Big Tobacco Companies Suppressed Cancer Evidence

By Guest Posted March 14, 2013

One billion deaths. That’s how many people are expected to die in the 21st century from tobacco-related illnesses. The World Health Organization (WHO) has already estimated that there have been over 100 million deaths in the 20th century due to tobacco. Yet until recently tobacco companies and their executives stood behind their claim that tobacco was not proven to have a correlation and direct cause to lung cancer. This is in spite of evidence that is now readily available (thanks to a 1998 lawsuit) which indicates that tobacco companies knew as far back as 1954 that there were carcinogens in their tobacco cigarettes. But big business must rule the roost!


Research findings hidden


Through the documents that were disclosed in a 1998 trial, it has finally been revealed for all the world to see that the 7 big tobacco companies conspired to not only conduct their own research studies in Germany, but to keep the results of this research hidden and top secret from everyone. The United States’ government tried to obtain these results many times over the past decades and was always thwarted by the best defense lawyers that money can buy – thanks to the deep pockets of these tobacco executives. But now, the whole world can know that back in 1959 that tobacco cigarettes contain a radioactive substance called polonium-210. And when smoked, well common sense tells you that this radioactive substance gets introduced into the lungs!


Sitting on the evidence


Researched from UC Davis and UC San Francisco have pieced together how the big 7  tobacco companies were able to use ingeniously creative methods to, at best, confuse the topic and to also, at worst, flat out lie about who had performed studies or research papers that were published as peer review studies and stated that tobacco cigarettes were indeed not found to be harmful in the least. There were over 5,000 reports and documents submitted for this 1998 trial and almost 50 of them were discovered to directly mention the negative effects of second-hand smoke! The research teams have even found that the tobacco companies went so far as to “suppress unfavorable results” by trying to say that non-smokers who lived in homes with smokers were actually “passive smokers” and were therefore not eligible to be test subjects. Talk about ludicrous!


1994 testimony by tobacco companies
In a testimony in 1994, the top executives of the big tobacco companies swore to tell the the truth. Verdict: Guilty!


Reduced-Harm Tobacco?


So now we are supposed to trust tobacco companies, and their honest, law-abiding executives, to help the millions of people impacted by tobacco, nicotine and second-hand smoke to tell us that the new “reduced-harm tobacco products” are safer. The whole idea sounds like highway robbery. Here, let me give you this nickel and you give me a quarter. That’s a fair trade, right? Do you get the words in this new product – reduced-harm – it really sounds like tobacco executives take us for a bunch of idiots. But the sad part is so many kids are still getting sucked into the ‘style’ and ‘appeal’ of smoking that we are still fighting an almost losing battle each year. Maybe we need to pull a Switzerland and put all the executives in jail! After all, they lied and killed millions…murder is illegal in some countries, isn't it?