Best Vape Pens (UK)

With such a huge range of vape pens available in the UK and shipping to the UK from around the world, finding the best vape pen for UK vapers means learning a lot about the different options and what they have to offer. Really, the vapour pen that’s right for you is the one that meets your needs as a vaper, along with performing well. But different vapers can have dramatically different requirements. For example, most people looking for a UK vaporizer will be intending to vape e-liquid, but some devices support dry herb vaping and others can work with oils, waxes or other concentrates. Similarly, some of the best vaporizers are “all-in-one” devices, but others have a separate tank and battery.


So how do you find the best vape pen in the UK? What should you look out for? Which devices should be on your shortlist? We’ve collected some recommendations and general buying advice here to help you make your decision and find your ideal vapour pen.


If you’re brand new to vape pens, we’ve added some basic information to the bottom of the post to help you get to grips with what they are, where to pick them up and how to make your choice.


Best Vape Pens for E-Liquid


5 – Halo Tank Kit 02


Halo Tank Kit 02 - Best Vape Pen UK


Our first pick for the best vape pen in the UK when it comes to e-liquid vaping is E-Cigarette Direct’s Halo Tank Kit 02. The device has a traditional vape pen look, a simple two-piece tube design with a 900 mAh battery and a capable vape tank that supports both direct-to-lung and mouth-to-lung coils. The vapour pen is well-designed, featuring LED lights either side of the fire button to let you know your battery level at a glance, a sleek tank with two large windows so you can always see how much e-juice you have left, and a generally cool, understated look.


The kit comes with a 1 ohm mouth-to-lung coil as standard. This is great for just-switching smokers, who tend to inhale mouth-to-lung and are likely looking for UK vape pens which support this inhalation style. Combined with the adjustable airflow on the Halo Tank Kit 02, this gives the kit tons of potential for new vapers. For longer-term vapers looking for more vapor, the optional 1 ohm and especially the 0.5 ohm direct-to-lung coils support higher-VG e-liquids and perform more like a high-end mod.


The Halo Tank Kit 02 costs £24.99 from E-Cigarette Direct.


4 – Innokin Endura T20


Innokin Endura T20 Vape Pen


The Endura series from Innokin has been a favorite of new vapers for some time, and the T20 is among our picks for the top vape pens in the UK when it comes to e-liquid vaping. Like the Halo Tank Kit 02, it’s designed with mouth-to-lung vaping in mind, and this makes it a great choice for newer vapers looking for a reliable vape pen with a smoking-like draw. The Endura T20 comes with an impressive 1,500 mAh battery, and top-filling, 2 ml capacity tank. The main improvement from the previous version is that it can now cope with higher-VG juices too, so you’ll be able to vape any e-liquid you have without issues.


The Endura T20 kit comes with a 1.5 ohm atomizer head as standard, and can put out a maximum of 13 W. This won’t compete with cloud-chasing, sub ohm devices, but for a new vaper it offers more than enough vapor with each puff and works well for mouth-to-lung vaping. The vapour pen itself is really easy to use, with just a single button for operating the device. In short, all you have to do is prime your coil, fill up and start vaping. Even if you’re brand new to vaping, you won’t have a problem getting to grips with the Endura T20 and getting a satisfying vape.


The kit costs $24.95 new (approximately £18.50).


3 – Eleaf iCare Solo


iCare Solo Vape Pen


Eleaf is a big name in the vaping industry, and their iCare Solo makes this list of the top vaporizer pens in the UK thanks to its beginner-friendly design, portability and great performance. The iCare might only have a 350 mAh battery, but it makes the device impressively compact, and combined with the all-in-one design it becomes a fantastic choice for newer vapers. The kit has a TPD-compliant 1.5 ml tank capacity, and the included 1.1 ohm Eleaf IC coil is perfect for mouth-to-lung vaping. You also get a spare coil included in the kit as standard.


The iCare Solo is in the running for this list because it’s fantastically easy to use but still puts out impressive amounts of vapor thanks to a 15 W maximum output. You can easily slip it in a pocket – it’s only around 10 cm long – and it comes in five colors – red, blue, white, black and champagne. It’s also one of the most affordable vape pens you’ll find, priced at just $14.95 (around £11) for the kit.


