Ladies, Kick the Butt to Live Longer

By Lindsay Fox Posted December 8, 2012

Ladies Quit Smoking to Live LongerIt’s very difficult to quit smoking, and people have been known to take years to get rid of the habit. There are many methods that can help a person get rid of this habit, and if you are a smoker then you ought to try one or more of them out. According to an extensive study conducted in the United Kingdom, you can actually increase your life expectancy by quitting smoking.


Conducted by researchers in Oxford, England, the study found out that women can reduce the risk of dying early by stopping smoking as early as possible. Click here to read about the findings of the survey that were published in The Lancet in October.


There are many studies that highlight the negative effect that smoking has on health as well as finances. However, it is heartening to know that the risk of an untimely death can be cut considerably by putting an end to the habit as early as possible. No matter how old you are, you’ll find that it is better for you to stop smoking.


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