Fulfilling a one-year old Valentine’s Day Promise

By Guest Posted February 4, 2013

My girlfriend of three years had tried time and again to make me quit smoking. She had quit after 2 years of being a chain smoker herself, and would often ask me to ‘learn’ something from her. For all those with partners who have managed to quit or never take on the habit, would know about the constant nagging. Needless to say we've fought over this millions of times, and even if we would be fighting on a completely off topic, the whole hullaballoo about smoking would start again.


‘Smoking all over the place…’

‘Think about the baby!’

‘For Christ sake don’t neglect your health’

‘Why don’t you quit’

Blah blah blah!
valentines-day-wishThere was a time when I was seriously thinking about breaking up with her, and I did, but after 4 months we got back together again. On last Valentine’s Day she had asked me to switch to electronic cigarettes as a ‘gift’ to her. I really hated her guts, and the guy who invented Valentine’s Day, but then I agreed to try the e-cigarette she had bought as a gift to me (when all I wanted to do was throw that thing out of the window).


Of course she knew I was feeding her garbage, and chances were the e-cigarette would be lying right next to my discarded ugly holiday presents (read geometric patterned tie, and a sweater with a misshaped blue reindeer knitted on it. Honestly who gives an ugly knitted reindeer, and since when are reindeers blue in color?). Anyway, she struck a deal with me and dared me to switch over to electronic cigarettes for a year, and if I stuck to my end of the deal I can start smoking on the next Valentine’s Day and she would NEVER utter a word about it again. Wow I would have given off a limb to keep her from eating my head off. Didn't seem like a bad bargain.


I tried the e-cigarette, it contained a cartridge with some nicotine-laced fluid and was in my favorite flavor – coffee Hmm! Since I did not want to completely let go off smoking as I hated the cold turkey phase, my girlfriend and I agreed upon alternating between electronic and analogue cigarettes. So I took to smoking thrice a day and vaping for the remaining three of my 6 doses.


Honestly, I did not feel much of a difference except that maybe tobacco smoke was denser, and there was this familiarity while smoking that I can't explain. Good thing was that my cigarette pack lasted longer, which meant less expenditures. This was actually a great way, I had decide that I would be alternating even after the one year mark.


I think it was by the third month when I had started vaping for 5 times and smoking once a day. I had also started reading blogs and visiting online forums, and had found a few like-minded people who were vaping enthusiasts. By the 6th month I had completely switched over to electronic cigarettes!


I felt no difference, no guilt about smoking in public, and a vast difference in my life and wallet. The quality of my voice was improving, and I felt healthier, of course that could just be placebo?


Anyway, so this Valentine’s Day it will be one year and I feel so much more in control of my life. And yes, the girlfriend is immensely happy, but why do I have a feeling that she knew I would completely switch over by the end of the year mark? Maybe I got played?!


Story contributed by: James


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