Best Custard E-Juice

Best Custard E-Juice Flavors

Custard is one of the most widely loved e-juice flavors, and countless mixers have incorporated the flavor into their juices, but who does it the best? Vapers looking for the best custard e-juice are really spoilt for choice, with many versions of vanilla custard being extremely popular, and many e-juices mixing the custard base with other components such as fruits and barriers.

Finding the best e-liquid in any category isn’t easy, so we conducted a poll to find the best e-juice flavors on the market, and received thousands of votes from vapers. Using the results of the poll, and taking into account the specific flavors of the juices receiving the votes, we've put together this list of the best custard e-liquid flavors on the market, based on the preferences of real-world vapers.

Top 10 Custard E-Juice Flavors

10 – Orphan Tears by Fuzion Vapor (Formerly by Grand Vapors)

Orphan Tears - Best Custard Vape Juice

This flavor was originally made by Grand Vapors – and technically they got credit for it in our poll – but now Orphan Tears is made by Fuzion Vapor, after they bought the recipe from Grand Vapors.

The liquid is a blend of kiwi and custard, producing a unique flavor with the sweetness and slight tartness of the fruit mixed with a base of custard with some subtle notes of cinnamon added in. The juice’s flavor profile changes based on your wattage, with the kiwi being more prominent at higher settings and the custard taking center-stage when you dial it down a little. The result is a custard e-liquid vapers absolutely love, that you can tailor to your preferences with the aid of a VV/VW mod.

The juice is available in 0, 3 or 6 mg/ml of nicotine and can be bought in 30 or 60 ml bottles, priced at $18 and $28, respectively.

9 – Whirling Dervish by Vape Orenda

Vape Orenda Whirling Dervish - Best Custard Vape Juice

Vape Orenda’s Whirling Dervish received a lot of votes in our poll of the best e-liquid, and ranks among the top custard vape juice flavors according to the results, with the vanilla custard blend mixing in elements of honey, fruits, exotic spices and other elements to produce a complex and delicious vape.

The complexity of the flavor means that it varies notably with your temperature or wattage setting, and many vapers pick up different subtle notes from the juice, including (but definitely not limited to) clove, cinnamon, ginger, faint notes of tobacco and chai tea. Despite the disagreement about the components of the flavor, many vapers rank this blend among the best custard flavors on the market.

Whirling Dervish is available in five nicotine levels – from 0 to 18 mg/ml – and a 30 ml bottle costs $22.

8 – Starship 1 by Space Jam E-Juice

Starship 1 - Best Custard Vape Juice Flavor

Space Jam is one of the most popular e-juice brands in the industry in its own right, but Starship 1 also ranks among the top custard juice flavors on the market according to our poll.

The flavor mixes vanilla custard with kiwi, producing a juice comparable to Orphan Tears, with the vanilla custard dominating the inhale and the kiwi being fairly subtle throughout but more prominent on the exhale, and the whole thing being overlaid with a general sweetness. Vapers generally love this juice, even those who don’t usually like custard-based e-liquids.

The e-liquid is available in various nicotine levels (varying depending on where you pick it up), but can be bought in 0, 3, 6 and 12 mg/ml from VaporDNA, with a 15 ml bottle costing $11.99.

7 – Grant’s Vanilla Custard

Grant's Vanilla Custard - Best Custard E-Liquid for 2015

This is one of the most legendary vanilla custard e-liquids in the industry, and although it’s incredibly hard to pick up a bottle of, many vapers firmly rank it among the top custard vape juice flavors on the market. The flavor is renowned as a sweet, creamy and realistic vanilla custard vape with hints of spice taking the juice to the next level, and for many it’s the yardstick against which other vanilla custard juices are measured.

The big problem is that the juice only goes on sale periodically, and when it is up on sale – you get two weeks’ prior notice on the website – the buying frenzy leads to the juice being sold out way too quickly for most vapers to get the chance to order. Although this is a huge limitation for the juice, it didn’t stop it ranking among the top 10 custard vape juices in our poll.

The flavor is available in a choice of three PG/VG ratios (50/50 as standard) and comes in the ordinary range of nicotine levels. It cost $18 for a 30 ml bottle, and ships from the UK.

6 – Big Willie’s Custard

Big Willie's Custard - Top 10 Custard Vape Juice Flavors

This is another legendary vanilla custard e-juice, and thankfully one that’s a lot easier to get a bottle of than Grant’s version. The juice actually tied with Grant’s Vanilla Custard in our best e-juice poll, but the greater availability of this juice earns it the higher spot in the final ranking.

