Bravura by Black Note Review

By Lindsay Fox Posted February 25, 2015

Black note bravura review

Most tobacco e-liquids bill themselves according to the cigarette they’re emulating, but Black Note takes the tobacco-imitation e-liquid up to connoisseur levels. Our full Black Note review has all the details if you want to learn more. Bravura is one of the eight tobacco-only e-liquids on offer from Black Note (including the menthol-infused Solo), and it challenges the palate with the complexities of perique tobacco. Is it one that will make you reconsider vaping tobacco e-liquids, or a reminder of why fruity and sweet flavors are the staples of vaping?




Bravura is described as starting with the “smooth, rich undertones of the finest red burley” before progressing to a complex, full-bodied vape in the style of perique tobaccos, aiming for an earthy aroma with subtle hints of fruit. The start of your draw is marked by an earthy, musty, yet smooth and almost sweet quality from the red burley, before the dark complexities of the perique start to come through on the nose. It’s definitely full-bodied, producing a more powerful aroma as you approach the end of your draw, characterized by earthiness and nutty and fruity notes becoming more prominent as you exhale. Perique is a high-end pipe tobacco, and that gives you a decent idea of what you’re getting: a powerful, flavorful and complex vape.


Overall Rating: 4/5


This is a masterclass in blending tobacco flavors, with the burley and perique complementing each other beautifully, producing a flavor that makes me wish I’d been more of a tobacco snob as a smoker. The only criticism is that the flavor is perhaps a bit too in-your-face, with the authentic earthiness and mustiness of the tobacco maybe being a bit too much for some converted vapers. That said, the touches of fruitiness and the smoothness of the red burley start are definitely saving graces for this e-liquid. Just-switching smokers or those interested in unique-tasting tobaccos will love it, but sweet-loving vapers might find it a little lacking.


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