• New Study Claims E-Cigs Reduce the Lungs’ Ability to Fight Infections

    By Lindsay Fox Posted February 9, 2015

    A new study has demonstrated that e-cigarettes appear to reduce the ability of the lungs to fight off bacteria and viruses in mice, a finding which has been reported as “E-cigarettes increase the risk of flu and pneumonia.” The authors conclude that “e-cig exposure is not a safe alternative to smoking.” But do the findings really apply to human vapers?

  • Innokin Releases iTaste MVP V3

    By Lindsay Fox Posted February 5, 2015

    The MVP family of mods has a new member – Innokin has released the iTaste MVP V3. The MVP V2 and the 20 W version have been among vapers’ favorite VV/VW devices, and the new edition promises to blow them both out of the water, packing a massive 3800 mAh capacity battery and up to 30 W of power.

  • Study – E-Cigarettes are Only as Addictive as Nicotine Gum

    By Lindsay Fox Posted February 4, 2015

    Another study has called the addiction-based criticisms of vaping into question, suggesting that e-cigarettes are much less addictive than cigarettes and around as addictive as nicotine gum – which isn’t particularly addictive at all.

  • KangerTech to Release Their First Box Mod – The Kbox

    By Lindsay Fox Posted January 29, 2015
    kangertech kbox release date

    KangerTech may be most well-known for their atomizers (like the ProTank, AeroTank and SubTank) and eGo-style batteries, but the company will be expanding into the world of mods with their new 40 W Kbox. The new device will fire any coil setup down to 0.4 ohms, and offers between 8 to 40 W of power, all for under $40 – but there are some serious limitations to the design.

  • E-Cigs Considered Illegal in Mexico – Two Vape Stores in the Capital Shut Down

    By Lindsay Fox Posted January 24, 2015
    e-cigarettes banned mexico

    Health authorities in Mexico have closed down two vape stores in Mexico City, seizing almost 9,500 devices and citing the technical illegality of e-cigarettes in the country. For the two years prior to this seizure, only around 2,200 devices had been seized, and this may be an indication that authorities are planning on stepping up activity against vaping.

  • More Anti-Vaping Lies: Protect Your Family from E-Cigarettes

    By Lindsay Fox Posted January 23, 2015
    protect your family e-cigs

    The California Department of Public Health’s new “Protect Your Family from E-Cigarettes” campaign is a rag-tag collection of lies covering a lot of ground, like some prohibitionist Gish gallop replete with straw men, half truths and outright demonstrable falsehoods, masquerading as “the Facts You Need to Know.”

  • New Study Claims E-Cigarettes Release More Formaldehyde than Cigarettes

    By Lindsay Fox Posted January 22, 2015
    Study - e-cig formaldehyde production

    The cancer risk associated with formaldehyde consumption from long-term high-voltage vaping is 5 to 15 times greater than the formaldehyde-related risk from long-term pack-a-day smoking, according to a new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine. However, when you look more closely, the finding isn’t quite what it seems.

  • GlaxoSmithKline’s Patch and Gum Sales are Suffering Due to E-Cigs

    By Lindsay Fox Posted January 21, 2015
    nicotine gum vs e-cigarettes

    Pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is losing sales of its nicotine patches and gums because of the proliferation of e-cigarettes, according to the company’s chief executive. Andrew Witty commented, “Of course, it’s definitely taken a bit of our market, no question at all,” but said they won’t release their own because e-cigs are “just too controversial.”

  • Tips for Successfully Switching from Cigarettes to E-Cigarettes

    By Lindsay Fox Posted January 19, 2015
    switching to vaping tips

    Whether you’re still attempting to replace your deadly combusted tobacco habit with e-cigarettes, have tried to quit smoking using traditional methods and aren’t having much luck, or just happen to have decided to make the switch recently, getting some tips for successfully switching from smoking to vaping can help you stay on the wagon and wave goodbye to cigarettes for good.

  • UK Study Finds Vaping is Rare in Non-Smokers and Children

    By Lindsay Fox Posted January 17, 2015
    UK study - e-cig use by non-smokers

    In December, the 2013 Health Survey for England was released, adding more evidence that non-smokers – children or adults – are not particularly interested in e-cigarettes, and that vaping is confined almost entirely to smokers or ex-smokers. Yet again, the idea of a potential gateway to smoking has been slapped down by cold, hard numbers.

