E-Liquid Reviews

E-liquids are at the heart of the e-cigarette, coming packed with the flavor and nicotine that you’re looking for. Choosing an e-juice vendor isn’t easy, though, and our e-liquid reviews are here to give you the low-down on the best options available. You’ll learn everything you need to know about the liquids and vape juices on offer, and all of our e-juice reviews are based on extensive first-hand testing. When it comes to e-liquids, there is always a subjective element, but we aim to give you an idea of the accuracy and strength of the flavor, PG/VG ratio and the overall quality in our vape juice reviews.

  • Liquid State Vapors Review

    Liquid State Vapors a USA-based manufacturer that will appeal to you not only with their great flavors but also with a great story. A Max VG line manufacturer, they only use the best ingredients in their manufacturing process and their liquids are bo....


  • Halcyon Vapors E-Liquid Review

    Based in Orange, California, Halcyon Vapors has been in business for a little over a year. The brand is well-known locally, in particular for its top two flavors and a high VG to PG ratio which make it popular among drippers and cloud chasers. Speaki....


  • Vapor Liq E-Liquid Review

    Our Vapor Liq e-liquid review takes a look at the in-house juices from a company which made it's name as an e-juice subscription service provider. Are the juices delicious, or should they stick to curating boxes of other mixers' flavors?....


  • vaperev e-liquids

    Juice by Numbers Review

    Juice by Numbers is a fairly new entrant into the world of e-liquid, but they’re earning a favorable reputation among vapers for their well-captured, fruity and dessert-based flavors. We’ve put #1 through #5 to the test to see if Juice by Numbers....


  • mr good vape dabble dooyah review

    Mr. Good Vape Review

    Mr. Good Vape is all about the fruit and dessert flavored e-liquids, with a selection of 12 flavors available, from the apple-pie influenced Dabble Dooyah through to Pistachio Man and the peaches-and-cream flavor Karma Cream. But do the e-liquids rea....


  • boardwalk captain crusty review

    Boardwalk Vapor E-Liquid Review

    California-based mixer Boardwalk Vapor names their “top-shelf” juices after the characters of the boardwalk, spanning fruit, bakery and breakfast-inspired flavors. But does the juice get the job done? We’ve put Captain Crusty, Bombshell, Juice ....


  • Binary E-Liquid Review

      Premium e-liquid is everywhere these days. Where once most mixers focused on single-note flavors and keeping the price low, the rise of the premium mixer has seen more complex flavors take center-stage in the vaping industry, with prices stead....


  • Craft Vapery Certifiably Vapable Liquids Review

      California-based Craft Vapery started out an e-juice subscription service, but after expanding into also being an online vape store, they’ve now developed their own line of e-liquids. The overall aim behind the “Certifiably Vapable” juic....


  • Button Junkie Review

      In the early days of the industry, much of the focus for e-juice companies was on having a ton of different flavor options, but this variety often came at the expense of complexity in taste. In the modern age, with the rise of the premium juic....


  • Element E-Liquid Review

    In this review, I will be turning my attention to the Element e-liquids, specifically their Dripper series. Ok, ok, not ALL of their Dripper series! I’ll be reviewing Pink Lemonade and Strawberry Whip! I’ve heard a lot about these two and if half....


  • Vaponaute Review

    Our Vaponaute review takes a look at the five juices from the all-day vape friendly 24 line and the five in the more complex, rich and unique E-Journeys collection. Are they worth picking up?....


  • Motley Brew Review

    Motley Brew blends quality e-juice with rock and roll style, offering six premium fruity, dessert and beverage e-juices at a great price of $13.99 for 30 ml. Our Motley Brew e-liquid review finds out if they're worth the purchase. ....


  • Gourmet e-liquid review

    P.O.E.T. E-Liquid Review

    P.O.E.T. (standing for “pursuit of excellent taste”) is an e-liquid line from Randy Freer, a vaper who wanted to recreate the flavors from his favorite Italian bakery. He subsequently got awesome at it and five of his e-liquids went on sale at Va....


  • Virgin Vapor E-Liquid Review

    I’m excited to let you know I’ve been testing out Virgin Vapor products, specifically three juices – Romancing the Strawberry, Razzmatazz, and Death by Chocolate – from their Absolute line. Are these organic, naturally extracted flavors and a....


  • VaporFi E-Liquid Review

    VaporFi is a subsidiary of International Vapor Group, Inc. and manufacturer of both e-cigarettes and e-liquid. We've already reviewed their line of rechargeable e-cigs (read our VaporFi review here) so now it's time to review VaporFi e-liquid blends....


  • Lemon Twist E-Liquid Review

    Our Lemon Twist e-liquid review puts the four flavors from the specialist mixer to the test: are they all-day vapes, or will you regret your purchase? ....


  • I Love Salts Review

    Our I Love Salts review tests out the Blue Raspberry and Tropic Mango flavors from Mad Hatter’s pod-focused line-up: should you pick them up or are there better options out there?....


