Best Cheap Vape Mods Under $100

Best Vape Mods, Box Mods, Ecig Mods Under $100


Getting started with vaping can seem very expensive, and the cost may even put smokers off making the switch. With a pack of cigarettes costing less than $10, but e-cigarettes often running to $100 or more, is it even worth getting started with vaping? The core difference – and the reason the answer is a resounding yes – is that a pack of cigarettes lasts a day, but an electronic cigarette will last for a year or more: you can make huge savings by switching to vaping. However, if you want to minimize the cost of getting started with vaping – or if you want to get a new device without paying too much – looking at the best cheap vape mods under $100 gives you plenty of options.


As well as some great options under $50, you can get many high-quality and cheap vape mods for under $100, ranging from eGo-style options right through to variable voltage/variable wattage mods (VV/VW) with temperature control. We’ve compiled some of the most widely-loved options into a top 10 of the best cheap box mods, vape mods, vv/vw mods, and ecig mods for under $100.


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Top 10 Cheap Vape Mods & Ecig Mods Under $100


10 – Tesla Punk 220 W TC


Tesla Punk - Best E-Cig Mod Under $100



The Tesla Punk 220 W TC is a steampunk style dual-battery mod that makes this list of the best cheap ecig mods under $100 thanks to a combination of the cool design and the impressive range of features. It has a pretty standard boxy shape, but with cogs, pipes and faux-antique metal coloring to really make it pop visually.


The device puts out up to 220 W from the two 18650 batteries, controlled by two adjustment buttons and a large fire button on the front face, either side of the OLED display screen. It also features temperature control vaping, supporting titanium, nickel and stainless steel coils, as well as offering adjustable TCR. It also comes with some additional features like “taste mode” which is essentially a hit strength control, and three memory modes for your most common settings.


The mod costs $76.90 new.


buy Tesla Punk


9 – Smok Morph 219


Morph 219 - Best Vape Mods Under $100



The Smok Morph 219 is one of the more technologically-advanced devices to make this list of the best cheap e-cigarettes under $100. The big selling-point of the device is the touch-screen, with the 1.9 inch TFT display on the front face giving you all of the information you need while you vape and serving as your main method of control for the mod. It has a locking button on the left side, which means you can avoid accidental presses and save your battery when it’s not in use.


Other than that it does much the same as many of the other mods on the market, running on dual 18650 batteries and putting out up to 219 W of power. It has a firing bar rather than a traditional button, which means you just give the device a squeeze when you want to vape, and it fires within 0.001 seconds of you squeezing the bar. It also has a full temperature control suite, covering all the common TC coil materials, as well as offering adjustable TCR so you can adjust it to your preferences if needed.


The mod costs $59.99, and we also have a full review of the device if you want to know more.



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8 – Vaporesso Luxe 220 W


Vaporesso Luxe 220 W - Best Electronic Cigarette Under $100



The Luxe from Vaporesso is another device that manages to get touch-screen functionality into an affordable package. The basic design isn’t too different from the Morph 219, but aside from the 2-inch TFT color touch screen on the front, the Luxe raises the bar with some unique designs for the opposite side, and a generally smoother, more curved shape. The device uses a slightly elongated firing button, with two spots clearly marked at the bottom of the screen for adjustments, and also offering haptic feedback through vibrations as you push.


As the name suggests, it supports vaping at up to 220 W, running on two 18650 batteries and also supporting charging at an impressive 2.5 A through the USB port. It supports a huge range of resistances (down to 0.03 ohms and up to 5 ohms) and also has temperature control (SS, Ti and Ni coils, with adjustable TCR), bypass mode (for mech mod like performance) and memory modes as standard. Combined with the pretty slim design and the user-friendly nature of the touch-screen, it’s a really top quality mod.


You can pick up the Luxe for $69.90.


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7 – Dovpo Odin 200 W


Dovpo Odin - Best Affordable Vape Mod



This one is up towards the price limit for this list, but if you’re looking for cheap box mods under $100 it’s an impressive option. Firstly, it has a formidable appearance, powered by two 21700 batteries and with enough space on the top edge to comfortably support a 30 mm diameter tank. The front panel isn’t as fancy or high-tech as some of the other options in this list, but the 0.96 inch OLED is very well presented and gives you the information you need in a convenient format. It has two adjustment buttons and a dedicated menu button below the screen, as well as a circular fire button above it.


