Henley E-Cig Review

By John Madden Posted December 10, 2013

Many of the cig-alike producing brands we review follow a similar marketing strategy: set up shop in south Florida and ship out devices made in China filled with American-made e-liquid. Henley took a different approach and is not only based in NYC, but also opened up their very own “vaporium” in Manhattan. And that shop has garnered the brand a lot of media coverage.

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  • Good flavor and vapor production
  • American made e-liquid in cartridges
  • Sleek, easy to use PCC
  • Cart club reduces refill price
  • Recycling program for disposables


  • Expensive disposables
  • Minimal throat hit
  • Cartridges get warm during use
  • Mods are overpriced

Bottom Line

Henley is more of a "boutique" brand than most who deal mainly with cig-alike products. Their electronic cigarettes have a unique taste and a slightly higher price point than some brands. With some minor adjustments, their e-cigs could be some of the best in the "mini" class.
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Henley Vape Review

In addition to selling mods, juice and accessories from other  e-cig brands, Henley markets its own line of disposable and rechargeable mini electronic cigarettes. We tested a few of their disposable e-cigs as well a couple of their rechargeable kits, one express kit and one deluxe kit with PCC.


Packaging and Design


Deluxe Kit


Not only does Henley Vape veer from the South Beach trend, they also have one of the only deluxe kits that doesn't come in the traditional bi-fold box. Instead, the deluxe kit is packaged in something that resembles a iPod or smart phone box. It's a bit more compact and features an outer shell that slides off an inner base shell.


Henley E-Cig Deluxe Kit


The outer shell is black with the Henley logo on the top and contents printed on one of the sides while the inner is red.


Inside the box is the Henley PCC surrounded in bubble wrap. The PCC is also further protected from scratching by a plastic sticker on the front and back. Beneath the PCC is a box of cartridges as well as a box of accessories. Inside that box is a USB cable to charge the PCC along with a micro-USB cable you can use to charge external devices like smart phones with your PCC.


The PCC itself is very compact and sleek, resembling an older black iPod or iPhone in design. It flips open like a Zippo lighter, revealing four slots, three to hold cartridges and one for charging batteries. The side of the case has a button for charging and three lights that show how charged the PCC is and a fourth that turns red while charging a battery and green once it's fully charged.


Henley Deluxe PCC Kit


Both the batteries and cartridges are a matte black in color. The batteries are printed with a small Henley logo while the cartridges are printed with a white tobacco leaf and the letter “H” for high strength nicotine. Put together, the Henley e-cig is about the size of a regular cigarette, with the tip glowing white when in use.


Express Kit


Henley's Express Kit is their convenience store package. It includes a battery, charger and three cartridges and comes in a small cardboard package with a display hanger hole cut out of a flap on the top. The packaging is actually pretty nice compared to other c-store kits as it is printed with a mixture of matte, glossy and textured accents.


Inside the box is a white micro-foam tray holding the cartridges, battery and USB charger. Whereas the Deluxe Kit has a black theme, Henley's Express Kit includes a white battery and cartridges.




Each disposable is individually packaged in a tiny cardboard case colored to its corresponding flavor; red for Original, beige for tobacco and green for menthol. Inside is a micro-foam tray with a cutout that holds the disposable e-cig.


Henley Disposable E-Cigs


The Henley disposable is about 1cm shorter than an assembled rechargeable version. Each one is all white with a thin band color-coded to its respective flavor. The battery section is actually about the same size as the rechargeable version with the cartridge portion being smaller. Props to Henley for not sacrificing the battery on their disposables.


Flavors and Vapor


There aren't a whole lot of flavors available for the disposable Henley e-cigs, with original, tobacco and menthol being the only options. The rechargeable versions offer a choice of those three, along with cherry, clove, watermelon, vanilla, cappuccino and pina colada.


For its small size, the Henley Vape produces a pretty decent amount of vapor. The throat hit is on the milder side, leading me to believe the liquid used is predominantly VG-based. And the flavor of each cartridge is also quite pleasant. For me, the tobacco tasted a little better than the original with both the cartridges and disposables. I also tried clove, menthol and watermelon with my favorite of those three being the latter.




Again, for its size, the battery life of both the Henley disposable and rechargeable was quite remarkable. I probably got in between 120-150 puffs on a full charge for each. This isn't quite equivalent to a full pack of smokes but still better than a lot of batteries out there at the moment.


Recharge time using the PCC is on the longer side. A fully depleted battery requires about two hours of charge time to regain a full charge. With two batteries included, you should be able to fully charge one battery by the time the other drains down to the point where the tip starts blinking.


If you're looking for similar high quality starter kits and vapor pens, this list of the best vape pen starter kits is worth checking out. And if you're looking for something more powerful, this list of the best ecig mods offers suggestions for hard-hitting vape mods.


Editor Rating

Packaging & Design4/5





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For a new brand, Henley's electronic cigarettes are more than up to par with today's mini-ecig standards. They offer ample battery life and pretty decent flavor and vapor. However, the boutique nature of the brand, along with their SOHO headquarters, mean prices are going to be slightly above average. While their basic cig-alike products are competitively priced, a few of the third party mods Henley sells on their website are a bit overpriced. Still, it's pretty neat to see not just a new shop open up in the heart of New York City, but an entirely new brand of electronic cigarette. Henley just might help raise awareness of vaping in the city as a healthier alternative to smoking.

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