Blu Cigs Cartridges Review


One of the biggest selling-points of the blu Cigs product is their flavor selection. Although there are only seven options and there aren't any options for e-liquid, the flavors they have created have received wide-ranging praise from the vaping community. If you’re considering switching over to the now big tobacco-funded blu eCigs, learning about the quality of the flavors is an important part of making your decision. This review introduces you to each of the flavors and gives you an idea of what to expect. You have the choice between Classic Tobacco, Magnificent Menthol, Cherry Crush, Vivid Vanilla, Piña Colada, Peach Schnapps and Java Jolt.




Classic Tobacco


The Classic Tobacco cartridge is the only option for a tobacco flavor from the blu eCigs range. If you’re looking for a replication of Marlboros, Camels or any other well-known brand of cigarettes, you’re out of luck (Lorillard hasn't even forced a Newport or Kent inspired flavor). Objectively, it doesn't scream tobacco when you vape it, because of a sweetness supposedly added by flue-cured Cavendish tobacco, but it’s still a really tasty cartridge if you’re not looking for precision accuracy.


Magnificent Menthol


Calling a cartridge “magnificent” is virtually begging for stark criticism from online reviewers, but you won’t find that here. The Magnificent Menthol (even if the name is self-aggrandizing) packs the cool, icy punch you’re hoping for without making you feel as though you've just stuffed an entire pack of gum into our mouth. As an ex-menthol smoker, this is something I feel happy vaping all day.


Vivid Vanilla


Again, blu have produced a cartridge that lives up to the boasting, alliterative name. The Vivid Vanilla really is vivid, managing to produce a full-flavor that is amongst the best of their entire range. The identifying image on the cartridge is of a plump ice cream cone, and I’d frankly be pretty damn happy if this was the flavor of an actual vanilla ice cream. If you think vanilla is a bland flavor, you’re wrong, and this cartridge proves it.


Peach Schnapps


A slightly unique flavor choice here, but blu hasn't bitten off more than they can chew. Titles like Peach Schnapps sound appealing because they’re more than just a peach flavor; they seem more refined and well-crafted. Sadly, it’s often just a name designed to increase interest in a more simplistic flavor. With this cartridge, though, you get the strong hit of peach with that additional sweetness that brings back patchy memories of summers spent drinking schnapps-filled cocktails. Thankfully, this cartridge won’t make you hurl if you have too much of it (unless you vape for about three days straight, I guess).


Java Jolt


Back to the alliterative names again, the coffee cartridge from blu eCigs distances itself straight away with its mature, refined taste. This is like premium bean coffee, rather than the instant granule quality you often get with e-cig cartridges. There is a slightly burnt taste to the cartridge, which I’m assuming comes from the medium roast espresso beans chosen for the flavor. Regardless, this is up there with the best coffee cartridges you’ll find anywhere, smooth, robust and complex in taste.


Cherry Crush


The Cherry Crush cartridges boast the same depth of flavor that makes the blu range really stand out. You still get the instantly recognizable cherry taste, but there is so much more to it than that. The bittersweet quality of the maraschino cherries used adds a dark complexity to the flavor, making it possibly the best cartridge out of all seven. They actually used three cherries in the making of this flavor, and whilst you’d have to be a cherry connoisseur to pick them out, the attention to detail really shows.


Piña Colada


The final flavor in the selection is another that attempts to perfect a classic drink. The pineapple is the dominant flavor, hitting you straight away, but as you take another puff on the cartridge the coconut milk backing shows it colors. Another in a fantastic range of flavors from blu Cigs, with enough of the intended taste to keep you going back for more, but not so much that you get sick of it within an hour.


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