The mod allows you to vape at up to 200 W, which could have been raised a little, but for most vapers this is more than enough, and works well with the larger batteries to keep you going longer between charges. It also offers temperature control vaping with all common TC coil materials, as well as “replay” mode, which allows you repeat any puff that you want, so you can capture the ultimate vape and just replay it over and over. It has a USB type C connection for recharging, and supports up to 2A of charging current.


The Odin 200 W costs $94.99.


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6 – Vaporesso Swag II


Swag II Top Voted E-Cig Under $100



The Swag II from Vaporesso is one of the most affordable devices on this list of cheap box mods under $100, being well below the maximum price and also including a 3.5 ml tank as standard. The mod itself is only a single battery device (18650, sold separately), but because of this it’s a great option if you want something compact that will still perform as well as some of the more expensive options. The downside if you’re a huge cloud chaser is that the maximum power output is capped at 80 W, but if you’re unlikely to need more power than that there are some definite benefits to the mod.


The mod comes with the NRG PE tank, which has a top-filling design, a 3.5 ml capacity and comes with a mesh coil as standard (as well as a CCell coil). This offers excellent vapor production and flavor due to the increased surface area of the coil, and runs at up to 75 W so you can almost get use out of the whole power range of the mod with it alone. The mod has a zinc alloy chassis, but also features a rubberized coating so it’s comfortable to hold.


The mod and tank costs $59.99.


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5 – iJoy Shogun Univ


Shogun - Best E-Cigs for Under $100



The Shogun Unix from iJoy is a well-designed box mod in the running for the title of most popular electronic cigarette for under $100. It has a pretty standard shape for a box mod, but features double-sided resin panels, with swirling color patterns that really help it stand out from the crowd. The mod has an OLED display screen on the front face, with a circular fire button above it and two adjustment buttons below.


The device runs on two 18650 batteries, and offers up to 180 W of power. On the basis of pure power, of course you can do better than this, but for the pretty low price of the Shogun Unix, it’s kind of hard to fault it if you’re unlikely to need 200 W anyway. It also features a fully-equipped TC mode, complete with support for all coil materials and adjustable TCR, as well as adjustable hit strength in both TC and VW mode. It also offers “Pod” mode which lets you adjust the voltage between 2.5 an d 3.8 V.


You can pick up the device for just $50.99.


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4 – GeekVape Aegis X


Aegis X - Best E-Cig Under $100



The Aegis X from GeekVape is a beautiful-looking mod with a focus on durability which puts it well in the running for the title of best cheap e-cig mod for under $100. It has a rugged look, and this is backed up by its specifications – it’s water-resistant, shock proof and dust proof, and is made from high-grade materials. This makes it the ideal mod for you if you’re going to be out of the house and in less-than-ideal situations with your mod.


The Aegis X runs on dual 18650 batteries, and puts out an impressive 200 W of power. It has a large color display screen on the front face, with a switch-like fire button on the side, and two adjustment buttons below it to dial in your settings. Of course, it also comes with a temperature control suite that includes just about everything you could need, and you also get a few options for hit strength in VW mode so you can really tailor the performance to suit your preferences.


For vapers on a budget, the best news is that the Aegis X costs just $55.95, putting it as one of the cheapest vape mods on this list.


aegis x vapor mod for sale


3 – Innokin MVP 5


MVP5 - Best Affordable E-Cig Mods



The MVP series from Innokin has been a favorite of vapers since the first one was released, and so it’s not much of a surprise that the most recent version is one of the best affordable e-cig mods for 2020. The MVP 5 is pretty different from the other devices on this list because it comes with in-built batteries, which offer an impressive 5,500 mAh of capacity – more than enough to keep you vaping for a day, possibly even two. But, like the older devices in the MVP series, it also works as a power bank, so if your phone ever dies on you, the MVP can revive it. They’ve taken this a little further, too, adding a flashlight, thermometer and compass to make it a “survival” mod.


The new MVP puts out 120 W of power, and supports temperature control vaping with all common coil materials. Of course, if you really need the 200 W of power to get a satisfying vape, this isn’t the mod for you (although there are plenty of option on this cheap vape mods list), but realistically this is more than enough for “everyday” vaping. And if you don’t mind the limited power output, the battery life and additional features really put this above much of the competition.


You can pick up the MVP for $59.95.


