Chase Cigs Review

By Dave S. Posted December 30, 2012

Although Chase Cigs is now out of business, the e-cigarette they produced is of high quality. The only real criticisms are that more options in batteries, flavors and nicotine levels would be better. Everything they tried, they did well.

Chase Cigs eCigarette Kit and Battery
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  • Good vapor production
  • Well-executed flavors with realistic tobacco options
  • 6-8 hours’ use out of a fully charged standard battery
  • Wall adapter compatible with other brands


  • Limited selection of flavors
  • No long or manual batteries
  • No 24mg cartridge

Bottom Line

Chase might not be the biggest name in the e-cig world, but they've created a good product. Perhaps 24mg cartridges, more than five flavors and other battery options would have made it better.
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Chase Cigs: Our Expert Review

Update: Chase Cigs is no longer in business. They have closed down permanently. If you want to find products that are comparable to Chase Cigs, our list of best ecigarettes is a good place to start. Or if you're looking for new e-juice flavors to try, our list of the best vape juice flavors offers some great suggestions.


Well-established names aren't the only big players in the electronic cigarette industry. Chase Cigs might not have the marketing might of giants such as V2 Cigs, but they aim to contend with them in terms of quality. Their Standard Starter Kit comes with both short and standard-sized automatic batteries, USB charger, wall adapter and ten cartridges; everything you need to get started with e-cigarettes. But is their e-cigarette really good enough to contend with the top-dogs of the vaping world?


Packaging and Design


The Standard Starter Kit comes in a compact, rigid box with a magnetic closing clasp. It’s impressively minimalistic in design, with an image of the e-cigarette confidently displayed on a clean, white background. Inside, the batteries sit in slots cut into a felt-lined foam layer, and underneath the charger, wall adapter and cartridges are snugly arranged. The kit is available in black, stainless steel and white, and you’ll receive matching batteries and cartridges in your chosen color.


Chase’s e-cigs are well constructed and come in the standard, two-piece design. The batteries are uniform in color, with “Chase Cigs” and the twin vapor-stream logo on opposite sides around the top. The cartridges screw in comfortably, leaving only four thin air-flow holes and no unusual whistling or wheezing sounds while in-use. The tips light up blue as you inhale, creating a futuristic look when combined with the black or stainless steel battery. The white battery is more of a cigarette analogue, complete with cigarette paper-like faux-rings. The matching cartridges for it have a surprisingly realistic speckled effect, thanks to the apparently random sizes and locations of the lighter specks.


Nicotine Levels


Four nicotine levels are available through Chase Cigs. They’ve opted for the standard options, with Full (18mg), Medium (12mg), Light (6mg) and No Nicotine cartridges available. This is great for the vast majority of users, and it falls in line with the vast majority of manufacturers. Some do offer “strong” cartridges, however, with 24mg of nicotine in each one. It’s not really relevant for most users, but the heaviest smokers benefit from a stronger option.


Flavors and Vapor


The vapor production on the Chase e-cig is exceptional. You get a dense, white fog of vapor which is easily up there with the best in the industry. I’m a habitual vapor-ring blower, and I got five or six visible, average-sized rings after priming the atomizer with a couple of puffs. By way of comparison, I also get five to six if I do the same thing with the V2 e-cig, and their generally thought to be the leaders in that field. The impressive level of vapor from the Chase e-cig is accompanied by a satisfying throat hit.


The flavors on the e-cig are all very enjoyable, even the initially puzzling Flavorless option. Grit captures the genuine Marlboro taste almost perfectly, and the Arabian does the same for Camels. Usually, there is a degree of suggestibility in the claimed similarity to well-known cigarette brands, but they were instantly recognizable on taste alone. Choosing the better one from the two is extremely difficult. Likewise, the Arctic Menthol has the robust, icy flavor you’d expect without being overstated, just like a menthol cigarette. The stand-alone sweet option is the Vanilla, which is definitely enjoyable but a little too subtle to detect clearly. After initially expecting to mock the Flavorless option for being virtually pointless, I actually found it very enjoyable to vape, and ended up doing so throughout half a day before changing it.




Chase Cigs have also delivered on battery life, with the standard size providing plenty of puffs for an entire day at work. Their website estimates that a habitual user would drain the battery in around six to eight hours, and that seems like a surprisingly accurate assessment. If you’re not too heavy a user, a full charge will be plenty for a day’s worth of use. When the tip starts to flash, you screw the battery attachment into the USB charger. The charger has a wire around three foot long, which makes it very easy to position during charging, and the LED light turns green when it’s done. It takes between two and a half to three and a half hours to charge, depending on the length of the battery. Their wall adapter also works with other brands’ products, such as V2, SmokeTip and White Cloud Cigarettes, which is a cool feature to include.


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There is very little to complain about with the Chase Cigs product. Although an additional nicotine level, a longer battery, the option of e-liquid and manual batteries would have made it even better, they deliver on everything they do provide. The biggest issue is the fact that there are only five flavor options (or four, discounting the unflavored cartridge), but they’ll hopefully increase their flavor profile soon. The most annoying thing about the lack of options is how well the ones they've attempted have turned out, so there is a silver lining. If they do bring out more flavors of the same quality, Chase Cigs could be one of the best e-cigs in the business.

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