2 – Smok Stick One


Smok Stick One - Best Vaporizer Pen UK


The Smok Stick One is the most recent, TPD-compliant offering from Smok, and it’s impressive battery life and sub ohm capability makes it a strong contender for the title of best vape pen. The Smok Stick One looks like any other vape pen – with just a single button on the body of the vapour pen – but boasts a battery with a 2,200 mAh capacity. This makes it one of the only e-cig pens on the market that can comfortably keep you vaping throughout the day.


The tank included with the kit is the TFV4 Nano, which has a 2 ml capacity and a top-filling design, which is a huge benefit when it comes to ease of use. The tank comes with a 0.3 ohm fused dual Clapton coil pre-installed, and a 0.25 ohm stainless steel dual coil as a spare. Both of these coils offer huge vapor production and excellent flavor, with performance on par with many mods on the market. There’s an intelligent battery life indicator so you always know how much charge you have remaining, and the battery comes with all the safety features you expect from any regulated device.


You can pick up the Smok Stick One for just $34.95 (around £26), which is a great price for one of the best vapourizers on the market.


1 – V2 Pro Series 3


Pro Series 3 Vapourizer UK


The Pro Series 3 from V2 is different from most devices on this list of the best e-cigs pens for UK vapers. It supports e-liquid, but it also has optional cartridge attachments that allow you to vape dry herb or concentrates. Although the other sections on this list of the UK vaporizer pens cover vaping dry herbs and concentrates specifically, the Pro Series 3 can do it all.


For e-liquid vaping, the Pro Series 3 comes with a refillable clearomizer as standard. You can refill this around 20 times before you need to replace it. The performance for e-liquid is great, with the device automatically selecting a suitable voltage for your vaping experience and putting out an impressive amount of vapor with every puff. The 650 mAh battery might not be the biggest on the market, but it’s easily enough to last you through a day of work, and you can vape while it’s charging too. There are some benefits to the upgraded version – the Pro Series 3X – when it comes to e-liquid (offering a sub ohm coil and adjustable airflow), but this isn’t available in the UK yet. However, if you’re looking for a device that performs admirably with e-liquid but can also do much more than that, it’s really hard to beat.


Everything is really easy to use thanks to magnetic connection systems for the cartridges and charger. To change cartridges, all you have to do is pull the old one out and drop the new one in. Changing coils works like it does on most vapor pens – they screw into place, but you have to unscrew and open the tank to get access. It’s all really straightforward.


The V2 Pro Series 3 costs £59.95, and you can add on the wax/oil and dry herb cartridges separately. We’ll cover these features in more detail in other parts of this list of UK vape pens, but in a nutshell, they both work as intended and effectively. You can also check out our review of the Pro Series 3 for more details.


Best Concentrate/Wax/Oil Vape Pens


If you’re looking for the best vape pen in the UK but need something that can vape more than e-juice, there aren’t as many options as for e-juice vape pens but there are still many great devices. Here are three options to consider if you’re looking for a satisfying concentrate vape pen.


3 – Dr. Dabber Aurora


Dr. Dabber Aurora - Best Vaporizer Pen


The Dr. Dabber Aurora has the appearance of a typical vape pen, but in fact it’s one of the best vapourisers for concentrates on the market. For concentrate vapers, the best feature of the Aurora is that it comes with three different atomizers designed for different viscosities of concentrates. For oily concentrates, the dual quartz heating rod atomizer performs great, while the dual ceramic rod option is suitable for most waxes and the ceramic halo is for particularly thick concentrates. The short version is that regardless of the type of concentrate you’ll be vaping, the Aurora can handle it comfortably.


The Aurora ensures ease of use by incorporating magnetic connections for the atomizers and the charger, much like V2’s Pro Series devices. After connecting your cartridge, all you have to do is remove the top to access the dish and coil and then add your concentrate before starting to vape. The fact that it comes with three different heat settings is another reason the Aurora is one of our favorite vaporizers in the UK: this gives you an impressive amount of control over your experience.


It costs $99.95 (around £74) new, and comes with the vaporizer, the three atomizers, a concentrate container, a charger, a loading tool and five filter screens.


