E-Cigarette Benefits Vs. Safety – Doubts Persist

By Lindsay Fox Posted October 30, 2012

E-cigarettes No Smoke But Fiery Debate Over SafetyE-cigarettes are getting increasingly popular these days because people recognize them as the safest alternative to smoking actual cigarettes. These ‘cigarettes’ do not contain any tobacco but they do contain a cartridge of liquid nicotine. When it is heated, the nicotine vaporizes, giving the user enough nicotine to satisfy his or her urges.


The medical fraternity is predominantly of the opinion that electronic cigarettes are the safest option to regular cigarettes. Since they do not involve paper or tobacco being burnt, these ‘cigarettes’ do not produce any smoke, carbon monoxide or the many other carcinogens that are present in regular cigarette smoke.


The problem is that many people, even those in positions of authority, are not convinced about the safety and effectiveness of these electronic cigarettes. There is also fear that these devices work as gateways to cigarette smoking since they expose their users to nicotine easily.


As a result, many public organizations apply the same restrictions on them as they do to regular smokes. In fact, the use of e-cigarettes is now banned in certain public areas even though there is ample medical research that indicates that the nicotine vapor is harmless and that it cannot affect a person who is in the vicinity of the ‘smoker’.


The fact is that the general public is completely convinced about the efficacy of electronic cigarettes. This, combined with dropping prices, has resulted in sky-rocketing sales of these devices. Almost 3.5 million e-cigarettes are expected to be sold this year, far exceeding cumulative sales of the past four years.


Even though doubts persist about the safety of electronic cigarettes, the public perceives them to be very useful in their attempts to quit smoking. A majority of the people who use them do so in order to wean themselves out of the habit. Since they have the physiological and psychological satisfaction of smoking thanks to inhaling nicotine vapor, they do not experience the discomfort that most people feel when they try to quit the habit. That's one of the main reasons e-cigarettes are becoming more popular among smokers.


People who are not entirely convinced about how safe electronic cigarettes are should take comfort in the fact that many people have been able to quit smoking thanks to them.