E-Cigarettes to Be Regulated By Trade Body

By Dave S. Posted November 3, 2012

American-E-Liquid-AssociationUsers of e-cigarettes in the United States will be glad to know that these devices will now be regulated by a trade body. These products are extremely popular amongst regular smokers because they provide them with a good option for quitting the habit easily. The formation of the American E-liquid Manufacturing Standards Association (AEMSA) represents a step forward in the manufacture and sale of these products as it will ensure that customers get products of high quality.


There are many different manufacturers of e-cigarettes these days and there is quite a major difference in their quality. To find out the best e-cigarette brand for you, read our e-cig reviews. These ‘cigarettes’ consist of a cartridge consisting of liquid nicotine which is heated by a battery operated heating element. The application of heat results in the release of nicotine vapor and this is what is inhaled by the smoker. While the person is not actually smoking a cigarette, the familiar action of smoking and the effect of nicotine on the body helps fool the brain. This is a very effective way of staying healthy without having to quit the habit.


Thanks to the formation of AEMSA, people who buy electronic cigarettes will be assured of the quality of all the components used in the devices. There are many different formulas for the liquid nicotine; regulation will ensure that all ingredients are absolutely safe. Customers can also be sure that the products are prepared in clean environments.


The setting of high standards in the manufacture and sale of e-cigarettes will be beneficial to all parties concerned. It will also help do away with the many misconceptions regarding the use of these devices. This self-regulatory step taken by the industry is therefore a very welcome one. All the main manufacturers of smokeless cigarettes are already members of this association.


People who want to quit smoking badly because of the negative effect it has on their health will benefit greatly from switching to e-cigarettes. They will still get the nicotine that their bodies crave for but they won’t have to expose their bodies to tar, carbon monoxide, lead and numerous other carcinogens that are contained in regular tobacco cigarettes.