Green Smoke Leather Carrying Case Review

By Ecigarettereviewed Posted December 15, 2012

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Leading e-cigarette manufacturer Green Smoke has released a leather carrying case so you can keep your batteries, USB charger and a few cartridges with you whenever you leave the house. We got one for ourselves, so we've put together this little review to help you decide if it’s worth the extra expense.


The carrying case is available in three colors, black, brown and tan, and its design is straightforward and simplistic. The Green Smoke logo is emblazoned in the bottom right corner, and their signature leaf adorns the leather tag attached to the zip. Inside, you’ll find an elastic holder for the USB charger, three elastic holsters for cartridges and two arches to store your batteries. There’s also a small pocket on the opposite side – great for storing the rubber ends from cartridges or even some additional whole cartridges.


It’s well-made, and slips comfortably into a back pocket. The case may be soft, but there is plenty of re-enforcement to keep your batteries and cartridges safe. One of the batteries sits in the center, cradled by the curved edge of the case when it’s closed, and the other sits beside the spots for your cartridges and USB charger. The battery holders have elastic ends to help you slot them in.


If you stocked up the case to full capacity, you’d be able to cram enough cartridges in for at least a week of vaping – and since there’s a space for the charger you can keep your batteries topped up wherever you have access to a USB slot. This alone makes it a useful product – especially if you want to ensure your e-cig paraphernalia is kept safe – and its sleek design is reminiscent of an ordinary wallet. The only possible downside is that it’s slightly too big for some pockets – and it seems like half an inch could have been trimmed from the top and bottom to make it a little more portable. Overall though, it’s effective, cool and really easy to use – a must for any vaper who’s regularly on the move!


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