Best Cheap Weed Vaporizers

Vaporizing marijuana is a great way to enjoy weed with fewer risks, but finding the best cheap vaporizer isn’t exactly easy. Vaporizing marijuana is a more technologically-demanding process than vaporizing e-liquid, and so most portable weed vaporizers are pretty expensive in comparison to vape mods.

But if you’re looking for the best cheap dry-herb vaporizer, there are many great options out there if you know where to look. They might not be the very best devices on the market, but if you’re looking for the best vaporizer under $150 or the best affordable weed vaporizer more generally, here are some specific devices to consider.

Best Cheap Vaporizers for Dry Herb

10 – Vapium Summit Plus

Vapium Summit Plus Cheap Dry Herb Vaporizer

Starting of our best cheap vaporizer list is the Summit Plus from Vapium, a dependable and sturdy device with impressive battery life and eight temperature settings. The cheap dry herb vaporizer has a pretty standard look – a little like a vape pen but much chunkier and with a sizable mouthpiece attachment. The internal battery has a capacity of 3,300 mAh, and it can be used in pass-through mode, meaning you can still vape when it’s charging. There are a series of LED indicators on the front of the device – between the “go” button and the temperature adjustment buttons – to show your current battery level.

The eight temperature settings on the Summit Plus range from 330 to 440 °F (160 to 230 °C), giving you plenty of control over your vaping experience. You press the “go” button to start it heating, and it gives a vibration alert when it reaches your chosen temperature so you know when you’re good to vape. It has a continuous stainless steel air pathway that goes directly from your herb to the mouthpiece. The device is also intended to be really rugged, with the cheap dry herb vape working at temperatures from 0 to 176 °F (−18 to 80 °C), so you can still vape even in pretty extreme conditions.

The Summit Plus is one of the best vapes under $100, costing $90.97 at time of writing. It comes with three replacement screens, two mouthpiece covers, a carrying bag, cleaning kit, a security ring and a USB charger.

9 – G Pen Dash

G Pen Dash dry-herb vaporizer

The G Pen Dash from Grenco Science is a compact and cheap portable vaporizer, with enough features to keep you happy when you’re vaping dry herb but maintaining enough simplicity for beginners. The G Pen Dash has a curved, aluminum body, which strikes a good balance between being lightweight and durable, and it has a magnetic opening system for the mouthpiece so it’s easy to get access to the chamber. The chamber itself is stainless steel, but glass-glazed so the metal doesn’t interfere with the flavor of your herb, and the vapor path is glazed for the same reason too.

There are three temperature settings on the G Pen Dash, 375, 401 and 428 °F (190, 205 and 220 °C), which gives you enough control over your experience without overcomplicating the device. There is a series of three LED lights on the front of the G Pen Dash to show your setting, and you get haptic (i.e. vibration) feedback when it reaches vaping temperature. This is all powered by a 950 mAh internal battery, which is smaller than some of the other options on the market, but you can vape during charging so it doesn’t cause much of an issue in practice.

You can pick up the G Pen Dash for $69.95.

8 – AirVape XS Go

AirVape has several vaporizers on the market, but if you’re in the market for the best-rated cheap vaporizers, the XS Go is the perfect choice. It’s lightweight and basic in design, with a single button for operation and small enough to slip into a pocket. The XS Go uses a hybrid heating system, which combines the benefits of conduction and convection-based heating for an efficient and quick approach to vaporizing your herb. The chamber is ceramic, and the air-path is completely isolated so you get pure flavor from the device.

The XS Go has a 1,200 mAh battery, which works well with the three minute automatic shutoff to give you plenty of use from a single charge. It also recharges in just 45 minutes with the included micro-USB port. There are five options for temperature setting on the XS Go, 355, 375, 390, 405 and 420 °F (179, 190, 199, 207 and 216 °C), which gives you more than enough options to find the right sort of experience for your preferences. It reaches vaping temperature in around 20 seconds. 

You can get the AirVape XS Go for just $69.

