Can E-Cigs Help You Quit Smoking?

By Ecigarettereviewed Posted August 31, 2012

E-Cigarette - healthier alternativeWho can say bad things about electronic cigarettes when they provide so many benefits? Well, actually a lot of folks have brought electronic cigarettes under fire, so to speak. E-cigs are known for providing a long list of benefits (read the full list of e-cigarette benefits) that are both financial and health related. Electronic cigarettes have even helped some people give up tobacco and nicotine forever.


There is not a better time to start becoming more health conscious. Switching from tobacco to electronic cigarettes can help you save money, breathe easier, and save your loved ones from second hand vapor. Many people have used nicotine free refill cartridges to free themselves from their addiction to nicotine. The FDA tried to have electronic cigarettes labeled as a drug delivery device, but was overruled. The FDA is currently trying to have electronic cigarettes labels as a tobacco product.


For more than fifty years tobacco companies have been making millions while their customers developed serious diseases. Electronic cigarette companies are helping their customers live longer and healthier lives. There are only twenty types of electronic cigarettes that contain the same carcinogen that traditional tobacco cigarettes have. Most consumers believe that some types of electronic cigarettes can contain a chemical that can be found in antifreeze, which has been known to cause leukemia in some people – this isn't true (read: e-cigs don't contain toxic antifreeze).


E-Cigs are not perfect nor are they completely safe, but they definitely are the lesser of two evils. It seems like a lot of companies that one would assume would be all for electronic cigarettes are the companies and organizations that are battling against them. Only time will tell what the future will hold for e-cigs.


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