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2 – Aspire Dynamo 220 W


Aspire Dynamo Mod - Best Cheap Vape Mods



The Dynamo 220 W from Aspire takes the second spot in this list of the top cheap box mods for its simple-but-effective design and impressive feature set. The 2 inch circular display screen is probably the first thing you’ll notice about the mod, which both conveys the key information you need when you’re vaping and offers options for customization of the look of the mod. There are several watch-face like designs you can choose from, and they really add something to the overall look of the mod.


As the name suggests, you get 220 W of power from the mod, and it runs on two 18650, 20700 or 21700 batteries. Of course there’s also a TC mode, supporting the full range of coil types, adjustable TCR, a bypass mode and “CPS” mode, which essentially allows you to customize the output power curve. It comes in a kit with the Nepho tank, along with a 0.15 and 0.5 ohm coil, the lower-resistance one making use of mesh in the coil design for excellent performance.


You can pick up the Dynamo along with the tank for $74.99.


dynamo vape mod

1 – Voopoo Drag 2


Drag 2 Box Mod - Best E-Cigarettes for $100



The Drag 2 takes the spot of best box mod for under $100, despite a no-nonsense design and not as many bells and whistles as some of the devices on this list. But don’t let the simplicity fool you, it performs incredibly well and does just about everything you could really need from a mod. The boxy shape might look a little clunky (depending on your preferences), but the resin paneling on one of the large faces helps it stand out visually.


It runs on two 18650 batteries, offering a huge 177 W of power, as well as a full-featured TC mode with support for all common coils and adjustable TCR. The Drag also has “Fit” mode, which basically fits the settings of the device to one of three purposes: the best clouds, the best flavor or the best battery life. This works best with the Uforce T2 tank that’s included with the kit (which also comes with two sub ohm coils), but it works with a pretty wide range of tanks if you have something you’d prefer to use. The tank has a 3.5 ml capacity (or 5 ml with the included bubble glass) and a convenient slide-open top-filling design.


You can pick up the kit for $90, and we have more information in our review.



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Best Cheap Ecig Mods & Vape Mods Under $100 (As Recommended by ECR Staff)


If you’re looking for some more options for inexpensive e-cigs under $100, there are tons of options not covered by the list above – really, a substantial proportion of devices on the market cost less than $100. We’ve put together 10 additional recommendation from our staff here at ECR, to give you a sampling of some of the other cheap vape mods, ecig mods, and box mods under $100.


10 – Smok AL85

Smok Alien 85 - Best Affordable E-Cigs
Buy Smok AL85


The AL85 from Smok might be an old mod, but it’s debatably one from the golden era of Smok devices. With a firing bar instead of a button, a maximum power output of 85 W and just a single 18650 battery required to run, it works impressively well and stands up as a contender even in 2020. It has temperature control, adjustable hit strength and a simple, well-presented display, and costs just $53 new. If you don’t mind vaping from something old, it’s still a great device.


9 – Aspire Cygnet Revvo

Cygnet Mod - Best Electronic Cigarette Under $100
Buy Aspire Cygnet Revvo


The Cygnet Revvo from Aspire is a compact vape mod that runs a single 18650 battery and comes in a kit with a tank and two coils for under $100. The mod puts out up to 80 W of power, and also offers variable voltage mode and bypass mode (where the mod works more like a mech). As long as you don’t need TC, this makes it a pretty solid contender, offering great performance alongside the namesake “Revvo” coils (which look like stove-tops). You can pick it up for $59.99.


8 – Vandy Vape Swell 188

Swell 188 W - Best Electronic Cigarette Under $100
Buy Vandy Vape Swell


The Swell from Vandy Vape is the result of a collaboration between the company and Tony B., offering up to 188 W of power from dual 18650 batteries and features a color OLED display along with resin plating. You can actually control it with an app (via Bluetooth), and it has TC mode and bypass mode in addition to the standard VW vaping. If you’re not huge on the idea of using the app it doesn’t have much you can’t find on other mods, but for $54.95 it’s still a great deal.


