Electronic Cigarettes Being Promoted as a Potential Smoking Reduction Strategy

By Lindsay Fox Posted October 22, 2012

Electronic Cigarettes as a Smoking Reduction StrategyTwo articles were published recently in leading journals, both of which reviewed the current status of treatment employed for smoking cessation in individuals. Both the articles concluded by highlighting the fact that electronic cigarettes are very innovative and can be put to good use as an effective strategy for smoking reduction and cessation.


The first article published in this month’s issue of the journal, Nicotine and Tobacco Research, is a systematic review which analyses the use of inhaled nicotine as a strategy for cessation of smoking. The study was carried out by a team comprising of Brent Caldwell, Julian Crane and Dr. Walt Sumner.


The first observation made was the low effectiveness rate of the traditional nicotine replacement therapy products (NRT) in people who are trying to quit smoking. The group also conducted a detailed review of the various inhaled nicotine devices like nicotine patches and gums, Chantix, and electronic cigarettes that are in use currently. The conclusion of the review was that these devices were less likely to cause any kind of serious health risks.


The study also stated that e-cigarettes show considerable promise as a strategy for smoking reduction and cessation. The final conclusion of the study was that investment in therapeutic pulmonary nicotine devices need to be promoted as it can be of considerable help in the treatment of smoking thereby resulting in decreased mortality and morbidity rates.


Another article which appeared online first before being published in the journal Internal and Emergency Medicine, carried the results of a review conducted by Dr. Pasquale Caponnetto, Dr. Cosimo M. Bruno, Elaine Keller and Dr. Riccardo Polosa.


The review included a detailed study of the different strategies that are currently employed to tackle the issue of relapse in smoking cessation. An algorithm was presented for response to relapse which includes the use of harm reduction approaches like e-cigarettes.


The conclusion was that electronic cigarettes and battery-operated products which conduct nicotine delivery are harmless and also effective in helping people abstain from smoking. Switching to low-nitrosamine snuff (Snus) or e-cigarettes is a good way to help smokers who cannot or are not willing to abstain from smoking.


Tobacco harm reduction using such strategies is key in the management of smoking relapse which can help millions of smokers and also safe guard their health. This exit strategy is currently showing a lot of promise for smokers who are not willing and also are not able to give up the habit.


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