  • New VaporFi Vape Juice Review

    Our new VaporFi vape juice review takes a look at the two juices made with the help of Cosmic Fog and two new VaporFi blends - are they the best VaporFi e-juices yet?....


  • Mr. Salt-E Vape Juice Review

    Mr. Salt-E Review

    Our Mr. Salt-E review takes a look at four of the juices from the salt nicotine specialist. Are the flavors worth picking up, or could you get better for your money?....


  • Craft Vapery Subscription E-Liquids

    Craft Vapery Review

    Craft Vapery boasts the most personalized vaping experience in the industry, as well as still offering cost savings in comparison to buying the juices direct. But anyone can claim to offer the best e-juice subscription service. The question is: does ....


  • Naked 100 Salt Review

    Our Naked 100 Salt review takes a look at the salt e-juice line-up from the widely-respected mixer. Are the higher-nicotine juices just as good as the originals?....


  • Beard Gains Craft E-Juice Review

    Beard Gains E-Juice Review

      It’s not every day you review an e-liquid made by a company specializing in beard accessories and oils (as well as wax for your Victorian-style ‘stache), but Beard Gains has made that a reality. It goes without saying that it doesn’t fee....


  • Halo Purity e-liquid review

    Halo Cigs E-Liquid Review

      Halo is one of the institutions of the vaping industry. They’ve been around since 2009, and have gained the loyalty of vapers from all across the world with their range of 26 e-liquid flavors, as well as earning six Spinfuel Choice Awards. W....


  • Cotto's Revenge Vape Liquid Review

    Cotto’s Revenge E-Juice Review

      Vapers are hardly starved for choice when it comes to e-juice. There are the multitude of dime-a-dozen mixers offering huge selections of one-note blends with blunt, to-the-point names and a rapidly-growing selection of “premium” juice mix....


  • Vapebox Review

      Note: This review has been updated – read the latest look at the Vapebox service here!   Most subscription services stick to e-juice: offering a selection of flavors chosen specifically to suit your tastes, shipped out to you each m....


  • Lunar Rover Review

    Our Lunar Rover review takes a look at the mixer's three Top Shelf Cocktail E-Liquid flavors and the three Real Tobacco E-Liquids: are they worth picking up?....


  • Alfaliquid Review

    Our Alfaliquid review takes a look at three e-juices from the famous French mixer: are they worth $21.95 for a 30 ml bottle? Are the flavors refined and complex, or simple and unimpressive? ....


  • Apollo Smoozie E-Juice Review

    Smoozie E-Juice Review

    Our Smoozie E-Juice review tests out the ten flavors on offer from Apollo's fruit smoothie-focused juice brand, five pure fruity versions and five with added menthol. Are they worth picking up?....


  • E-juice Review Standard Vape

    The Standard Vape Review

    The Standard Vape has a selection of ten e-liquids available, ranging from the marshmallow and kiwi Frankenvape to the pineapple, coconut, mango and menthol G35 and right through to the brown sugar and rum Irie Nights. But they’re a little on the e....


  • Nicpik Ejuice Subscription Review

    Nicpik Review

      Vapers have a lot of choice when it comes to e-liquid subscription services. When the idea was first developed, there were only a few to choose from, but the competition heated up pretty quickly. Florida-based Nicpik got its start in March 201....


  • The Cloud Company Review

      For a mixer, creating a legendary line of juices like Suicide Bunny must be both incredibly gratifying and unspeakably daunting. The problem is: after hitting the nail on the head and producing a set of universally-loved flavors, how do you fo....


  • Suicide Bunny E-Juice Flavors - Suicide Bunny Review

    Suicide Bunny Review

      Suicide Bunny e-liquid is a big name in the vaping industry. With Mother’s Milk being widely-called one of the best e-juice flavors money can buy and the whole line-up being widely-praised by vapers, it goes without saying that there’s a l....


  • King’s Crown E-Juice Review

      With Suicide Bunny being a runaway success and the Cloud Company continuing in the same proud tradition but with a boosted VG content, Pip “the Bunny” has a stellar reputation when it comes to mixing e-juice. But while Suicide Bunny and th....


  • NJOY Artist Collection Review

      NJOY wanted to put out some awesome e-juices. There’s a hell of a lot of competition, though, and even as the biggest independent e-cig maker on the market – not having been snapped up by Big Tobacco – making some top-quality e-juices is....


  • Zodist Monthly E-Juice Subscription Service Review

    Zodist Review

      E-liquid subscription services aim to find you new juices that you love. They take all the work out of looking for a new e-liquid company to try out, putting together a personalized selection of juices for you based on your preferences and shi....


  • Naked Vape Juice Review

    Naked 100 E-Juice Review

    Our Naked 100 E-Juice review takes an in-depth look at nine flavors from the popular mixer. With a reasonable price per ml and enthusiastic recommendations from vapers, the e-juices look promising, but do they live up to the hype?....


