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About Highbrow Vapor


Highbrow Vapor is a family-run e-liquid company based out of Fresno, California, formed in 2011 and dedicated to producing the very best e-liquids. Their old-timey design and the top-hatted gent on the logo create the impression of quality, and they intend to live up to this assumption by working to find the very best natural flavorings and the highest-grade ingredients. They produce many of their own flavorings in-house, and everything is sourced from within the US and then mixed to order. They only use USP-grade (and kosher) PG and VG, the nicotine is pharmaceutical grade, 99.9 percent purity, and the e-liquids are produced in a sterile, medically-clean environment. They’re shooting for both top-quality ingredients and knockout flavor, and back it all up with their dedication to their customers, aiming to ship all orders within three days.


The e-liquids are available in 10 ml and 30 ml bottles (priced $7.50 and $15, respectively), and there are 46 flavors to choose from in total. They’re available in six different nicotine levels (0 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, 18 mg, 24 mg and 36 mg per ml), offering more than enough option for vapers regardless of their level of nicotine intake. The juices are ordinarily a mixture of PG and VG in a 70/30 ratio, but you can choose PG or VG only if you prefer. However, you do have the option of customizing your flavors with Highbrow Vapor, so you can request a different PG/VG ratio, request double flavoring or even add additional flavors into a juice. They make suggestions for additions and changes, but encourage creativity in your requests.


The liquid flavors are split into fruits, drinks, desserts and “Highbrowbacco” (tobaccos), but there are additional groups of new products and the family’s personal favorites. There are 13 fruit options (including Black Cherry Dulcet, Orange De Sangre, Strawberry Lemonade and Watermelon), 10 drinks (including Amaretto Amore, Eggnog, Green Tea, Bavarian Hazlenut Cream Coffee and Espressso), 7 tobaccos (including French Pipe, RY4, Clove and Exotic Blend) and 16 desserts (including Belgian Waffle, Crème Brulee, Heavenly Macaroon, Cheesecake Tort and Tiramisu), although some do overlap (for example, Eggnog is a drink and a dessert).


Highbrow Vapor guarantees quality ingredients and offers a unique and interesting range of flavors, with something to suit all tastes. The fact that they encourage customization means that even if the flavors don’t initially appeal, you’re free to tweak the mix according to your preferences.


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