Cadenza by Black Note Review

By Lindsay Fox Posted March 20, 2015

cadenza e-liquid review

Black Note’s range of naturally-extracted tobacco-flavored e-liquids aims to bring some class into the domain of tobacco juices, and Cadenza takes on the world-renowned aromatic flavor of basma tobacco. While tobacco experts might recognize the Greek-grown blend immediately, for most vapers it represents venturing into more unique varieties of tobacco than we ever did as smokers – much like many of the blends covered in our full Black Note review, really. So does Black Note make the basma tobacco worthwhile, or does it lack that special something to attract sweet-loving vapers?




Cadenza takes its taste from basma, the “king of tobaccos,” boasting a highly aromatic and slightly spicy flavor that has made it among the most prestigious tobaccos in the world. The e-liquid is immediately unique in flavor, with the aromatic nature really coming through on the nose, where the intriguing, sweet, and slightly woody notes come through for your entire draw. There’s also a general smokiness backing up the flavor, and while the spicy elements are detectable, they are more of a background element to the aroma than a core component. It’s a very refined flavor, and although I’ve never tasted the real deal I can see why it would be called the “king of tobaccos” – it has a distinctly high-class edge to it.


Overall Rating: 4/5


For an unfamiliar flavor, the basma tobacco of Cadenza makes quite an impression. There is a definite character to the flavor, and if it suits your tastes, Cadenza is a definite winner. It’s hard to imagine anybody having a strong dislike for it – Black Note’s consistently authentic tobacco replications and the hints of spiciness and sweetness are enough to ensure that – but at the same time it might not be to everyone’s tastes, especially anybody less adventurous in their tobacco selection. If you were a true tobacco-lover as a smoker, though, you’re unlikely to find a tobacco e-liquid with such a refined, multi-faceted flavor anywhere else.


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