Crown7 E-Cig Review

By John Madden Posted October 10, 2013

Electronic cigarettes first hit the US market back in 2007 and Crown7 was there from the get-go. Based in Scottsdale, AZ, the brand offers three different starter kits, disposable e-cigs in two sizes and an eGo style “Gladiator” kit. I would figure that with over six years of product development, Crown Seven e-cigs would be a game-changer.

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  • Gladiator kit performs better than most mini e-cigs
  • Long lasting cartridges
  • Child protection on e-liquid caps


  • High priced cartridges
  • Disposables lack flavor and vapor production
  • E-liquid made in China
  • Little throat hit from both cartridges and disposables
  • Only 2 nicotine strengths for e-liquid

Bottom Line

For a company that's been around since 2007, I expected a whole lot more from Crown7's LXE kit and disposable e-cigs. But I just couldn't seem to get much flavor or throat hit from the cartridges and the disposables produced very little vapor with almost no taste.
Price: $89.99

Crown7 Electronic Cigarette Review: Our Opinion

Crown7 Electronic Cigarette LXE Kit Review 


Crown7 LXE Kit Review


The LXE kit does at least come packaged in a nice cardboard box with a sleek finish and creative branding. Like most higher end starter kits, it has a bi-fold magnetic enclosure. Inside the box are two micro foam trays. The first tray holds a Hydro kit which itself is packaged in box resembling a pack of cigarettes. This kit includes a USB charger, battery, and three cartridges.


Crown 7 LXE and Rechargeable Kit


Also in the top tray you will find an extra battery, 5 pack of cartridges and an elegant hard-cover black carrying case that holds a USB charger, battery and two cartridges. The lower tray contains a second pack of five cartridges, wall adapter and a car charger.


The e-cig itself has a very minimalist look to it as both the battery and cartridge are solid white in color. The battery does have the Crown7 logo printed at the base and its tip glows red when in use.


Crown7 Gladiator Kit Review


The Gladiator kit appears to be a white-label, Crown7 branded CE5 kit from China. It's packaged in a plastic shell backed by a cardboard card. The battery is a standard eGo 650mAh ego with the Crown7 logo printed at the base while the clearomizer is a standard CE5 with black drip tip.


Crown7 Gladiator Kit


Crown7 Disposable E-Cig Review


The flavored disposables come individually packaged in small boxes color coded to their corresponding flavor. Inside the box is a plastic tray containing the mini disposable. Out of the box, the disposable has the same cigarette-like look and feel of an NJOY King, only slightly larger in size.


Crown7 E-liquid Review


Each bottle of refill juice comes in a gray rectangular box printed with branding, instructions and the selected flavor checked off from a list. The bottles themselves are clear with a faint blue label that also displays nicotine content, in addition to the flavor and warning label. And I'll give two thumbs for the cap having a child safety lock.




Flavors and Vapor


Unfortunately, flavor is Crown7's biggest weak spot. There just isn't a whole of it in either the LXE cartridges or disposables. Nothing had a bad taste but I just wasn't getting much of the intended tobacco flavor in the cartridges. Vapor production on the cartridges wasn't terrible but it wasn't the best either. The disposables had hardly any flavor or vapor production whatsoever. Neither the LXE nor the disposables had any noticeable throat hit.


For e-liquid made in China, I was pleasantly surprised with Crown7's refill juice. The flavor combinations were pretty simple, with strawberry, fruit punch, and menthol being the options I tested. However aside from the menthol, the liquid wasn't overpowering or cheap tasting. The 650mAh “Gladiator” battery and CE5 also produced quite a bit of vapor with adequate throat hit.




All three battery types I tested from Crown7 performed rather well. The LXE Hydro battery lasted me a good 8 hours or so before the tip started blinking. Very surprisingly, the disposable battery didn't go out after 60-100 puffs, like most do.


Crown7 Hydro Batteries


I would assume that due to the poor vapor production of the disposable, either the battery might not be heating the coil up enough, or the coil has too much resistance. In both of these cases the battery wouldn't be draining as much power with each puff and that would yield a longer lifespan.


The Gladiator battery is a 650mAh eGo, meaning it should be about 6 hours of vape time. And it does just that. With moderate use, it will last an entire day, no problem. Under chain-vaping conditions, it will only fire for around 2-3 hours.


Crown7 Hydro and eGo Battery


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Editor Rating

Packaging & Design3/5





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Crown7 Review: Overall

Aside from the Gladiator, I was unexpectedly disappointed with Crown7. For a company that's been around pretty much as long as e-cigs have been on the market, their products on the whole are subpar. The LXE and disposable both lacked in flavor, vapor production and throat hit, the three most important characteristics an e-cig must have to entice a smoker away from cigarettes. And while the Gladiator kit performed exceptionally, it is simply a re-branded CE5 kit sold elsewhere as low as $10/kit. Their e-liquid, while flavorful, is also sold at $1/ml, a price usually reserved for premium American made juice.

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    1. Marc

      Once you upgrade, you can never go back.

      I have purchased 3 of the Crown 7 products, a disposable, the Gladiator, and the Gladiator XL. I ruined the disposable quickly by drawing on it to get a reasonable feel for it. The Gladiator and its XL counterpart are poorly designed and the liquid will eventually leak out of the bottom. Sometimes in as little as a week. Their liquids also only for the most part come in 18 mg nicotine levels offering very little in the way of lower levels.
    2. Greg Henderson-Mesa, AZ

      Love the Gladiator!!

      I purchased the Gladiator from my local store here in Mesa, AZ. I will have to say that it is probably one of the best tank systems I have used. Ive tried many others, EVOD, KangerTech, Joyetech etc..And out of all of them the tanks with the Crown7 have lasted the longest. Granted there tanks don’t take replacement coils like most but I usually get 3-4 weeks out of each tank which ill take any day instead of having to replace coils every couple of days. The Battery life on the Gladiator is great as well, I get about 6-8 hours out of each charge. And I took a spare battery apart apart and they are using the Hange batteries which are the best on the market in my opinion, so good job Crown7.