7 – Dovpo Topside Dual 200 W

Topside Dual Mod - Best E-Cig Mods Under $100
Buy Dovpo Topside Dual


The Topside Dual from Dovpo is a squonk mod – that is, one that uses a bottom-fed atomizer with a large tank in the body of the mod – that runs on dual 18650 batteries. The mod is the brain-child of Brian from the Vapor Chronicles, offering up to 200 W of power and having a 10 ml squonk bottle onboard. The result is a mod that’s impressively capable while still being easy to use, offering TC and bypass mode too. The bottle is at the back of the mod, but it’s easily accessible through a screw-off top. The mod costs $89.99.


6 –Aspire Speeder 200 W

Aspire Speeder 200 W - Best Affordable E-Cig Mods
Buy Aspire Speeder


The Aspire Speeder is a dual-battery, 200 W box mod that comes with a tank and two sub ohm coils for an impressively-low price. The mod has a squeeze-to-fire design (much like the AL85), and features temperature control vaping with all common coil materials, and a custom power curve option. The kit comes with the 4 ml capacity Athos tank, which had a threaded top-filling design and a metallic body (aside from a couple of juice windows). You can pick up the mod, tank and two coils for $64.99.


5 – Vaporesso Gen Mod 220 W

Vaporesso Gen 220 - Vape Mod and Box Mod Under $100
Buy Vaporesso Gen


The Gen Mod isn’t the most unique option on this list of cheap vaporizer mods under $100, but it’s an excellent performer with a solid set of features and more than enough to keep you happy as a vaper. It has a fairly standard look, with an OLED display, fire button and adjustment buttons on the front face and a classic boxy shape, but it features soft-touch coating and a nice ergonomic design. In addition to the standard VW (up to 220 W) and TC modes, you also get pulse mode and an ECO power-saving mode. The mod costs $56.95.


4 – Smok Mag Grip

Mag Grip Mod - Best E-Cig Under $100
Buy Smok Mag Grip


With a look like the handle of a gun and a beefy 21700/20700 battery size as standard, the Mag Grip from Smok is a bit of a beast. Running on a single battery, it only puts out up to 100 W (or 85 W if you use the included adapter and run it with an 18650), but it also features temperature control vaping and comes with the TFV8 Baby V2 tank (with two coils) as standard. The display screen is on the top edge of the device, which works well with the ergonomic design of the body. You can get the kit for $69.99, and we have a full review if you want more information.


3 – Innokin Liftbox Bastion

Innokin Liftbox Bastion - Popular Vaping Mods Under $100
Buy Innokin Liftbox Bastion


Innokin has a great reputation in the industry, and so it’s no surprise that they find themselves on both lists in this post. The Liftbox Bastion is another squonk mod, running on a single 18650 battery and incorporating an 8 ml juice bottle into its body. The “Lift” part of the name comes from the siphon system, which essentially automatically refills your bottom-feeding RDA for you, taking the “squonk” out of the squonk mod (although there is still a space to push the bottle if needed). It works like a mech (with added protections), so the output depends on your remaining charge, with a maximum of 4.2 V. It costs $89.99.


2 – Voopoo Drag Mini Platinum

Drag Mini Platinum - Top Vape Mods for Under $100
Voopoo Drag Mini Platinum


The Drag Mini Platinum from Voopoo essentially brings much of the benefits of the Drag 2 into a more compact and affordable package. It has an internal 4,400 mAh battery, offering a reduced maximum power output of 117 W, but other than that including the same TC and Fit mode functionality as its bigger relative. The result is a mod that performs exceptionally well and looks awesome thanks to the resin plating on the side. You can pick it up for $85.50, and you can find more information in our review.


1 – Sigelei Top1 230 W

Sigelei Top1 Mod - Best E-Cig Mods Under $100
Buy Sigelei Top1


With a unique round HD display screen front and center, in a watch-face like format, the Top1 from Sigelei has a very striking appearance. It runs on two 18650 batteries, which gives it the capability to offer a massive 230 W of power, right up there with the highest-power devices on the market. It also features TC vaping with all common TC coil types (including in-built support for different grades of SS), as well as adjustable TCR. The fire button is side mounted for maximum comfort in-use, with two adjustment buttons on the front to dial in your setting. It costs $79.90.


Conclusion – We’re Spoilt for Choice


If you thought getting started with vaping was going to be expensive, this range of fantastic devices you can pick up for less than $100 shows that you can really get a lot for your money when it comes to vaping. While some of the mods under $100 might be a little too complex for smokers just considering making the switch, for converted vapers looking to upgrade to mods without spending too much, the huge number of low-price devices means you’re really spoilt for choice.