2 – Atmos Kiln RA


Atmos Kiln RA Vapour Pen


The Atmos Kiln RA is an upgraded version of the original Kiln, with the “RA” standing for replaceable atomizer. This puts the Kiln RA in the running for the title of best vaporizer pen in the UK because it means you can easily change your atomizer when the installed one stops functioning. With the original Kiln and many other devices, this would mean you need a whole new vape pen to get top-quality performance again.


The Kiln RA looks like a slightly fatter version of a typical vapour pen, with a chunky 950 mAh battery and an RDA-like atomizer attachment. The atomizer uses ceramic discs, which offer fantastic performance across the whole range of concentrates, though particularly for waxy or other thicker concentrates. The discs are easy to replace, and you get an Allen key in the kit so you can disconnect and reconnect them whenever you need to.


If you’re serious about finding a high performing vaporizer for concentrates, it’s well worth considering the Atmos Kiln RA for its excellent battery life and impressive performance. The Kiln RA costs $84.95 (about £63) new.


1 – V2 Pro Series 3



V2 Pro Series 3 Vaping Pen for Wax/Oil/Concentrates


V2’s Pro Series 3 can do a lot more than most of the devices on this list. As well as supporting e-juice vaping – like the 3X and the 7 do too – it has optional cartridges for both dry herb and concentrate vaping. The concentrates cartridge is what lands it in the top spot as the best vaporizer pen in the UK for wax or oil vaping, and it features a stovetop style coil with a metallic cup for applying your concentrate. Of course, the fact it can do more than this is a huge bonus.


The Pro Series 3X (not yet available in the UK) offers some benefits for e-juice vaping, but the Series 3 is just as capable when it comes to concentrates or dry herb. For concentrate vaping, the device works pretty much the same way as it does in e-liquid mode, operating at the optimal voltage without you having to dial in settings or do anything. The cartridges all connect magnetically, and the device automatically detects what you have attached, so all you have to do is choose the cartridge you want, fill up and start vaping.


To top this all off, the performance from the Series 3 is excellent, and the 650 mAh battery can keep you vaping through the day even if you’re using it as an e-liquid device. For concentrates, this is more than enough battery life to get you through a couple of day’s worth of vaping, unless you’re a heavy user.


The Pro Series 3 is available for £59.95, and you can add on the wax cartridge for an extra £21.49.


Best Dry Herb Vaporizers


If you’re looking for a loose leaf or dry herb vaporizer in the UK, there are plenty of possibilities out there but unfortunately few that can get the job done well. Finding a device that can evenly vaporize your dry herb isn’t easy, but luckily there are some capable options out there, and here are three of the best.


3 – Arizer Air


Arizer Air Dry Herb Vaporizer UK


The Arizer Air might not technically be considered a vapour pen style device, but it’s close enough in terms of design and it’s performance makes it well worth considering despite its increased size. The Air only works with dry herbs, but it does a fantastic job with them: offering five temperature settings (ranging from 180 °C / 356 °F to 210 °C /410 °F) and always vaporizing your herbs evenly. It uses a combination of conduction and convection heating, so you’ll get the best of both worlds with the Air.


The device has a similar look to an ordinary dry herb vaping pen, but is a little chunkier and has an elongated stem so your mouth is always far from the heating chamber. The device itself is also insulated so nothing you touch gets hot even when it’s in use. The Arizer Air runs on an 18650 battery, and you receive one with the kit as standard. This makes it a bit more involved than the other options on this list, but if you’re going to be vaping out of the house for a while, the benefit is that you can easily bring a spare battery.


The Arizer Air costs $279.99 new (around £203), and comes with a battery, two stems, an aroma dish, a carry case, a charger, a protective silicone skin and a tool for stirring and filling.


2 – VaporFi Orbit


VaporFi Orbit Vapourizer UK


The Orbit from VaporFi earns a respectable second place thanks to its great performance, impressive battery life and relatively low price. The Orbit is another device that has the look of a vape pen but is a little fatter than many of the options on the market, but in return for the thicker design you get a 2,200 mAh battery. This means the Orbit has excellent battery life, much better than most vape pens and in line with larger portable dry herb vaporizer devices.


