Information Concerning Clinical Trials Taking Place on E-Cigarette Users

By Ecigarettereviewed Posted August 31, 2012

FDA Needs to Tell The Truth
When Hon Lik developed the first electronic cigarette in 2003, it was not his intention to develop a quit smoking device. Hon Lik only was trying to develop an alternative to smoking. The company he worked for patented his idea and the rest is history. Hon Lik was not the first person to design an electric cigarette. He was the first person whose design actually took off. The first electronic cigarette was developed in the nineteen sixties, but the design did not take off. Back in the sixties the demand for the product was not nearly as high as today. Back in that decade smoking was not thought to be as dangerous as it is now.


The electronic cigarette has been one of the most successful programs used to help people quit smoking even though that is not what it was marketed for. More people have given up tobacco forever thanks to electronic cigarette than many of the top selling quit smoking kits. Electronic cigarettes do not pose the serious risks that prescription medications like Chantix do (see our comparison of Chantix and e-cigs).


New clinical trials state that electronic cigarettes are extremely effective in helping people quit smoking, but the FDA refuses to regulate the product as quit smoking device. In fact, the FDA is trying to have electronic cigarettes classified as a tobacco product. There are not currently any laws regulating or restricting the use or purchase of electronic cigarettes, but rules will surely be put into place soon. Electronic cigarettes may not be perfect, but they offer many benefits over traditional cigarettes (read e-cigarette benefits) E-Cigarettes are a way to say goodbye to second-hand smoke, your smoker’s cough, and expensive tobacco forever.