Blaze E-Cigarette Review

By John Madden Posted February 5, 2014

Based in Baltimore, Maryland, Blaze Electronic Cigarettes has been in business since 2012 and has some of the lowest pricing e-cigs on the market. No single item sold by the brand costs more than $12.95 (at the time of writing) with many items sold at wholesale prices so it’s hard to wonder how the company is turning a profit. Surprisingly, quality is not sacrificed either as Blaze has turned out some of the better e-cigs I’ve tested.

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  • Lifetime warranty on batteries and chargers
  • Ridiculously low prices on all products
  • Good flavor and vapor production
  • Authentic tobacco taste


  • Parent company, Smoke Free Inc, sells same products at ridiculously high prices

Bottom Line

If you're looking for a cost-effective alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes, Blaze Electronic Cigarettes just might be for you. Pick up one of their extremely low-priced eGo kits and a few bottles of e-liquid and never smoke again!
Price: $39.95

Blaze Electronic Cigarettes Review

Note: Due to some recent complaints we have been receiving from our users, we no longer recommend Blaze eCigs. Other comparable products that we do recommend are: V2Cigs, Vapor Fi, and Green Smoke e-cig. These are brands that have been around much longer and have proved to be more reliable.


Blaze e-cigs sells everything from deluxe kits featuring a battery, charger and two cartridges to refills, eGo kits and even “fireworks glasses”. We were sent a few of their deluxe kits and cartridge refills along with an eGo kit and several bottles of e-liquid.


Packaging and Design


Blaze Deluxe Kit


Blaze may call this their “Deluxe Kit” but it's really more of a basic starter kit as it comes with one battery, two cartridges and a USB charger. Everything is packaged in a convenient, flip top cig-alike box and wrapped in plastic. The outside of the box is white with a red or green Marlboro-esque “V” on the bottom half. It's printed with a nicotine on one side along with contents on the back of the box.


Blaze electronic cigarette deluxe kit


Inside is a microfoam tray with four slots. The first contains the charger, the second holds the battery and the two remaining slots house the cartridges. Each cartridge is individually wrapped in plastic and is further sealed by two rubber caps on each end. Also tucked inside the box is an instruction manual.


Once assembled, the Blaze e-cig is slightly larger than a conventional cigarette. The battery component is white with light gray rings to mimic the look of a traditional cigarette tube. When in use, the gray tip on the battery glows orange. The cartridge on the Blaze e-cigarette resembles an orange cigarette filter with light speckles throughout.


Refill Cartridges


Blaze ecig cartomizers overviewBlaze Electronic Cigarette sells both traditional and their “Go-Green” flavored refill cartridges. The traditional refill cartridges are packaged a box similar to the deluxe kit while the go-green variety are paperless and simply sent in a plastic tray sealed with tin foil. We received a few envelopes, each one containing a tray of five go-green cartridges.


Blaze also sells go-green cartridges with soft tips in menthol and tobacco flavors as well as a go-green variety pack with five different menthol ice flavors, both of which I tried. Soft-tip cartridges are slightly longer than the traditional variety.


Ego Kit


Blaze eGo Starter Kit comparison and reviewFor $13, the eGo kit from Blaze may just be the best deal on e-cigarettes I've ever seen. It comes in carrying case with one 650mAh eGo threaded battery, a clearomizer and a USB charger with wall adapter. This is about as cheap as it gets folks.


Put together, the eGo is about the size of a nice ballpoint pen. It's manually powered so it has a button that triggers the coils in the clearomizer when pushed. The clearomizer has a black removable tip for easy filling and the tank can also be removed for cleaning.


E-Liquid review of Blaze e-cigE-Liquid


Each bottle of refill juice comes in a clear plastic container that holds 15ml of e-juice and has a childproof cap. Liquids range in color from a faint yellow to pink depending on flavor.


To find similar brands of e-liquid, read some of our recent e-juice reviews for this year.


Flavors and Vapor Production


Deluxe Kit


For its small size, the deluxe kit performs quite well. The original flavor has a smooth yet smokey tobacco taste with a decent throat hit and a good amount of vapor. Menthol tastes more like mint than it does a Newport but is still satisfying nonetheless.


The go-green ice flavor cartridges come with one each of melon, strawberry, chocolate, coffee and pineapple in 24mg strength. Each one nicely replicates the flavor of its namesake and is finished with a cool but not overpowering menthol exhale.




Surprisingly, the e-liquid sold by Blaze isn't super runny, meaning it probably has a good balance of PG and VG. It doesn't have a plastic or boozy taste either. I tried a bit of their Melon Ice, Peach, Tobacco, and Cigar flavors and enjoyed each. The flavor is crazy strong but it's there, as is the vapor production. The eGo will give you significantly more throat hit and vapor than the deluxe kit and cartridges.


Battery Life


There's nothing bad to really say about either the deluxe kit or eGo batteries. The batteries on the deluxe kits have 180mAh and last a good half day of moderate vaping before requiring a recharge, which in turn takes just about two hours. On the other hand, the eGo battery is noticeably larger because it has 650mAh and will last a full day of moderate to heavy vaping.


Editor Rating

Packaging & Design3/5





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I've been scratching my head over how Blaze Electronic Cigarettes sells products at really ridiculously low price points. It's not like they sacrificed quality or skimped out on anything. However, I noticed their parent company is Smoke Free, Inc. After a quick Google search I discovered that Smoke Free sells the exact same products Blaze does, only at a much, much higher price. So now I'm left pondering over the discrepancy in pricing among the two brands. Maybe Blaze e-cig was created as a price point test by Smoke Free. Either way, I would encourage you to go with Blaze products over Smoke Free's. I mean, you can't even beat their prices even on Fasttech.  

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