The Daily Mail Publishes Positive E-Cig Story; Usual Red Mist of Directionless, Uninformed Rage Expected to Return Shortly

By Lindsay Fox Posted January 15, 2014

Richard Hammond using an electronic cigarette


The Daily Mail is ordinarily about as reliable a source of information as a drunken hobo standing naked on a street corner and telling passing insects to get a job. Although the main outlets for their hatred are usually immigrants and people who claim benefits, the Mail has done more than their expected share of e-cig bashing in the past, as Christopher Snowdon points out on Velvet Glove, Iron Fist. But on Sunday, they published this article calling those who attempt to ban vaping in public places “petty bureaucrats.” Regular readers were probably spitting up their morning coffee in shock – “what, you mean those things you once said were more dangerous than cigarettes, damage your lungs and are a threat to our children?” – and idly wondering if the entire staff of the Daily Mail has had a stroke.


They comically make out as if there’s been some drastic change in medical opinion over the past week or so, which is obviously complete nonsense (no surprise coming from the Mail), but overall the tone of the article is positive. Albeit, they do treat the potentially industry-crippling proposed UK legislation as if it’s a good thing, but it’s a definite step in the right direction. Either they were short on topics for their Sunday edition or someone printed out every single piece of research done to date on e-cigs, piled them up into a formidable stack and proceeded to beat the writers around the head with it until they soaked up the information through osmosis or something. Because I strongly doubt they’re all that great at reading, given the general content of the newspaper.


Seriously, though – and this is a painful thing to say – congratulations to the Daily Mail for publishing something reasonable about e-cigarettes for once.


Photo credit: NR/Daily Mail