Bloog E-Cig Review

By John Madden Posted July 26, 2013

Bloog is one of the more talked about brands among e-cig aficionados. To find out what all the buzz was about, I recently reviewed the Bloog Mobile Kit with PCC as well as their 650 eGo style battery kit. Did they live up to the hype?

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  • Long battery life
  • Automatic and manual battery options
  • Balanced throat hit
  • Substantial vapor production with cartomizers
  • Heavy vapor production with clearmoizers
  • Good variety of flavors


  • PCC kit was a bit flimsy
  • No passthrough charging option on 650
  • Weak taste
  • Manufactured in China, liquid too?

Bottom Line

Bloog's Mobile Kit failed to impress on the whole. Weak flavored cartridges were mostly to blame. The 650 kit, on the other hand, was a beast when it came to vapor production!
Price: $39.99

Bloog E-Cig Review

The Bloog Mobile kit retails for $49.99 and contains two KR-808 style 78mm batteries, a personal charging case with detachable battery, a USB cable, two battery sheaths, and five prefilled cartridges in your choice of flavor. For 20 bucks more, customers can opt for the 650 mah kit which includes an 808 threaded rechargeable ego battery (not compatible with 510 cartomizers), two 1.6ml refillable clearomizers, a USB charger with wall adapter and a 30lm bottle of e-liquid.


Packaging and Design


Both starter kits come in your standard cardboard jewelry box-style cases with magnetic enclosures. The mobile kit is packaged in a black “MaxxFusion” box printed with an image of party goers enjoying an electronic cigarette. Contents are layered in three tiers. The top layer contains two batteries in a velvet covered closed cell foam tray. Next up is the PCC in a supreem foam shell. And below that are instruction manuals, sheaths, and two boxes, one containing the cartomizers and the other the PCC battery and USB cable. Each cartomizer is further packaged in plastic tray with aluminum wrapping similar to a pack of gum.


Bloog E-Cig Mobile PCC Kit


The 650 Kit is packaged in a white box printed with the new Bloog logo and contains a much simpler two layers of goodies. Up top in the same closed cell foam as the Mobile Kit are the battery and clearomizers. And directly below you will find the bottle of Liquid Fusion e-liquid nestled in some more supreem foam sitting next to a white box that contains the charger and USB adapter.


Bloog E-Cig 650 Kit


Design-wise, both assembled products are very compact, elegant and sturdy. We chose white batteries for the Mobile kit but they are also sold in black, blue, green, pink, purple, red and silver. For an extra $10 you can select the Aurora battery for an anodized look. The only criticism we have is with the PCC which seems a little fragile and scratch prone. Like a standard Ego-T, the 650 is black with a thin rubber coating. It has 5 small ventilation holes at the base and the Bloog logo printed near the top. The clearomizers both have clear blue plastic tanks with steel bases that are diamond cut for added grip. No major gripes here!


Nicotine Levels


Bloog offers both replacement cartomizers and refill juice in six different nicotine levels to help you gradually step down. Heavy smokers will want to opt for their 36 or 24mg strength cartridges and juices while casual smokers and intermediate vapers can choose from 16, 11 and 6mg. Those ready to cut out nicotine altogether have the option of 0mg cartomizers or juices.


Flavors and Vapor


With the Bloog Mobile Kit we opted for the regular strength(16mg) non-tobacco sampler pack of cartomizers. Included flavors were watermelon, mint, grape, coffee and chocolate. Flavor-wise, Bloog is on the weak side in comparison to some of the various sweet tasting juices we've tried. Only the coffee flavored cartridge really accurately replicated the full taste of its namesake. The other four cartomizers all somewhat hinted at their respective flavors but just didn't quite reach their full potential. The same could be said for the watermelon juice used for the 650 model.


Vapor production varied greatly throughout the three styles of batteries used in our testing. Taking two second puffs, the automatic 78mm battery performed the worst out of three, producing a light vapor that dissipated in just a couple seconds and had minimal throat hit. Next up was the manual 78mm battery from the Mobile Kit. This little guy produced about twice as much vapor with a decent throat hit. Bloog really shines with their 650 model, however. The 650 packed as much of a punch as we've felt with an ego style battery, possibly due to the wicking ability of the supplied clearomizers. We were able to exhale thick, warm clouds of vapor that rivaled those produced by larger, rebuildable mod atomizers.


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It looks as though the standard 78mm batteries supplied in Bloog kits are 320mAh which is pretty darn good for mini-ecigs. We got around 3 hours of heavy use from both 78mm batteries. The 650 battery is much larger and gave us around 5 hours of heavy use. A neat thing about it, in comparison to other ego-style batteries is that the 650 has 5 little lights near the tip which blink in succession while charging. As it becomes more charged the lights stay solid, one by one until, when fully charged, all remain lit.


