• The Basics of Vaping: Clearomizers and Tanks – Changing Coils and Filling Up

    By Lindsay Fox Posted April 28, 2016

    Two of the most common tasks you’ll have to do as a vaper is filling up a tank or clearomizer and replacing a spent coil for a new one. Thankfully for new vapers, these are both really easy to accomplish, regardless of the type of tank or clearomizer you have. Here’s how to do it.

  • The Basics of Vaping – Types of E-Cig Atomizers and Vape Tanks

    By Lindsay Fox Posted April 23, 2016

    The atomizer is what turns your e-juice into delicious, inhalable vapor, but like everything else when it comes to vaping, there are tons of options on the market, and to a beginner, it can seem very overwhelming. Should you get a sub-ohm tank or a basic clearomizer? What are RBAs, RTAs and RDAs? Does it really make a difference what atomizer you use?

  • Monstering: Why Nicotine Replacement Therapies Are a Threat to Public Health

    By Lee Johnson Posted April 20, 2016
    Vaping vs. NRT

    Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) isn’t as benign as Big Pharma wants you to believe. They may have suckered politicians, doctors and scientists into supporting their trade in an addictive drug, but with my powers of cherry-picking, misrepresentation and lies of omission, I can reveal the truth: NRT is a serious threat to public health.

  • Minimum Effort, Maximum Impact: The Anti-Vaping Junk Science of Rebecca Williams

    By Lindsay Fox Posted April 17, 2016
    Bad Science on Vaping

    If you want a constant stream of junk science on a topic, one thing you’ll need is some researchers willing to crank out a shoddy paper in support of your cause, ideally without putting too much work into it. And the University of North Carolina’s Rebecca Williams has mastered the art.

  • 6 Misleading Pro-Vaping Arguments We Should Stop Using

    By Lee Johnson Posted March 27, 2016

    We’ve spent plenty of time tackling anti-vaping myths since the site got started, but it isn’t just those opposed to vaping that often spout mistruths or plain misleading statements. In fact, there are quite a few pro-vaping myths that we should stop repeating if we want to be taken seriously.

  • The Basics of Vaping: Choosing PG/VG Ratios and Nicotine Levels

    By Lindsay Fox Posted March 25, 2016

    How do you find the right PG/VG ratio for your needs? How much nicotine do you need to ensure you’ll find vaping satisfying? Here’s everything you need to know.

  • The Basics of Vaping – What are E-Cigarettes and How Do They Work?

    By Lindsay Fox Posted March 19, 2016

    We’re starting a new series on the basics of vaping, so this post looks at simplest questions you might have – what are e-cigarettes? How do they work? What are the different types of e-cig?

  • Quartet by Black Note Review

    By Lindsay Fox Posted March 18, 2016
    Black Note - Quartet Limited Edition Review

    Quartet is the new e-juice from Black Note, a Syrian Latakia blend tobacco, boasting a robust, smoky peppery flavor that aims to offer the best tobacco e-juice on the market.

  • 5 Normal Things People Totally Freak Out Over When Vaping is Involved

    By Lindsay Fox Posted March 7, 2016
    E-Cig News Stories Vs. Facts

    There are many examples of unavoidably normal things being used to criticize vaping specifically. In everyday life, the potential problems relating to them are roundly ignored, but when you toss e-cigarettes into the equation, all of a sudden they’re a cause for panic and outrage. Here are five examples

  • Huge Joyetech Sale on at Heaven Gifts – 150 W Cuboid for Under $34 and More!

    By Lindsay Fox Posted March 2, 2016
    Joyetech Cuboid 150 W TC Mod

    Joyetech is one of the biggest names in the vaping industry, and if you’re in the market for a new mod or atomizer made by them, now is a great time to pick it up thanks to a huge sale running until the end of the month at Heaven Gifts.

