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Lightning Vapes is a reliable online vape shop with a wide selection of vaping supplies, accessories, and e-liquids. Lightning Vapes offers competitive prices compared to most vape shops and you can use the latest Lightning Vapes coupon codes and promos to get the best possible price.

Lightning Vapes Coupons and Discounts

Lightning Vapes Coupon (15% Off Storewide)

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Lightning Vapes Discounts and Promos

Lightning Vapes Coupon (17% Off Storewide)

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Lightning Vapes Wholesale Coupon

45% Off $10,000+

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About Lightning Vapes


Lightning Vapes is a growing electronic cigarette and online vape shop. They carry their own line of e-juice at max VG and prices starts at $6.80. Their customer reviews range from 4-5 stars. Their bottles come with a dropper you can purchase squeeze bottles so it's easier to use their e-juice when you’re on the go.


If you love rebuilding your atomizers and if you’re trying out building with different types of materials, Lightning Vapes is a great store to check out! They have a wide selection of wicking materials such as cotton, cotton bacon, silica wicks, and Ekowool. On top of that, they have different types of wires too. These are essential to cloud/flavor chasing. They also have kanthal, nichrome, titanium, stainless steel. They also have coil heads for various RTAs.


If you need o-rings, they have them in various diameters and thickness. If ever you need spare parts such as insulators for your RDA/RTAs you might find one here. Check out and see if your RDA/RTA might also be available within their list of items.


They have the essential brands for their batteries which is very good since you don’t have to worry too much on quality. Available at Lightning Vapes are branded battery chargers, and battery cases which can accommodate up to four batteries.


For the builders they have a selection of tools. They have coil jigs, butane torches, complete tool sets, pliers, and even tube cases for tweezers.


Their website has a Table of AWG wire sizes. This will give you a good overview about gauges and their resistance per inch. There are tutorials available to help you rebuild.


Wholesale discount is between 20-45% off of your total orders. The discount rates depend on your ordered amount. Lightning Vapes regularly runs weekly sales and promotions. You can use our coupon codes for Lightning Vapes to get an even bigger discount on your purchase.


You may contact Lightning Vapes directly to inquire about their Wholesale deals and they will generate a unique code for you. If you wish to receive your orders right away, they have same day shipping. One cool channel for their support is the Live chat option. You may also reach them via email or by calling their phone number. Please check their operating hours.


Check out their map for physical store locations which carry Lightning Vape products, but be sure to call ahead to check availability of your orders.


Lightning Vapes is not your typical online vape store trying to sell a lot of merchandise. Their focus is on after sales, vaping and they have done that well. If you want to cloud/flavor chase their e-juice seems to be a must try. If you need wires, wicks, batteries, chargers, tools, or replacement parts, Lightning vapes has that for you. They keep the builders happy and satisfied with their products. Having those hard to find spare parts such as o-rings and insulators are also a big help they’re giving to the vaping community so that we can continue enjoying our favorite equipment.