Joyetech Unveils New Mini Box Mod – The eGrip

By Lindsay Fox Posted November 22, 2014

Joyetech eGrip - Box E-Cig Mod

Box mods aren’t usually the most aesthetically pleasing of devices, but with options like the iTaste MVP and the Hana Mods Mini V3 becoming increasingly popular, Joyetech (makers of the eGo and eVic) has thrown its new contender into the ring. The Joyetech eGrip may be tiny enough to fit comfortably into your hand, but it packs a maximum of 20 watts (or 5.5 V) and has a 1600 mAh battery, making it a pretty appealing option for vapers looking for a nice mixture of portability and power in a VV/VW device.


Meet the eGrip



The eGrip has a smooth, rounded appearance, with the fire button on the thinner edge for comfortable use while you hold the device, and a cylindrical drip tip included. It’s available in black, silver or wood brown. The layout may look a little like a standard box mod, but it’s been specifically designed to make use as simple as possible, incorporating both a mod and a bottom coil clearomizer in one unit.


The core operations – adjusting your setting and firing – couldn’t be any easier, just adjust the dial around the fire button accordingly and press the button. There’s a 3.5 ml glass clearomizer tank on the inside of the device (with a transparent window so you can see how much juice you have left), which you fill up by opening a flap on the side of the device to reveal two fill-holes. This is all sealed, so as long as your coil is still in place there won’t be any spillage.


At the bottom of the device there is a mini-USB charging port (which allows for passthrough vaping during charging) and a screw for adjustable airflow, with a screw-in atomizer head on the opposite side. This can be unscrewed using something like a coin (it has a large flat-head screw-like groove in it), and then the old one replaced by simply inserting the new coil in its place and screwing it in. The simplicity of both of these processes is a big plus-point for the eGrip, especially for newer vapers hesitating to switch to mods because they seem too complicated. It seems like the eGrip really couldn’t be much more straightforward.


Here is a full review of the Joyetech eGrip from YouTube user VapingwithTwisted420, which is worth checking out if you want to learn more about the device. The initial responses are pretty positive; it’s a powerhouse mod that’s incredibly portable.



Conclusion – MVP vs. Mini V3 vs. eGrip


The eGrip has a lot of existing competition, most notably options like the Innokin iTaste MVP and the Hana Modz Mini V3, both of which offer very similar benefits. While the eGrip offers a wider range of power settings than the MVP, the Mini V3 can provide up to 30 W. Of course, 20 W will be more than adequate for the majority of vapers, so it’s unlikely to hold many back from placing an order of the eGrip, especially since it’s much more compact than either contender. We’re still waiting for more official info from Joyetech (the device isn’t listed on their site yet), but as long as it’s reasonably priced, it looks set to become a new go-to-device for many vapers when it’s released sometime this month.


eGrip Box Mod by Joyetech


Joyetech eGrip box mods image courtesy: Joytech