Do Electronic cigarettes make for a good Valentine’s Day gift? Hear the verdict given by You!

By Ashley Posted February 9, 2013

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we asked our readers whether electronic cigarettes make for good gift ideas on this supposed ‘day of love’.


Here is what our readers have to say:


‘I switched over to e-cigarettes last year but my boyfriend still sticks to his tobacco one, refuses to even try electronic. I am thinking of gifting him an electronic cigarette this year along with a couple of other stuff and home baked cake. There's no way he can say no to me on V day!’



‘You can give electronic cigarettes at any time of the year. Yeah on valentine’s day too but make sure the other person doesn’t take offense. Try combining with candies and flowers too’



‘I had tried giving my girlfriend an e cigarette last year so that she stops smoking tobacco whenever she is out with her friends. I can't stop her from going out with her friends so I came up with this idea and I gifted an e cigarette to her telling her that I’m doing it because I want to spend a hundred years with her which is not possible if she smokes tobacco. So for the sake of those hundred beautiful years she switched over to e cigarettes. Cheesy I know.. but it worked’



‘definitely! It can change someone’s life. I remember getting my first [electronic] cigarette kit as a holiday gift. It used to just lie around on my table when one day I thought of giving it a go. I haven’t gone back to regular sticks after that’



‘No I will stick to regular gifts I don’t think my girlfriend is expecting an e cigarette on valentine’s’



‘As a vaping enthusiast myself, I would advise people to gift electronic cigarettes but as a pack and parcel. What can really change the entire feel of e-cigarettes is the packaging, I found a brand online that is offering special hearts and flowers box for the cigarette. That is really sweet but why not give her an entire assortment? She’d love that and she is bound to try the electronic cigarette someday or better still you can seduce her into trying’



‘me and my girlfriend vape regularly. For us it is no big deal, in fact we particularly buy around Valentine’s day and other festivals to get discounts. They put a lot of their very good products on heavy discounts.’



While most of our readers did give the idea of gifting electronic cigarettes a thumbs-up, their advice is to couple it up with other stereotyped gifts. Not a bad idea at all. Whether you choose to add a little of the hearts and flowers or give something that your partner has been coveting for a while, make sure to include a pack of electronic cigarettes too. It can really change their life, and hey who doesn't like more gifts!


What about you? Do you consider electronic cigarettes as a good Valentine’s Day gift? Let us know in the comments below!


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