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Green Smoke Cartridge Flavors
The cartridges really contain the meat of the e-cigarette. The battery life is important, as is the quality of the overall mechanism, but when you take a drag on an e-cigarette it’s the contents of the cartridge that you’re enjoying. Green Smoke produces some of the best cartridge flavors on the market, with three tobacco blends, mocha, chocolate, vanilla and menthol cartridges to choose from. The flavors provide the variety to the e-cigarette, and Green Smoke has that in droves.


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Signature Red

This is the Marlboro Red-inspired flavor, and it’s bright orange with a cigarette-style light speckling. The flavor isn’t quite as robust as a tobacco cigarette, but it has an authentic edge to it that produces a realistic taste. The Marlboro Red link may be more imposed by descriptions than inherent in the flavor, but it’s still a solid replacement for tobacco.


Southern Gold

The “Gold” blend of tobacco flavor has a more light brown color tone, but still retains the visually pleasing speckle. There is a hint of sweetness to this cartridge, which (although not a description typically applied to tobacco) makes it a very pleasant one to vape. It’s also much smoother than the Signature Red, which puts it a step above in my opinion.


Classic Tobacco

The final tobacco flavor offered by Green Smoke – the Classic – is similar in color to the Signature Red, with a slightly less garish orange tint. This one has a more smoky taste, but the tobacco flavor is also much more subtle and smooth than the Red Label. It has the smoothness of the Gold blend without the accompanying butterscotch sweetness.


Mocha Mist

The Mocha Mist flavor is modeled on its namesake drink, although the coffee element comes through a lot more strongly than the chocolate undertones. The cartridge is uniform brown, slightly less so than the chocolate flavor. Realistically, it’d be better to think of this as a coffee flavor, and it does a great job of replicating the taste. Using it while you drink a cup of coffee is an unusual experience to say the least – with the same taste coming from two distinct sensations.


Smooth Chocolate

This is the stand-out flavor for me. The Smooth Chocolate lives up to its name, producing a realistic, warming and subtle chocolate taste that has been compared to a genuine Hershey’s bar. It’s so gently delicious that I tend to puff on it more than is actually necessary. Plus, what’s better than to smell slightly of chocolate?


Menthol Ice

The Menthol Ice cartridge is a strong blue color, and its flavor is similarly firm and unrelenting. It’s undoubtedly minty, and the “ice” element comes through on every single cooling drag. It tastes like the first few bites into a fresh piece of chewing gum, with plenty of menthol to go around. In truth, the flavor is more pronounced than with actual menthol cigarettes.


Vanilla Dreams

The Vanilla Dreams is a close contender for the best Green Smoke flavor. Vanilla isn’t an overpowering flavor by itself, and this helps it translate to an e-cigarette cartridge. They’ve found the perfect level for the taste, so you get a hint in every puff but it isn’t overpowering. Its taste makes it a blissful vape just before you head off to bed.


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Green Smoke Cartridges


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