Create Your Own Flavor with V2 Cigs Custom Cartridges

By Dave S. Posted February 26, 2013

V2 Cigs Custom CartridgesThe diverse range of flavors you have to choose from is one of the best things about e-cigs, but aside from making trainee mad scientist concoctions of two different e-liquids, the creation of those flavors is left up to the manufacturers. Although you may love the sound of caramel cartridges, for example, if the only companies offering it don’t have the best e-cig you’re pretty much stuck. That was the case, until V2 Cigs came alone with their custom cartridges. Now you can choose your own taste, nicotine strength and even the color of your cartridge from the number one rated e-cigarette manufacturer.


If you can think of the flavor, you can get V2 to create it for you. There’s a long list on the Custom Cartridges page, which includes flavors they’ve created in the past (simply to give you ideas). These include plenty of cigarette replications – such as Hiltons, Dunhill, Kent, Marlboro, Newport, Benson and Hedges or even cigars – exotic fruits and spices like loganberry, lychee, clove and jasmine, as well as cocktails, beverages and desserts. Ever wanted to vape dark Jamaican rum, breathe in hot chocolate or enjoy nicotine that tastes like strawberry shortcake? Now you can.


The best thing about this offer is that even if this whole article was simply a list of potential flavors, it still wouldn’t even scratch the surface! V2 only ask you to describe your flavor, adding, “don’t be afraid to be creative.” You have a blank slate to work from, so if there’s always been an idea for a flavor floating around in the back of your mind, you can make it a reality. Plus, you’re not even limited by one taste – you could combine flavors like rum and vanilla for something truly unique! V2's e-liquid flavors have been rated positively in our review so you know you'll be getting a good deal.


You also get the freedom to choose a color – with multiple shades available all across the spectrum – so you can make it match your favorite battery. The custom cartridges also open options up for nicotine levels, so you can choose any whole number of milligrams from 1 to 24 (in other words, between 0.1 and 2.4 percent nicotine in 0.1 percent increments). This means if 18mg just isn’t enough for you, you can get the nicotine you need, or you can select any amount between the ordinary four options. You also get to name your flavor and you’re given the choice of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin for a base (great for anyone who’s allergic to propylene). In essence, the entire thing is up to you.


The only requirement is that you have to place a large order of 100 cartridges, which comes to $225. This works out to $2.25 per cartridge, which is equivalent to around a 20-pack of cigarettes. You can cut this cost by 10-15% when you use one of these money-saving discount codes from V2. Basically, you still save money compared to tobacco cigarettes, even if you commission your own unique flavor! It does take more time to ship to you than the standard carts, so make a simpler order too if you’re running low! When they arrive you get to enjoy your own unique flavor cartridge – something no other company we’re aware of is offering.


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