E-Cigs Banned From Train Stations

By Ecigarettereviewed Posted September 22, 2012

E-Cigarettes Banned from Philippines train stationsStarting September 17, 2012, e-cigs are banned from train stations in Philippines. The Light Rail Transit Authority state that due to over-crowded train stations, use of e-cigarettes may result in altercation among passengers. Philippines, with a population of over 94 million, has one of the busiest train stations in the world (next to Japan, China, and North America). These severe conditions call for strict regulations such as banning e-cigarettes from train stations.


People are still allowed to smoke electronic cigarettes outside of train stations and any open areas nearby.


E-cigarettes are becoming very popular across the world, and Philippines is no exception. With 17.6 million male and female smokers, Philippines is ranked as one of the top 20 smoking nations in the world. I personally think the government should encourage the use of electronic cigarettes in the country but then again there is an economical debate on whether they should sacrifice the tax revenues generated from selling cigarettes. If the Philippines government started taxing electronic cigarettes, then the economical impact wouldn't be as harsh on the government.


Many other Asian countries such as China, Korea, and Taiwan are planning to roll out similar regulations to ban e-cigs from use in crowded public places such as train stations, bus stations, large shopping malls, and so on.


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