E-Cigarettes – Gaining Popularity as a ‘Quit Smoking’ Tool

By Ecigarettereviewed Posted October 2, 2012

Katherine Heigl Smoking Electronic CigaretteVaping – that’s the new buzz word! Puffing away on an electronic cigarette or vaping is the latest way to quit smoking. Johnny Depp did it in ‘The Tourist’ and Katherine Heigl vaped away on an e-cigarette on ‘The David Letterman’ show.


An electronic or e-cigarette contains no tobacco and is made from a mix of metal and plastic. It contains propylene glycol (a food additive approved by FDA) which can be heated up using a battery; the vapor emitted is inhaled by the user which mimics the effect of smoking. The solution is present in a disposable cartridge and available in several different flavors and nicotine levels.


E-cigarettes have become really popular among the public though medical experts have cautioned against its use. Dr. Gale Berstein, Erie County Health Commissioner, states that the long term effects of this product is not known currently and neither is there any information about the effects of the second-hand smoke.


Are e-cigarettes a safe and effective tool to quit smoking? This is the big question that medical experts are asking as they feel there is not enough scientific backing to prove the safety and efficacy of this product. Hence the medical community feels that this product must be used with caution as there are no solid clinical studies or trials as required by the FDA.


Richard O’Connor, associate professor of Oncology, at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute is of the opinion that since no good clinical trials have been conducted, this product cannot be recommended to the public. There is also an absence of regulations and standards.


But the proponents and manufacturers of the e-cigarette claim that is enough evidence that this product is not only safe but also effective as a smoking cessation tool. A study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine is cited as proof for this.


Meanwhile, the public is quite excited about this product and the product has already won the hearts of many smokers who have been struggling to quit like Kelly Randles, a 34 year old mother. She feels that this product has really helped her to cut down smoking as a few puffs of the e-cigarette are enough for her to get rid of the urge to smoke.


Another growing concern is the use of this product by children and teenagers as a prelude to tobacco smoking. This has led to a legislative ban on the use of this product to anyone under 18 years of age. Gov. Andrew Cuomo has also given orders to ban the use of e-cigarettes within 100 feet of any educational institution. Although, restrictions on the sale of e-cigarettes sounds like a good idea, many states have taken these regulations further and have restricted the use of e-cigarettes from schools and public places. It is now up to us to let our voices be heard and stand up against these harsh regulations. Electronic cigarettes are becoming more popular each day and with the right amount of support, we can all see a brighter future in the e-cig industry.