  • 20,000 More UK Smokers Quit in 2014 Thanks to Vaping

    By Lee Johnson Posted March 2, 2016
    Vaping Helps Cut Smoking Rates

    If you believe the stuff you hear about vaping in the media or from many of those in public health and tobacco control, you’d think that e-cigarettes were going to be a bad thing for the population. But a new analysis of UK data has revealed that e-cigarettes have led to an additional 16,000 to 22,000 smokers quitting in 2014 alone.

  • New Vaping Product Releases Roundup – February 2016

    By Lindsay Fox Posted March 1, 2016
    New Vape Mods 2016

    February saw the release of several excellent new mods and a ton of ceramic-coil sporting sub ohm tanks, using the unique wicking material to produce atomizer heads that last for much, much longer without needing replacement than anything we’ve been using so far. Check out the full post to see what February brought us!

  • 10 Things to Know About Diacetyl in E-Juice

    By Lindsay Fox Posted February 29, 2016

    Black Note has recently published two posts looking at the issue of diacetyl in e-cigarettes, with one covering the science behind the debate and the other focusing more on the disagreement on the issue within the vaping community. The posts are both well-worth reading – so go take a look if you want the full story – but we’ve condensed some of the key take-away points here.

  • The Week in Vaping – Sunday, February 28th, 2016

    By Lindsay Fox Posted February 28, 2016
    Vaping News and Studies Roundup

    Researchers are spying on your tweets, a judge in New York has been smart enough to declare that vaping is not smoking, more evidence-based rationality emerges from the UK and journalists are given a much-needed dose of common sense on the (non) issue of “e-cigarette battery explosions” – it’s the Week in Vaping.

  • Smoking vs. Vaping: The Ultimate Cost Comparison

    By Lindsay Fox Posted February 25, 2016

    One of the main motivations for switching to vaping is to save money in comparison to smoking. But do you really save money? And if so, how much will you save? What’s the cheapest type of device to use? We’ve taken a look at the numbers to put together this cost comparison for vaping vs. smoking.

  • The Week in Vaping – Sunday, February 21st, 2016

    By Lindsay Fox Posted February 21, 2016
    New E-Cig Research - Vaping Blog Posts

    Tobacco controllers sneak into a vape convention and discover “particles” in the air, a politician vapes in Congress, and UK data shows that the disastrous population-level consequences of vaping we keep hearing about don’t seem to be materializing: it’s the Week in Vaping.

  • The Week in Vaping – Sunday February 7th, 2016

    By Lindsay Fox Posted February 7, 2016
    Latest E-Cigarette News

    Leonardo DiCaprio vapes up a storm, vaping bans are proposed indoors and outdoors, the American Lung Association says tobacco taxes aren’t high enough, the latest round of junk science gets brought back down to earth and we’re treated to a double-dose of anti-vaping bullshit: it’s the Week in Vaping.

  • 5 Vaping Researchers Who Clearly Don’t Understand Vaping

    By Lee Johnson Posted February 6, 2016
    E-Cig Researchers' Knowledge of E-Cigs

    If there was one rule for conducting scientific studies on a topic, it would be to make sure you understand it first. But with e-cigarettes, that is not what happens. All too frequently, vaping researchers know almost nothing about vaping, and the result is invariably a study that ends up discouraging smokers from making the switch. Here are some of the worst offenders.

  • New Vaping Product Releases Roundup – January 2016

    By Lindsay Fox Posted February 1, 2016
    New Vaping Devices 2016

    2016 has gotten off to a good start when it comes to new vaping products, with a range of excellent box mods hitting the market in January, and the constant influx of new sub-ohm tanks showing no sign of letting up. So, what awesome new gear can you pick up this month? Here’s a quick run-down of some of the best options to hit the market so far this year.

  • The Week in Vaping – Sunday January 31st, 2016

    By Lindsay Fox Posted January 31, 2016

    This week, cherry flavored e-liquid is the worst thing since cigarettes, vaping is a gateway to smoking, nobody knows that vaping is safer than smoking and vapers apparently live in a constant state of fear. E-cigs also help you quit smoking, though, and smokers should definitely switch. It’s the Week in Vaping.