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Editor Rating

Packaging & Design4/5





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We weren't too overly impressed with the Bloog MaxxFusion Mobile Kit as the slider PCC was on the flimsy side and vapor production just wasn't all there. Their flavors in general could also use improvement as they were on the bland side. The 650, on the other hand, rocked our socks off with its performance. We would definitely recommend the 650 over any of the cartridge style e-cigs Bloog offers.

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    1. Robert Frost OKC OK

      Bloog Out of Business?

      Like most of you I use to love Bloog juices.. They changed owners and move to CT (Vape hating state) I placed my order on April 21 2016. They took $$ from my bank on Apr 22. Never saw order. And like most here wrote them called dally for a few weeks. until their mailbox was full. now web site down.... Like to see if they pop up again under new name... Visa reimbursed my $.. Gladly let a big corp tangle with this lying. cheating bunch of hudlums..LOL
    2. Dawn

      Be warned - they will gladly take your money, not fullfill the order and never contact you

      Think long and hard about doing business with this company! They still owe me over $400 dollars in cartomizers from specials they advertised in October and December of 2015. I have left numerous voicemails and emails to get my refund since it is clear I will never receive the product. Crickets! This is the most unprofessional company I have ever done business with! They were great to work with prior to being bought out by another company. Now it is a joke. By the way, do not take the bait and purchase any cartomizers that are heavily discounted. These cartomizers are past expiration and are terrible.
    3. Terry

      Good Cartomizer's-lousy,lousy customer service

      Like Zachary,I have to rate their customer service as non-existent.They sent me the wrong cart’s,so I emailed them about it.They said I should not have gotten them,and that’s after they finally shipped my order,which is another story.April 1,I got an email saying they would send replacement’s.That’s the last I ever heard from them.No matter which department I pressed for when I called,all I ever got was an answering machine and they never answered my repeated emails for weeks,either.Simply couldn’t get anyone at anytime.So now I’m stuck with these lousy cart’s they originally sent me and never got the replacement’s they said they would’s like,if they don’t want to talk to you,they put your phone number on a do not answer list.This is a terrible,terrible company for customer service.
      For those who don’t know,if you have problems with a company and you paid with a credit card,you can call the credit card bureau at the federal reserve.These people have the authority to revoke a company’s ability to accept credit cards for their business.That’s what I just did.Bloog is a company to avoid.They will not take care of you.They didn’t take care of me or many other’s whose reviews I’ve read who have or had the same isuue’s I have now.
    4. Matt

      The decline

      When I first started vaping I only used Bloog. It was the best eCig I had tried, and this about 3 years ago. I would place an order, and within 3 days it would be at my door. Exactly what I ordered in a timely fashion. I never had a need for a regular cigarette. Lately, they have become terrible. The orders take two to three weeks to arrive, and sometimes I do not get all of what I ordered. My recent order had half of the clearomizers I ordered. I tried emailing and calling them about it. No response at all. After two weeks I had to have my credit card company return my money.
      It is sad to see a good company start to fail like this. No I do not only base my own experience on them failing. I was able to convert several friends and family members to Bloog, and their orders are taking every bit as long as mine.
      The good thing is I found a company that has compatible products, which means I do not have to buy all new stuff. I have about 30 of their batteries, and 15 of their chargers. I thought I was going to have to shell out over $500 to get my supply up with another company. At least that is not going to happen.
      When it is a pizza place or drive through window that screws up your order it is no big deal. When the company that provides you with what you need to not smoke, and they screw up the order, it can be devastating. Cannot afford to work with these guys any longer.
    5. Luan

      Compared to other ecigs, Bloog’s super easy draw, vapor and battery life are greatly superior. I tried the Bloog Red and I am still a regular user of that. It is quite simple to refill their cartridges which is a great plus point for me. They do quick shipping and you can also trust their customer care service. Overall I will give a 4 star rating.
    6. Zachary Sanger

      terrible customer service mediocere products

      no you really dont want to do anything with bloog their customer service is terrible they have a phone line available to call but not a single time has any1 ever answerd for me i have tried so hard to stick with their products but what happens heres a laundry list, customer service is terrible sometimes you wont get emails back which is the only way i ever have contacted them, also their products always fail not seem to always fail after 3 months of use at most and now the latest bloog crime is their e-liquid has a terrible taste i ordered sweet dreams which is suppose to be strawberry but it had no flavor at all but a burnt cotton taste ive teested this by using a clearomizer that was working fine with a different flavor drained it out and then put the sweet dreams in it after it ruined a different clearomizer and then they sold me a clearomizer that didnt fit with the atomizers they sell i had a 1.6ml clearomizer and several 1.6ml atomizers that were useless please if you dont want to be pushed around by this company you will avoid them in general!!!!
    7. Georgia Burrow

      There is not one that can compare to BLOOG.

      They are everything they claim to be. I have given them to many of my friends and now they also use only BLOOG. I use the red and so do my friends.When you compare them to the others out there they just don”t have the flavor of the BLOOG.