E-Cigarette As a Holiday Gift?

By Lindsay Fox Posted December 26, 2012

E-Cigarettes As a Holiday GiftMove over badly knit jumpers and photo frames, this festive season why not give a gift that will truly change the person’s life? If you’re finding it a tad bit difficult to decide, here’s taking care of one item on the list. Have a smoker friend, colleague or relative? Here’s just the perfect gift idea for them.


Most people ask; e-cigarette as holiday gift items? Well, why the hell not? In tune with the true spirit of the season, why not make an initiative to do something good for the person. Some people are hesitant to consciously spend money and try out an electronic cigarette, if they already have one lying around they are bound to give it a try. Let’s just say that a lot of people are not that adventurous and you are actually doing them a huge favor by putting an e-cigarette on their lap. Thus, urging them to at least give it a try.


In fact, e-cigarettes have now become one of the 20 hottest gift items. 85% of people who have received e-cigarettes as gifts in the past have testified to have quit smoking the tobacco version.


One major consideration while choosing this unconventional gift item is that people are afraid to send out the wrong signal. It is more difficult to get elderly smokers to switch, since they are happy with the traditional approach and see e-cigarette as some urban day stupid innovation. Don’t be surprised when they ask you what exactly it is, some of them haven’t even heard of an electronic cigarette, let alone use one.


If the person in question is someone you are close to, try to make them look at videos or coerce them into giving your gift a try. People need a gentle push towards healthy smoking, give them an animated opinion of how they can actually smoke and satiate their nicotine addiction but without any harmful health effects.


Another way to convince them is by pointing out that it would be possible to smoke even in places where smoking is banned, owing to the fact that e-cigarettes do not cause the same effects as a regular stick does, to both the active and passive smoker.


Psychologically, one of the best ways to get the recipient of the gift to give it a go is by adding a touch of customization. E-cigarette usually comes in a case, why not go ahead and get their names engraved or maybe a small motivational sentence along the lines of ‘I’m a quitter, not a loser’ or ‘I am a healthy smoker’. Little things as these have a profound influence on the person and a personalized touch is almost always bound to work in favor.


From your point of view too, electronic cigarettes are less expensive and would not cause a dent in your holiday budget. Not to mention that some companies offer either a discount or a free gift along with the product. So, it is kind of a win-win situation.


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