  • New Study: E-Cigarette Flavors Don’t Appeal to Youth Non-Smokers

    By Lindsay Fox Posted January 10, 2015

    A new study has attempted to settle the “e-liquid flavors attract teens” debate, and found that flavors don’t attract non-smoking teens to e-cigarettes. The results suggest that pre-existing interest in e-cigarettes is the most important factor: even widely-criticized flavors like bubblegum or cotton candy had no impact on non-smoking teens’ interest in vaping, and actually appealed more to adults.

  • Lorillard’s Sales of blu eCigs Drop by Almost 40 Percent

    By Lindsay Fox Posted January 9, 2015
    big tobacco e-cig brand

    Big tobacco giant Lorillard saw sales of blu eCigs fall by almost 40 percent in the third quarter of 2014, likely due to the fact that vapers have long-since realized that eGo-style devices or mods are vastly superior to the cigarette-sized weaklings of the vaping industry.

  • New Monitoring the Future Data Sparks Concern About Youth E-Cigarette Use

    By Lindsay Fox Posted January 9, 2015
    More children vaping e-cigs

    The new Monitoring the Future 2014 results show that more 8th, 10th and 12th graders had used an e-cigarette in the past 30 days than had smoked a cigarette. However, as is always the case, the rates of vaping among non-smokers is very low, and the concern about the findings is far from justified.

  • Vapor Madness! San Francisco Kicks Facts Aside with the #CurbIt Campaign

    By Lindsay Fox Posted January 7, 2015
    Big tobacco e-cigarette ad

    E-cigarettes are harmful, sold by the tobacco industry, contain toxic and cancer-causing chemicals, emit a “pollution cloud” that does “second-hand harm to others” and are just the “latest gimmick” from Big Tobacco, according to the new #CurbIt campaign from the San Francisco Tobacco Free Project.

  • Cochrane Review: E-Cigarettes are Effective for Quitting and Reducing Smoking

    By Lindsay Fox Posted January 3, 2015

    The new Cochrane Review of the effectiveness of e-cigarettes for quitting confirms that the evidence to date supports the idea that even poorly performing cig-a-likes are effective for helping smokers either quit entirely or markedly reduce the amount they smoke.

  • New Study Shows that E-Cigs are Not a Gateway to Smoking

    By Lindsay Fox Posted January 2, 2015

    A new study actually asked the questions that need to be asked to work out if e-cigarettes are a gateway to cigarettes, and (surprise, surprise) found no evidence of a gateway effect from vaping.

  • New Tank Lets You Fill Up with Two Different E-Liquids at Once

    By Lindsay Fox Posted December 22, 2014

    Since most vapers change e-liquids at least once during the course of a day’s vaping, Totally Wicked has provided a tank atomizer perfectly suited to our needs, allowing you to fill up with two different e-liquids and change between (or combine) them by simply twisting a selection dial.

  • New Study Shows E-Cigarettes are Less Addictive Than Cigarettes

    By Lindsay Fox Posted December 17, 2014
    Nicotine addiction e-cigarettes

    Despite criticisms that vapers are simply continuing in their nicotine addiction, a new study has provided evidence that e-cigarette users are much less addicted to vaping than they once were to smoking. Not only do e-cigs drastically reduce harm, they curb addiction too.

  • New UK Study Finds That Children Are More Likely to Try Vaping than Smoking

    By Lindsay Fox Posted December 15, 2014

    A new study from the UK has found that the number of 10 to 11 year olds who’d ever tried e-cigarettes was actually higher than the corresponding number for tobacco cigarettes, with the researchers arguing the finding “reinforces concerns” about a potential gateway to smoking.

  • Study: Second-Generation E-Cigs Effective for Smokers Not Intending to Quit

    By Lindsay Fox Posted December 13, 2014
    More smokers quit by vaping

    A new study from Professor Riccardo Polosa has found that second-generation e-cigarettes are effective for helping smokers quit. Two-thirds of the smokers studied, who had no intention of quitting, either stopped smoking entirely or reduced their daily smoking by at least half after starting vaping.