• Success Redefined With Vapor Couture Review

    By Lindsay Fox Posted October 5, 2012

    Smoking has been an unavoidable sensation that has been prolonging in the mankind for a very long period of time. The pervasiveness and applicability of smoking can be found everywhere as people find it to be the best solution while facing any problem. May it be the famous detective stories or a thinking professor; all people are addicted to smoking.

  • The Overwhelming Response With V2 Cigs Review

    By Ecigarettereviewed Posted October 5, 2012

    With the growing concern for health and nutrition requirements people have often employed means whereby they have to make the least possible amount of sacrifice. Smoking has been the persisting issue for health hazard from time immemorial as its addiction is nothing less than a hypnotized art that can control a person’s consciousness.

  • E-Cigarettes – Gaining Popularity as a ‘Quit Smoking’ Tool

    By Ecigarettereviewed Posted October 2, 2012

    Vaping – that’s the new buzz word! Puffing away on an electronic cigarette or vaping is the latest way to quit smoking. Johnny Depp did it in ‘The Tourist’ and Katherine Heigl vaped away on an e-cigarette on ‘The David Letterman’ show. An electronic or e-cigarette contains no tobacco and is made from a mix of metal and plastic.

  • Americans For Nonsmoker’s Rights Claims E-Cigarettes Are Not Useful to Quit Smoking

    By Ecigarettereviewed Posted October 2, 2012

    Public declaration by Americans for NonSmokers’ Rights that E-Cigarettes are not useful to quit smoking, in spite of not having any scientific backing to support this accusation. In a recent press release, the Americans for NonSmokers’ Rights (ANR), publicly proclaimed that electronic or e-cigarettes are absolutely useless and do not help anyone quit smoking.

  • Money Plays Role in Anti-Smoking Groups’ Call for E-Cigarette Ban

    By Lindsay Fox Posted September 27, 2012

    Though they have been against e-cigarettes and wanted them banned, eight organizations made a handsome profit of more than 2 million in 2011 and in early 2012 from Big Pharma’s Pfizer based on totals issued by The Rest of the Story.

  • European Union to Ban E-Cigarettes – Bad News for People Trying to Quit Smoking

    By Dave S. Posted September 27, 2012

    According to reliable sources, the European Union is planning to ban the marketing of almost all smokeless nicotine-containing products. The draft Tobacco Products Directive has targeted a whole range of products such as electronic cigarettes and dissolvable tobacco products, orbs and strips. The only exception to this ban is a Swedish product called Snus.

  • Study on E-Cigarettes Finds No Harmful Effect on the Heart

    By Lindsay Fox Posted September 27, 2012

    According to research conducted by Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos, people who smoke e-cigarettes have no risk of heart problems because of these cigarettes. The results of this study were presented at an ESC Congress 2012 press conference recently.

  • Omaha, NE Increases Taxes on E-Cigarette by 7%

    By Dave S. Posted September 27, 2012

    The CASAA (Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association) is a well-known non-profit organization dedicated to helping people know the truth about smoking and about low-risk substitutes to smoking, wrote a letter to Omaha city officials regarding certain oversights in the newly introduced tobacco tax.

  • E-Cigs Banned From Train Stations

    By Ecigarettereviewed Posted September 22, 2012

    Starting September 17, 2012, E-Cigarettes are banned from train stations in Philippines. The Light Rail Transit Authority state that due to over-crowded train stations, use of e-cigarettes may result in altercation among passengers. Philippines, with a population of over 94 million, has one of the busiest train stations in the world (next to Japan, China, and North America).

  • Smoking Causes Pancreatic Cancer

    By Dave S. Posted September 21, 2012

    Recent study reveals that smoking is one of the main causes for pancreatic cancer. According to the recent study, this deadly disease can be developed at an early stage to those people who are addicted to smoking and drinking liquor. Pancreatic cancer is so deadly that out of 100 patients who are diagnosed with such disease, only 5 of them will survive.

  • The Stoptober Quit Smoking Challenge

    By Dave S. Posted September 21, 2012

    For the first time in history, the U.K. government has launched a national campaign that urges smokers to quit for a month. The Department of health announced that from October 1 over 8 million Britain’s smokers are invited to stop their smoking habit for 28 days.

  • 1 Million Free Electronic Cigarettes by Apollo

    By Ecigarettereviewed Posted September 4, 2012

    Apollo Electronic Cigarette announced its 1 million free electronic cigarette giveaway! That’s right, it’s FREE. All you have to do is claim your e-cigarette here. There are no monthly subscriptions, recurring fees or any other hidden fees. Apollo is simply giving away their products for free.

  • E-Cigarettes Pose No Threat to Heart

    By Dave S. Posted September 1, 2012

    A group of Greek researches recently studied the adverse effects of e-cigarettes on cardiac function and found that e-cigarettes pose no threat to the heart. Electronic cigarettes are becoming more popular each day and many people are skeptical about the adverse effects it can have on their health condition.

  • Are More Rules Needed Concerning E-Cigarettes?

    By Ecigarettereviewed Posted August 31, 2012

    E-cigarettes were designed to be an alternative to tobacco, but it seems like more and more people are having success using these products to quit smoking for good. You would think that the Food and Drug Administration would be scrambling to classify e-cigarettes as quit smoking devices, but that is not the case by any means.

  • Information Concerning Clinical Trials Taking Place on E-Cigarette Users

    By Ecigarettereviewed Posted August 31, 2012

    When Hon Lik developed the first electronic cigarette in 2006, it was not his intention to develop a quit smoking device. Hon Lik only was trying to develop an alternative to smoking. The company he worked for patented his idea and the rest is history. Hon Lik was not the first person to design an electronic cigarette.

  • Are Electronic Cigarette Companies Targeting Children?

    By Ecigarettereviewed Posted August 31, 2012

    Electronic cigarettes were not developed with the intention of becoming a product to help people quit smoking. In fact, electronic cigarettes were only developed to be an alternative to traditional tobacco. The products have come under fire recently stating that they promote smoking in children due to the flavored e-cigarette cartridges that are offered.

  • Should Restrictions be Placed on Electronic Cigarettes?

    By Ecigarettereviewed Posted August 31, 2012

    In some states in the U.S. there are not any restrictions concerning age restrictions or limitations regarding electronic cigarettes. The FDA is not too keen on these products and is currently seeking restrictions. There are not any restrictions regarding what kind of ingredients can be used in an electronic cigarette.

  • Can E-Cigs Help You Quit Smoking?

    By Ecigarettereviewed Posted August 31, 2012

    Who can say bad things about electronic cigarettes when they provide so many benefits? Well, actually a lot of folks have brought electronic cigarettes under fire, so to speak. E-cigs are known for providing a long list of benefits (read full list of e-cigarette benefits) that are both financial and health related. Electronic cigarettes have even helped some people give up tobacco and nicotine forever.

  • E-Cigarettes: Making up Facts?

    By Ecigarettereviewed Posted August 25, 2012

    It seems like those who are opposed against electronic cigarettes are not able to find real hardcore evidence to support their theories. So, to compensate they just make it up. Dr. David Abrams states that folks would give up smoking completely if electronic cigarettes were not there to be their crutch.

  • The Risk Involved with Electronic Cigarettes

    By Ecigarettereviewed Posted August 25, 2012

    Electronic cigarettes have become more than just popular. They have spread across the entire globe. Many people have been singing the praises of these contraptions while the other side states that the use of electronic cigarettes is not safe. It is true that electronic cigarettes are not completely safe.