E-Cigs: A Passing Fad or New Quitting Smoking Technique?

By Ecigarettereviewed Posted August 25, 2012

Are E-Cigarettes Here to Stay?Are electronic cigarettes a passing fad or are these neat contraptions going to stick around? There is talk that these products could completely replace tobacco products and take over the market. Only time will tell what the future holds, but electronic cigarettes seem to be a new fixture in the smoking community. Some users seem to think that electronic cigarettes are completely safe when that is not true. Electronic cigarettes may not contain as many harmful chemicals as traditional tobacco, but they still do contain some harmful ingredients such as nicotine.


The FDA does not approve that electronic cigarettes are used for a stop smoking crutch. They do not allow electronic cigarette companies to market themselves in such a fashion. If these products are safer than tobacco than why shouldn’t they be promoted as a quit smoking device? Anti smoking drugs like Chantix are not completely safe, but they are advertised to help smokers give up tobacco use. While electronic cigarettes may not be perfect, they sure are a great alternative to traditional cigarettes.


More regulation of electronic cigarettes will be done until they can be properly classified. There is not enough information for researchers to study the long term effects of electronic cigarette use. Only time will truly be able to tell whether or not these products are safe for long term use after researchers are provided with the required data.  More studies need to be conducted in order to provide rock solid evidence to support the case of either side.


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