First Four Winners of the Green Smoke Sweepstakes!

By Lindsay Fox Posted March 22, 2013




Here are the first four winners of the Green Smoke Spring Renewal Sweepstakes. Each of you will receive a Green Smoke Pro Kit, a $188.92 value!


And the winners are:


1. Beverly A.
2. Rosemary R.
3. Michele V.
4. Roxann J.


Winners will be contacted shortly via email to claim their prize and the kits will be shipped out next week by Green Smoke. If you haven’t already entered, you still have more than a week to do so. The final four winners will be announced March 31st. If you have any questions on how to claim your prize, email us using this handy contact form.


Thanks to all those who have already participated. If you’re name wasn’t announced, you can submit your entries by March 31st to increase your chances of winning. We constantly run giveaways, so be sure to check back.
  • Keifus

    Congrats everyone!!

  • Debbie Bashford

    I am ready to quit. I have been smoking since I was 16 and have developed a slight cough so I want to stop soon. I have a prescription at the ready for the pills and have saved up the money to buy the patches, but this is my problem too, it’s the act of holding it in my hand and the act of smoking. I just know with the help of electric cigarettes, that I can finally quit for good, as it still gives you the illusion of smoking so I would think the anxiety / heepie jeebies/ withdrawal would be very minimal.

  • Jennifer Mae Hiles

    Looks like I missed a great giveaway, would love to try your product sometime!

  • laura c

    Congrats winners! Hoping to be lucky as well!

  • Gianna

    Congrats to all the winners!

  • Molly Hearn

    With me having emergency surgery on Monday these would be a great help for hubby to quit smoking since he is concerned about our health a bit more now and our childrens health.

  • Molly Hearn

    this would help hubby quit in a high stress time because with my health problems he is concerned.

  • Toni F

    I so need this.

  • Heather Weiher

    i would love to win this i have been a smoker for 10yrs and i need to quit badly. i have fibromaylgia, aortic aneurysm, bicupsid valve, asthma, just had brain surgery jan 2012 for chiari malformation. and i also have even more health problems. too many to list. but as everyone knows its hard to quit. i have been on and off the patch. and this would be alot better than dealing with those nasty smelling newports and nasty smeling patches.

  • tara b.

    wow……this would be so awesome to win!!! thanx

  • amy deeter

    this is cool