The 14 Coolest E-Cig Mods

Coolest E-Cig Mods for 2014

Last year we unveiled our first ever coolest e-cig mods list, which included some unique and creative devices like the Vent69's Steampunk Mod and one modeled from an old NES controller. However, this year we decided to let the vaping community provide some input on what they felt deserved a spot on the list. We created a poll with just about as many of the coolest mods imaginable. As a result, we have two lists for the 2014 edition of the best-looking e-cig mods. The first will be our Editor's Choice of the Top 14 chosen by the public and the second will be an ongoing user poll. Without further adieu, here are the coolest e-cig mods for 2014 followed by our ongoing user poll.

Editor's Choice Coolest E-Cig Mods

1. Black Caravela

The original Caravela was an honorable mention last year, even though it could have very well made the top ten. Even though he stopped production on original Caravelas at 999 units, Pedro Carvalho wasn't done manufacturing some of the most exquisite pieces of metalwork the industry has ever seen. Last December, along with a solid silver version, he unveiled this black ceramic-coated Caravela. It was manufactured in both matte and polished versions and even some with Swarovsky crystals embedded into the locking ring. There is no denying that Pedro's black Caravela, especially when polished, is a truly beautiful work of art.

Black Caravela e-cig mod

2. Steampunk Mod by Vent69

The Steampunk was our “coolest mod” for 2013 based on its unique appeal and incredibly detailed rustic and industrialized appearance. Many more steampunk variations have since been manufactured but this one still holds strong as one of the coolest mods ever made, period. Made by a modder known only as Vent69, this particular piece crafted for Tyler Strickland, or “GothicVash” in the vaping world, seemingly has all the bells and whistles a vaper could ever ask for.

Steampunk Mod by Vent69 - Steampunk cool e-cig mod

3. M5 E-Pipe by Mythical Fabrications

Launched at Vapetoberfest 2013 in Long Beach, California, the M5 E-Pipe is another customized work of art. Las Vegas-based modders Mythical Fabrications specialize in making e-pipes out of various materials ranging from wood to stone and in our opinion, the M5 stands out the most. The metal version features a fitted topcap and utilizes eight Neodymium magnets and is currently sold out in all variations. 

M5 E-Pipe by Mythical Fabrications

4. Poldiac by MMVapors

There are mechanical mods and then there's the Greek siren from MMVapors, otherwise known as the Poldiac. Whereas the majority of mechs utilize a bottom-firing switch, the Poldiac houses a beautifully laser-engraved button on its side. Surrounded by some of the thickest steel or brass I've ever seen in a mod, this seductress has the ability to shipwreck the most avid of vape collectors.

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Poldiac mod by MMVapors

5. Billet BoX Mod

The Billet BoX is very unique and interesting device in that only does it run on two 16340 batteries and houses an internal 6.5ml e-liquid tank. On top of that, the housing features a sleek aluminum body with carbon fiber plates on the front and back. Each plate has a beautiful glossy finish. The back plate slides on and off for tank refilling and battery replacement, as well as voltage adjustment. While the trend recently seems to be toward high powered mechanical and variable wattage devices, the Billet BoX serves vapers who prefer magnificent appearance over the ability to cloud chase.

Billet BoX Mod

6. Nemesis by Atmomixani

The Nemesis isn't the most cloned mechanical mod based of its performance alone. Its minimalist appearance combined with the ability to customize and mix and match various tubes make the Nemesis one of the most visually appealing e-cigarettes mods as well. Like the Poldiac, original Nemesis mods are manufactured in Greece and come in various combinations of matte and polished stainless steel or  brass finishes. Atmomixani also themed the Nemesis quite nicely, engraving the main tube of each device with their notorious angel of death.

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Nemesis mod by Atmomixani

7. The Hammer Mod by Kato

Made in South Korea by modder known to the community as Kato, the Hammer mod is thought by many have been modeled after Norse god Thor's Mjölnir. Other's point out that its engravings appear Celtic in nature, however Kato has said that the art “draws inspiration from a hammerhead shark.” Either way, the Hammer is an incredibly unique mechanical e-cig mod and one of only two e-pipe mods on this list.

Hammer Mod by Kato - Hammer e-cig mod

8. Valkyrie Mod by Vicious Ant

The Valkyrie is one of the most uniquely shaped mechanical mods ever manufactured. Vicious Ant gave it an hourglass shape that flows very nicely throughout this hybrid mechanical mod. In fact, it is the only hybrid to make our “Coolest Mods” list this year. The attached atomizer features VA's signature slotted airflow control and the switch features reverse threading for hassle-free locking and unlocking.

Valkyrie Mod by Vicious Ant

9. The GLV-2 

After being virtually unknown to me, this mod scored high in our user poll so I figured it was worth including in the editor's choice. The GLV-2 is a fixed five volt personal vaporizer from Great Lakes Vapor that runs on two CR123A 3.7v protected lithium ion batteries. It is highly customizable and features an offset 510 connection giving the GLV-2 a unique look.

The GLV-2 mod

10. V3tronix Flip

The V3tronix Flip is one of the most intricately crafted mechanical e-cigarette mods we've ever seen. V3tronix manufactures the Flip from 304 food grade stainless steel that is CNC engraved at depths up to 2mm. It is also telescopic and can accommodate battery sizes ranging from 18500 to 18650 with a kick. Due to the intricacy of the engravings, the Flip is arguably the most original mechanical mod on the market.

V3tronix Flip mod v3 flip

11. Hana Modz V3 

Like the V2, The Hana Modz V3 is constructed from billet 6061 aluminum in a variety of eye-catching colors. The main difference between the two is the V3 utilizes the DNA30 chip that allows the output of the battery to be adjusted up to 30 watts. In our opinion, the Hana V3 could very well be the sleekest box mod out there!

Hana Modz V3 e-cig mod - box mods

12. Otto Carter Engraved Aztec

Otto Carter is a world-renowned engraver who has specialized in gun, knife, jewelry and now personal vaporizers. The Atzec is essentially a Chi-You mod that he went to town on, creating a one-of-a-kind brass masterpiece.

Otto Carter Engraved Aztec mod - Chi You mod

13. ZNA by House of Hybrids

Another mod on our list to feature the DNA30 chip on, the ZNA is manufactured by notorious modder Zen, maker of the Zenesis line of mechanical mods and hybrids. The ZNA combines a hybrid mix of both tube and box mod into a single functional design.

ZNA e-cigarette mod by House of Hybrids

14. Innokin iTaste VTR

Innokin has become one of the most respected Chinese manufacturers of personal vaporizers and accessories with devices like the iTaste VV and MVP and now iTaste 134 and VTR mods. The iTaste VTR stands out from their quiver due in part to its recessed 510 connector and tank bay, more safely encasing a variety of clearomizers. A variable voltage device, the VTR is adjustable up to either 6 volts or 15 watts.

Innokin iTaste VTR e-cig mod and vaporizer