7 – ViVant Alternate

ViVant Alternate - Cheap Dry Herb Vape

The Alternate by ViVant is a great option for anybody looking for an affordable weed vaporizer that offers a bit more flexibility when it comes to power. It runs on a single 18650 battery, which is purchased separately but gives you the option of taking spare batteries with you and finding high-capacity options to keep you vaping for longer. The device has a simple design, with a black body that’s curved on one side and has a series of fins to protect you from heat when you’re using it. It has an OLED display on the bottom edge, along with two adjustment buttons for setting your temperature and a fire button.

The temperature on the alternate can be set anywhere from 158 to 428 °F (70 to 220 °C), which gives you an impressive range of temperatures to work with. The device uses a hybrid conduction and convection heating method, which gives great performance and flavor while keeping the cost of the device down. It reaches vaping temperature in about one minute, and provides audio notification as well as having an LED light. It also features adjustable airflow, and a pad for use with concentrates.

The Vivant Alternate costs $119.99, which is a great price for one of the best-performing weed vaporizers on the market. It comes with four stainless steel mesh filters, a concentrate pad, an 18650 battery, a cleaning brush, some spare sealing rings and a USB charging cord.

6 – Arizer Air

Arizer Air vaporizer

Arizer is a big name in the dry herb vaping community, thanks to its Solo and Extreme Q vaporizers, but the Air is a great option for anybody looking for an affordable vaporizer. It’s a tube-shaped device, looking a lot like traditional vape mods, and runs on a single (replaceable) 18650 battery. The Air uses ceramic and glass in its construction, to ensure a clean-tasting vapor with every puff, and features a vented upper section to improve heat dissipation. The design is really simple, with two connected buttons to control the temperature setting that you push directly inwards to start vaping.

There are five temperature settings available on the Arizer Air: 356°F / 180°C (blue), 374°F / 190°C (white), 392°F / 200°C (green), 401°F / 205°C (orange) and 410°F / 210°C (red). This doesn’t give you free rein like many of the options on this list, but there is still plenty of choice when it comes to your setting. The device uses a combination of convection and conduction heating, offering excellent performance across the temperature range. You get around one hour of continuous use per charge, and can vape while you charge too.

The Arizer Air costs $114.99. It comes with the device, a battery, a charger, two glass stems, a glass aroma dish, a protective silicone skin, a carry case and a stirring tool.

5 – Atmos Jump

Atmos Jump weed vape pen

This cheap vaporizer list is mainly focused on portable vaporizer devices, but the Atmos Jump is a great option for anybody looking for a cheap herbal vaporizer pen. The Jump has a typical vape pen like appearance, with a uniformly cylindrical body and a single button for operation. This makes it a great choice for your first cheap vape pen for dry herb – all you have to do is remove the mouthpiece, add your material and replace the mouthpiece before starting to vape. It has a 1,200 mAh battery, which is great for such a compact device. It will last between five and six sessions before you need to recharge, which takes two to three hours.

There is only one temperature setting on the Atmos Jump, but this is great for one of the best vapes under $100. The device heats to 392 °F (200 °C), and does this in just 7 to 10 seconds. It has an anodized heating chamber directly underneath the mouthpiece, and it does a great job in terms of vapor and flavor. It vaporizes your herb evenly, and rivals many portable vaporizer systems when it comes to performance.

The Atmos Jump is one of the best vaporizers under $100 thanks to its price-tag of just $64.99. It comes with a packing tool, a cleaning brush and a USB charging cable.

4 – G Pen Elite

G-Pen Elite dry-herb vaporizer

The G Pen Elite from Grenco Science isn’t the cheapest dry-herb vaporizer on this list, but it performs really well and still keeps the price impressively low. The device has a rounded body with an LED display screen and two adjustment buttons on the side and a fire button on the front face. The G Pen Elite has a 2,200 mAh battery, which puts it up there with the best cheap herb vaporizer options on the market, and has onboard 2 A charging, faster than the majority of USB devices on the market.

The G Pen Elite has a temperature range from 200 to 428°F (93 to 220°C), and the heating chamber holds 0.75g of material. The chamber is ceramic, and features a 360° heating element, so it reaches 357°F in just 30 seconds and always heats your material evenly. This makes it a fantastic performer, and the wide range of temperature settings mean you have a lot of control over your vaping experience. Overall it does a great job and is well worth considering for anybody looking for the top-rated vaporizer on the market.

