Legato by Black Note Review

By Lindsay Fox Posted March 14, 2015

Black Note juice review legato

Black Note is all about the tobacco flavors, an e-liquid mixer that oozes class with a penchant for pitch-perfect replications of classic tobacco blends. If you’re the sort of vaper who’s been looking for a mixer that makes authentic tobacco e-liquids or a smoker wanting something as much like the real deal as possible to switch to, Black Note could well be the company for you (check out our full Black Note review for more on the brand). Legato is their attempt at Kentucky tobacco (despite the Italian name), promising a unique vaping experience based on a distinctly aromatic tobacco blend.




Legato is described as a flue-cured tobacco, bringing out the natural resins in the tobacco to produce a rich, mildly nutty, aromatic vape with a smooth and earthy finish. The taste is immediately unique, definitely aromatic on the nose, but in a way that’s hard to pin down – being almost woody in taste. The nuttiness is a subtle undercurrent to the dominant woody, smoky aroma, becoming more prevalent as you continue your draw and on the exhale. The flavor is very smooth throughout, but the earthiness claimed in the description is lost on me, potentially present on the exhale but largely drowned out by the woody and nutty elements.


Overall Rating: 3.5/5


This is a complex but enjoyable e-liquid, with the unique aroma making you stand up and take notice before soothing you with the smooth, nutty and warm flavor that takes over through the end of your draw. It’s not as robust and hard-hitting as some of the juices on offer, but the unique woodiness gives the juice plenty of character. The only criticism is that the unusual notes prevalent at the start of your draw are kind of ambiguous – you find yourself not sure if you’re enjoying the liquid or are just being lured in by the unique aroma. As you continue your draw, the other qualities of the juice win out, but it may mean that Legato isn’t to everyone’s taste.


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