Electronic Cigarettes Gain an Upper Hand over the Groups Who Oppose Smoking

By Dave S. Posted December 22, 2012

The groups opposing smoking are valiantly working forward to ban the production and sales of electronic cigarettes. They claim that, it causes more damage to the body than the proposed idea of reducing the habit of smoking. Unfortunately for them, the court had turned down their request in banning them. The rivals against them were supported by smokers who testified in large numbers that they would be returning to the habit of smoking if a ban is imposed on electronic cigarettes.


Thus the manufacturers of electronic cigarette have started implementing their technologies with a big smile on their face. They are highly optimistic that, this market would be a profitable and a huge success in the near future.


One such company is the R.J Reynolds Vapor Company which has implanted a highly evolved technology to their electronic cigarettes. They are testing their product in the name of “digital cigarette”. During one of their presentations, they revealed their innovation involving vapours infused with nicotine which can be inhaled by the users. The catch of their technology was the involvement of microchips that they claim to aid the user to have a smoking experience similar to traditional cigarettes.


Another emerging company in this market is headed by Philips Morris whose technology is closely associated with an inhaler containing nicotine aerosol. Other upcoming companies include British American Tobacco, Imperial Tobacco and Japan Tobacco. There is going to be quite a fight between the competitors in this thriving market.


The success of these companies will be due to their ideologies in cessation of smoking by alternating the traditional cigarettes with non-tobacco cigarettes that weed out the toxins such as tar, carcinogens and deliver only nicotine. This is claimed to be more successful than the traditional methods for cessation of smoking like methods in pharmacology.


Another cause for their success is that, the smokers have come forward in open to support them. Their story of quitting or reducing smoking, betterment in health after the use of electronic cigarettes has greatly out-voiced the anti-smoking group. In fact, the anti-smoking movement has promoted the use of electronic cigarettes.


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