  • Five Pawns Signature Vapor Liquid Review

    Having been around since November of 2012, Five Pawns was one of the first in movement toward more artisanal blends. But none have branded themselves in the way Five Pawns has. Taking a page out of the microbrew industry, founder Rodney Jerabek unifo....


  • Transistor E-Liquid

    Transistor eJuice Review

    Our Transistor eJuice review puts three fruity and sweet juices from the well-respected Chicago-based mixer to the test: are they worth trying out?....


  • Black Note E-Liquid Review

    Tobacco e-liquids never quite capture the character of combusted tobacco, consistently lacking in authenticity of flavor. Black Note aims to change all of this, with a selection of eight carefully-crafted, naturally-extracted tobacco e-liquids based ....


  • Jam Monster Review - E-Juice Review

    Jam Monster E-Juice Review

    Our Jam Monster e-liquid review takes a look at the mixer's three, high-VG, jam-and-toast inspired flavors. With Blueberry, Strawberry and Apple jam flavors backed by the flavor of warm, buttery toast, Jam Monster is an appealing line of e-juices, bu....


  • E-Liquid Subscription Services 2015

    Breazy Review

      Where there were once just a handful of companies offering e-juice subscription services, competition has been heating up for some time now. For vapers, this is great news: there are tons of companies to choose from if you’re looking for som....


  • Vista Vapors E-Juice Review - Affordable E-Juice Review

    Vista Vapors Review

    Our Vista Vapors review takes a look at the mixers' Happy Tongue premium line of juices and some of the more affordable blends on offer: are the e-liquids as good as they sound? Are the premium lines worth the extra money? We've had a vape to find ou....


  • Halo Vapour Co. E-Juice Review

      Good e-juice is hard to find. There are tons of e-juice companies peddling cut-price liquids and even more promising “premium” juice with the help of pretentious flavor descriptions and inflated price tags. Both of these strategies fall do....


  • Hippie Holler juice review

    Hippie Holler Vapors E-Liquid Review

      Missouri-based Hippie Holler Vapors got started in 2014, founded by Sarah, a smoker of 10 years who kicked the habit thanks to vaping in 2009. Her goal was simple: to bring great-tasting e-juice to the world, preferably with a touch of hippie ....


  • Vape Wild Review

    Our Vape Wild review takes a look at nine juices from the affordable, widely-loved mixer: does the juice live up to the hype?....


  • New Vape Wild E-Juice Review

    Our new Vape Wild e-juice review takes a look at six of the newest flavors from the mixer: are they still one of the best places to stock up on e-liquid, or has the quality declined?....


  • Vapebox Review – 2017 Update

    Our updated Vapebox review takes a look at the subscription service that offers a selection of hardware in addition to curated juices, delivered to your door every month. ....


  • NicQuid E-Liquid Review

      NicQuid claims to be the number one USA e-liquid manufacturer, so saying they’re setting expectations high would be something of an understatement. Founded in 2012, they’re dedicated to producing quality e-liquid, mixing everything at thei....


  • Vapor chef e-liquid flavor review

    The Vapor Chef E-Liquid Review

    The Vapor Chef is a US-based mixer, putting out an eclectic selection of e-liquid ranging from unique tobaccos through to mouth-watering fruity and dessert concoctions, all crafted by a professional chef turned e-liquid mixer. We’ve put 12 of their....


  • Halo Short Fill E-Liquid Review

    Our Halo Short-Fill E-Liquid review gives the four TPD-friendly short-fill juices from the well-respected brand to the test. With one tobacco, one menthol, one fruit and one dessert option, they cover all the important bases, but are they worth picki....


  • Wick Liquor Review

    Our Wick Liquor review tries out the whole range of five juices from the UK-based boutique mixer. Are they worth picking up, or is it all style and no substance?....


  • Gloop Vape Juice Review

    Gloop E-Liquid Review

    Our Gloop e-liquid review taste-tests the four dessert and beverage flavors in their EU-friendly "short-fill" format. Are they worth picking up or is it all style over substance? ....


  • E-Cigarette Direct Salt E-Juice Review

    Halo Salts Review

    Our Halo Salts review takes a look at the six high-nicotine salt e-liquids from the UK-based mixer, covering several fruits, tobacco and menthol flavors. ....


  • JAC e-liquid flavors

    JAC Vapour E-Liquid Review

      JAC Vapour is a UK-based company, which got started in 2010 and has been gaining popularity since then with their eGo-style e-cigs, and also offers a few ranges of e-liquid: standard liquids, UK-made e-liquids and vaporless e-liquids. They cla....


  • UK E-Cig Store High VG E-Juice

    UK Ecig Store Enhanced VG E-Juice Review

      Higher VG juices are widely loved by cloud chasers and anyone looking for a smooth throat hit, and they’re becoming increasingly popular among vapers overall. Many of the older companies in the industry started when higher-PG juice was the n....