The G Pen Elite costs $119.95 and comes with a tool, a cleaning brush and a USB charging cable.

3 – KandyPens K-Vape Pro

KandyPens K-Vape Pro marijuana vaporizer

KandyPens has a pretty big range of dry herb and concentrate devices, but in the field of cheap vaporizers for dry herb, the K-Vape Pro stands out from the crowd. It costs less than $100, but makes use of a hybrid convection and conduction heating system, and a honeycomb filter in the mouthpiece to keep the vapor cool. The device has a vape pen-like design, with one button for operation and four LED lights underneath to show your current power setting and battery life. This helps to make it really easy to use: all you have to do is remove the mouthpiece, load up your herb, activate it, wait for the LEDs to stop blinking and start vaping.

The K-Vape Pro has four temperature settings, 350, 375, 400 and 428 °F (177, 190, 204 and 220 °C), which is more than enough choice for most vapers. You switch between temperatures by holding down the button when it’s switched on, and five clicks turn it on or off. The lower temperatures really help the flavor pop, while the higher ones are better if you want more vapor (and a wider range of cannabinoids), while the hybrid heating system ensures no combustion at any setting. 

Overall it’s a great device that costs just $99.97.

2 – Arizer Solo

Arizer Solo marijuana vaporizer

Arizer has put out some of the most widely-loved vaporizers in recent years, and their commitment to keeping the price low earns the Solo the title of best cheap vaporizer for dry herb. It’s a fairly old device, but it has plenty going for it and still compares favorably with much newer models. The Solo manages to be pretty portable while still offering substantial battery life, with a full charge providing an impressive two hours of continuous use. It has a fairly simple design, too, with just a couple of buttons and a series of LED lights to display your power setting, and a little cover on the top you rotate away to reveal the chamber.

The Solo offers seven different temperature settings: 122, 365, 374, 383, 393, 401 and 410 °F (50, 185, 190, 195, 200, 205 and 210 °C). This gives you more than enough options to tailor your vaping experience to suit your preferences, and the maximum heat-up time is an impressive 2 minutes 30 seconds. The session length is 12 minutes by default, which means there’s less restarting than on most other devices, but you can simply hold the down button to resume vaping at your previous setting if you need to. The whole vapor path is borosilicate glass, so the flavor from the Solo is completely pure and untainted. 

You can pick up the Arizer Solo for $107.99.

1 – VaporFi Atom

VaporFi Atom - Best Low Cost Vaporizer

The Atom is VaporFi’s flagship dry herb vaporizer, and it’s excellent performance and affordable price earn it the top spot on this list. It has an appearance much like the famous (and expensive) Pax series, but packs much of the same quality into a much more affordable package. The oven on the device is located at the bottom, it has a ring of LED lights (which act as a display) and a single button for operation on the side. The Atom has an in-built 3,000 mAh battery, and it can be charged with the included USB cable.

The Atom has three temperature settings: 360, 410 and 464 °F (182, 210 and 240 °C). As with the Pro Series 7, other devices on this list offer more options than this, but realistically this is enough for the vast majority of dry herb vapers. It has motion sensing technology, so you can simply shake the device to find out the remaining battery level, and it remains active while it’s still in use, but shuts off after 30 seconds of inactivity. The performance is excellent, with clear, well-defined flavor and efficient vaporization of your dry herb.

The Atom costs just $139.99 new, and comes with a replacement screen, two cleaning pipes, a packing tool and a USB charging cable.

Best Cheap Weed Vaporizers Conclusion

Dry herb vaporizers are ordinarily quite expensive, but this list of the best cheap vaporizers shows they don’t have to be. While there are only limited options for anybody looking for the best vapes under $100, it doesn’t take too much work to find an affordable vaporizer for your needs. If you want to branch out into other areas – for example, cheap wax pens – you can find other options for a budget vaporizer, but the ten devices here should give you plenty of choice.