peach, strawberry and blueberry. Out of the six, the one that really stood out was vanilla, which is probably why it's the only “flavor” they sell as a standalone in multiple nicotine strengths. It was the strongest tasting of the sweet flavors and rich, yet undeniably smooth.


Vapor production with the cartridges was about what you'd expect from a mini e-cig or cig-alike. I wasn't blowing fat clouds like I would likely be getting from their iFill clearomizers but it would be satisfactory for someone just making the switch from smoking. There was also substantial throat hit, something I feel is necessary to hook someone away from cigarettes. Overall, vaping the Maya electronic cigarette starter kits and cartridges was a satisfying experience even for a veteran vaper like myself.


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For its relatively small size, about 2.5 inches in length, the Maya electronic cigarette battery holds quite the charge. Depending on how often you use it, the battery will maintain power throughout the day. It usually gets me into a second day of moderate vaping before requiring a charge. And charge time is roughly an hour from full depletion to max charge.


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Packaging & Design3/5





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A new generation of mini electronic cigarettes have been hitting the market lately. In the past, the more affordable, c-store options have failed miserably performance-wise. Maya has seemed to find a good median between cost and performance with their starter kits and cartridges. For what they lack in appearance, they more than make up for in delivery. The Maya isn't a perfect e-cigarette, by any means. For one, it's made in China so it may not be subjected to the same manufacturing standards we have in the states. However, nothing from testing it leads me to believe it is anything sub-par on our quality standards. For the price, it is definitely something worth trying, especially if you are a current smoker looking for a safer alternative.

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    1. Brad K.

      Slow shipping but good e-cig

      Shipping was a little slow but everything else is good.
    2. James Tesk

      Decent product, worth a try

      I tried this and had a good experience so far. Helpful support team and good product.