Bull Smoke E-Cigarette Cartridge Review

The cartridges don’t make the e-cig, but they’re undoubtedly one of the most important things to take into account when you buy an electronic cigarette. Bull Smoke offers 10 cartridge flavors, with three tobacco options, two menthols, coffee and four sweeter options available to vape. If you’re wondering whether Bull Smoke is the right e-cig brand for you, it’s worth finding out about the quality of the flavors you’d be vaping. We've put each one to the test to help you make your decision.


American Ranger


The American Ranger cartridge aims to capture the essence of full-bodied, single leaf Virginia tobaccos, and does a pretty decent job. Although you’d hardly mistake it for an actual cigarette in a blind taste-test, it’s easy to recognize as an emulation of American tobacco. The inaccuracy in the flavor is actually beneficial, adding a touch of sweetness and an all-round mellow flavor to this cartridge.


Refined Blend


Refined Blend is one of the three tobacco options, advertised as a “smooth and distinct” cartridge. The actual cartridge doesn't quite live up to expectations, though, because although it does have some underlying tobacco flavor, it’s overpowered and drowned out by something that’s difficult to put your finger on. It’s like it was once a tobacco cartridge, but it got lost somewhere in transit.


Turkish Tobacco


Turkish Tobacco aims to replicate the Middle-Eastern tobacco taste – a task which can have disastrous results if poorly executed. The Bull Smoke version immediately evokes the taste of Camels, getting the characteristic warmth and complexity in flavor without venturing in to the musty and disgusting. This is the best tobacco option from Bull Smoke, in my opinion, and I’m not usually one for Turkish style cartridges.


Menthol Breeze


Menthol cartridges are a big deal for any ex-menthol smokers, but they need to strike a perfect balance between a powerful and cooling blast of mint without going so far you feel like you’re vaping a solution of powdered Mentos and liquefied chewing gum. Bull Smoke seems to have been a little too worried about going too far, resulting in a Menthol cartridge that lacks a definitive kick. It could be worse, but not a great menthol option.


Peppermint Ice


The Peppermint Ice cartridge suffers from the same issue as its mentholated cousin, the flavor not breaking through with enough force for a dedicated menthol vaper. The sweetness makes it a little more enjoyable than the Menthol Breeze cartridge, but it’s probably better for casual flavor-hoppers than people looking for a substantial hit of mint. Ex-menthol smokers need something a touch close to the eye-watering end of the spectrum.


Coffee Roast


Coffee is an e-cig staple, and Bull Smoke has made sure they get it right with their Coffee Roast cartridge. The taste doesn't beat you over the head, but you still get the robust hit of coffee you’re looking for. Whether it’s a psychosomatic reaction to the word “roast” in the name isn't immediately clear – but the cartridge conjures memories of high-quality full-roast coffee, not instant, cut-price gunk. Very enjoyable.


Sweet Vanilla


Vanilla is another e-cig staple, making an awesome cartridge pretty much every time. Bull Smoke hasn't disappointed with their Sweet Vanilla option. The pack of cartridges bears the evocative image of a vanilla ice cream, and the taste of the cartridge conforms to it beautifully. It isn't breaking any new ground when it comes to vanilla cartridges, but you won’t be disappointed.


Chocolate Treat


Ah chocolate, the dopamine-boosting, mouth-watering, luxurious and indulgent treat of our collective dreams! If it’s well-executed in an e-cig cartridge, you’ll happily puff it all day long, but sadly that isn't the case with the Bull Smoke version. The taste is there, but much like their minty cartridges it just doesn't come through strongly enough to make for an excellent cartridge. You can detect chocolate, but it doesn't evoke idealistic memories of Hershey’s bars delicately melting in your mouth.


 Cherry Blast


E-cigarette manufacturers should use words like “Blast” in their cartridge names with caution. It sets a high expectation, so you’re expecting a robust, full hit of the flavor in question. Cherry Blast fails to deliver on that implied promise, so your first reaction might be one of disappointment. However, once you've got over the initially subtle nature of the flavor, it actually becomes a very enjoyable cartridge. The lack of hard-hitting flavor isn't as big an issue with cherry, so the distinctive aroma still gets the job done well.


Grape Escape


The Grape Escape cartridge from Bull Smoke is undoubtedly one of the best grape-flavored carts you’ll find anywhere. The flavor of the fruit comes through strong and clear, and it isn't tainted by the perfumed, chemical taste you find in many grape options. It’s smooth, delicate, juicy and delicious – almost as if you've plunged an atomizer directly into a freshly-picked, ripe grape.


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