The Orbit has three temperature settings to choose from, 182, 193 and 216 °C (360, 380 and 420 °F), which gives you plenty of control over your experience. The device is also really easy to use: you simply pull the mouthpiece off to reveal the dry herb chamber, then fill it up, reattach the mouthpiece and start vaping. After switching the device on with five quick presses of the fire button, you simply hold the button down to cycle through the available temperature settings, and your current setting is indicated with an LED light under the fire button.


The performance from the Orbit is hard to fault, especially for such a portable device. It vaporizes your herbs evenly and effectively, and the flavor is great. The affordable $99.99 (£74) price tag is another reason this is in the running for the title of best dry herb vaporizer pen in the UK, and it comes with five silicone mouthpiece covers, five replaceable mesh filters, a cleaning brush and a USB charging cable.


1 – V2 Pro Series 3


V2 Pro Series 3 - Best Vaporizer Pen UK


The V2 Pro Series 3 is our pick for the top vape pen for UK vapers when it comes to dry herb vaping because it manages to vape dry herb efficiently while still maintaining the size of a traditional vape pen. As covered in the other sections, this is a device that can do it all. It vapes dry herb, but it also supports e-juice vaping and concentrates, making it a one-size-fits all device for anybody looking for a great vaporizer in the UK. But unlike the other options on this list, the Pro Series 3 looks just like a traditional vape pen, with a smaller 650 mAh battery but much more potential when it comes to portability.


The performance with concentrates is excellent, and although the 3X is slightly better for e-liquid, it still does a great job for nicotine vaping too. But the dry herb cartridge is what earns it a place on this list, and this is just as simple to use as the other modes. Drop the cartridge in place and the magnetic connection system does the rest of the work for you, with the vapour pen automatically detecting the cartridge you have attached.


There are no options for temperature setting on the Pro Series 3, but the standard temperature setting offers great performance and clean flavor. The Pro Series 3X does add two extra temperature settings, if you’re interested in having more control over your experience, and it will be available to buy in the UK soon.


Whatever you’re looking to vape, the Pro Series 3 from V2 is one of the best vapourisers you’ll find. The biggest benefit is the fact that it’s a three-in-one vaporizer, so if you’ll want to vape more than just e-juice. You can pick up the Pro Series 3 for £59.95, and the dry herb cartridge is an extra £17.25.



Vape Pens 101


If you’re brand new to vaping, the features and specs discussed in the sections above might be a little overwhelming. For anybody just switching from smoking, this crash course in the basics – from the simple questions like “What is a vape pen?” through to the more complicated ones like where you pick them up and what to look out for – this section will tell you everything you need to know.


What is a Vape Pen?


Vape Pens Explained


A vape pen – also sometimes called an e-cig pen, vaping pen, e-pens, vape sticks and more – is essentially an e-cigarette that looks more like a pen than an e-cigarette. They have two main components, the battery and the tank.


The battery provides the power to the tank, and usually has a single button on its body (called the “fire” button) to help you operate it. The tank section screws onto the top of the battery, and consists of a reservoir to hold e-liquid and a coil-and-wick combination (contained in an “atomizer head”). When it’s filled with e-liquid, the juice soaks into the wick, and when you press the fire button, the coil gets hot and vaporizes the e-liquid. As you inhale, the vapor travels up a central tube to the mouthpiece.


This is the basic answer to the question “what is a vape pen?” but really it’s an explanation of the most common type of vape pens: e-liquid vape pens. Other vape pens have the same overall design characteristics – which is why they share the name – but are designed to vaporize things other than e-liquid.


