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Focalecig is a reliable online e-cig store with a large selection of vaping supplies, electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, e-juices, and accessories. Focalecig offers cheaper prices than most other vape shops but you can get an even better deal by using the latest Focalecig coupon codes and promos.

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Focalecig Coupon (10% Off Sitewide)


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About Focalecig is an international e-cig store with free worldwide shipping. They offer pretty much everything you'd need for your vaping – whether it's premium e-liquid or everyday vape gear. Focalecig has a wide variety of stylish drip tips and you can choose among different materials and designs. If you are a drip tip collector, or simply want to have a drip tip that suits your style, you’d want to check them out.


If you’re looking for budget friendly RDAs and aren’t really picky with the brand, take a look at their wide selection of RDAs starting at just $4.50 which is as cheap as it gets. They also have the Tsunami RDA at $27.99 for the experienced vapers.


Focalecig also has a wide range of vape mods at low prices. If you’re looking for a primary high-end or a backup lower priced mod, you’ll find it here. They have a wide selection of starter kits for newbies, cloud chasers, flavor chasers, and for those who simply want to use vaping to help them quit smoking. They have wires in different materials and gauges. Pre-built coils and regular coils are also available. Their PUFF 3pcs Organic Cotton Wick is at a promotional price of $0.30 so if you need any coils it's a good time to stock up.


Focalecig offers Group Buy, Pre-sale of their latest products, and clearance sale. Be sure to check FC Deals on their website to get updates and get the most out of their offers!


If you wish to take advantage of wholesale prices, you'll need to get over $500 worth of products which is not ideal for everyone unless you really want to get the best deals and don't mind paying a larger sum of money at once.


What's good about Focalecig is that they have their own point system. Earn 1 FC point just by registering to their website. You will get 1 FC point for every $7 of fulfilled order. Other ways of earning are by reviews submission, helping other Focalecig members in solving their Focalvapor problems. You can either exchange your FC point into coupons or products.


Their products go through strict testing phase before being sold or packed for shipping on their website. This is to ensure complete items are delivered.


The beauty of Focalecig is in their wide range of products. If you want to start vaping there’s always a way to fit it in your budget. I personally started vaping using lower-end items and my interest in vaping grew from there. Not everyone has the same sentiments when it comes to vaping either. Some love to compete in cloud chasing competitions and some just want to see if vaping can actually help them quit their smoking vice. We have to keep in mind that not everyone is or should be a cloud/flavor chaser, so it is great to have shops like Focalecig that still offers the basic items someone needs to help them enjoy vaping as an alternative to smoking.