Types of Vape Pens


As well as e-liquid vape sticks or vape pens, there are also some that vaporize concentrates or “dry herb” (in most cases, a euphemism for marijuana). There isn’t too much extra to learn here, but here’s a quick run-down of the different types of vape pens:


  • E-liquid vape pens: E-liquid vape pens vaporize e-liquid that ordinarily contains nicotine. These are described in more detail in the previous section, but have a tank that incorporates a wick and coil to allow the e-liquid in the tank to be vaporized.
  • Concentrate vape pens: These look very similar to an e-liquid vape pen from the outside, but the tank is replaced with an exposed coil and has a “cup” section to hold a small amount of wax, oil or other marijuana concentrate. Users usually add just enough material for one “session” and then refill it the next time they want to use it. Like with e-liquid vapour pens, you press the “fire” button when you want to vape and release it when you want to stop.
  • Dry herb vape pens: While other vape pens work by sending a specific amount of power to a coil, dry herb vape pens are all about bringing a chamber up to a certain temperature. They look similar to other vape pens, but have an empty chamber which you fill up with material. When you activate the device, it brings itself up to a specified temperature and then maintains it, and you don’t have to hold down the fire button to keep vaping. This is because the effect of vaping marijuana largely depends on the temperature you use.


This is only a basic introduction to the types of vape pen, but it gives you an idea of the main differences between the vape pens you’ll find on the market. Some devices – like the Pro Series from V2 – can handle vaping all of these types of material.


Where Can I Buy a Vape Pen?


Vape pens are widely available throughout the United Kingdom and around much of the world. Brick-and-mortar vape shops usually carry a wide range of vape pens, and there are countless websites where you can pick one from even larger selections. Although you can get a great deal and find very capable devices in vape shops, the big advantage to shopping online is that the selection is bigger and you can usually find a better deal if you shop around. You can even pick up vape pens from low-price US-based sites like DirectVapor to get the best deals possible and choose from a wide selection.


Many UK-based sites offer great deals too, though. Here are a few worth checking out:



Choosing the Best Vape Pen (UK): Things to Look Out For

 Vape Pen Buying Guide


So if you’re in the market for a vape pen, and you’re either struggling to choose from the options on this list or want to explore the options on your own, what should you look for? How can you tell a good vape pen from a crappy one? Although we can’t cover everything here, this brief guide will help you wade through the options and find the best vape to buy:


  • What will you be vaping? Not everybody looking for the best vape pen is interested in vaping e-liquid. If you’re specifically looking for a vape pen for concentrates or dry herb, then this narrows your options down considerably. If you’re likely to want to vape e-liquid in addition to concentrates and/or dry herb, three-in-one devices like V2’s Pro Series are the best choices.
  • Think about battery life. A device with a long battery life is generally preferable to one you need to charge all the time, especially if you’re vaping e-liquid. The “capacity” of the battery (a number followed by “mAh”) tells you how long the battery will last between charges, and bigger numbers are usually better. If portability is more important, it might be worth considering devices with a shorter battery life (because these are generally smaller). However, most vape sticks are quite portable anyway, so bigger batteries are generally better.
  • How important is vapor production to you? If you’re looking to produce big clouds of vapor, then choosing a vape pen that supports “sub ohm” vaping is the best idea. Low-resistance coils tend to run at higher powers and produce more vapor, especially if there’s also adjustable airflow. Low-resistance coils and lots of air make big clouds.
  • Mouth to lung or direct to lung inhales? If you’re just switching to vaping from smoking, chances are you’re used to “mouth to lung” inhales. This is where you take the smoke/vapor into your mouth with one inhale and then bring it down into your lungs with another. Vape pens advertised as “MTL” or mouth to lung devices are well-suited to vaping this way. Sub ohm capable devices aren’t as likely to do this though.
  • How much do you want to pay? If you’re wondering “is it worth buying cheap vape pens?” the answer is a little complicated. You can find capable vape pens that don’t cost a lot of money, but as a general rule you do get what you pay for. Lower-priced devices are less likely to be well-made and more likely to let you down when it comes to performance. If you want to quit smoking, it’s often worth investing a little more.
  • Check out vape pen reviews. Reading vapor pen reviews from experienced vapers is usually the best way to find out if a particular e-cig is worth picking up. Reviewers give you an in-depth look at whether a vape pen performs well and whether it lives up to its promises.




The world of vape pens is diverse, with everything from slim-line e-liquid pens to chunkier devices that can do it all, but with the tips and recommendations in this list, you’ll find it much easier to find the best vape pen for UK vapers to suit your needs. If you’ve been vaping for a while, it might be worth checking out some mods or – for dry herb vaping – some larger vaporizers, but for just-switching smokers or anybody looking for a simple device, vape pens are the way to go.