Big Willie’s Custard is built around a standard vanilla custard e-liquid, with the custard being rich and creamy, along with added elements of vanilla and a perfectly balanced sweetness. The thing that sets this juice apart from the pack is the inclusion of butterscotch elements to the flavor, giving the whole thing another dimension and keeping vapers coming back for more.

The e-liquid is available in six nicotine levels (from 0 up to 24 mg/ml), a PG/VG ratio of 50/50 or 78 % VG, and can be bought in 15 or 30 ml bottles, at $9.50 or $19, respectively.

5 – Berry Untraditional by Vapor Jerry’s

Berry Untraditional - Best Custard Vape Juice for 2015

Berry Untraditional took over 1.1 percent of the vote in our best e-juice flavors poll – which may not sound like a lot, but with thousands and thousands of e-juice flavors on the market, it’s a huge percentage of the vote – and it just breaks the top 5 custard e-juice flavors.

The flavor is definitely untraditional, mixing strawberries and mango in with custard for a unique take on a classic e-liquid flavor, with most vapers hugely enjoying the juice. The mango elements of the flavor are a bit too strong for many vapers, with some wanting the strawberry dialed up higher in the mix, so it’s worth considering your options if you aren’t a big fan of mango. It goes without saying that the juice has more fans than detractors, though.

Berry Untraditional is available in 0, 3, 6 and 12 mg/ml of nicotine, with a PG/VG ratio of 30/70 and a 30 ml bottle costing $17.99.

4 – Sir Mac by Brother’s Reserve

Sir Mac - Best Custard E-Liquid Flavors

Sir Mac is another vanilla custard flavor making this list of the best custard vape juice flavors, and it was ranked in the top 20 out of all e-juice flavors on the market in our poll. The juice is well-loved, and sells itself without a hint of modesty as “quite possibly the greatest e-juice in the history of vaping.”

The flavor is a spin on the traditional vanilla custard flavor, taking the core flavors and adding various additional flavor notes to the mix to produce something more complex and rewarding. Cinnamon is the most commonly noted extra element to the flavor, adding an extra bakery-style hint to the flavor, but some vapers also pick up nutmeg from the juice.

Sir Mac comes as a 70 % VG mix and can be bought in the standard five nicotine levels, from nicotine-free right up to 18 mg/ml. A 30 ml bottle costs $18, and you can also get a larger 120 ml bottle if that isn’t enough.

3 – Warning Shot by Cold Fusion

Warning Shot - Best Custard Vapor Liquid

Warning Shot is the most popular flavor from Cold Fusion, and it took around 1.7 % of the vote in our best e-juice flavors poll, earning it a spot as one of the most popular custard e-liquid flavors on the market.

The flavor is a berries and custard blend, with strawberry being widely-identified as a component, but with other berry elements adding some depth to the flavor and the whole thing being topped off with a creamy, custard-infused exhale. The mixture of strawberries and creamy undertones invites comparisons with Mother’s Milk and Unicorn Milk, but the robust nature of the strawberry flavor and the fine-tuned level of sweetness puts this juice ahead of the pack in the opinions of many.

Warning shot is a 70 % VG blend, available in the standard five nicotine levels and with a 30 ml bottle costing $18.

2 – M.B.Y.C. by Sicboy

M.B.Y.C. - Best Custard E-Juice Flavors

This juice made the top 10 out of all the juices on the market, and Sicboy’s unique blend of praline, ice cream and vanilla custard earns second place in this list. The custard elements may be more of a supporting flavor to the nutty praline and the sweet ice cream components, being employed more to round out the other flavors more than as a primary taste, but the vanilla custard is present throughout in this juice and helps to make it an all-day-vape for many.

The resulting flavor is rich, creamy and smooth, bearing the right amount of sweetness to keep you coming back without crossing the line and becoming sickly. Every component is beautifully balanced, and the result is an e-liquid vapers can’t get enough of.

M.B.Y.C. is available in 0, 3, 6 or 12 mg/ml of nicotine and a PG/VG ratio of 35/65, offering a nice throat hit but a primarily smooth, VG-heavy vape. You can pick up a 30 ml bottle for $19.99, but many end up wishing they’d spent $65 and picked up the huge 120 ml bottle.

1 – Soul Custardy by Beantown Vapor

Soul Custardy - Best Custard Vape Juice Flavors

Taking third place in our overall poll of the best e-juice flavors, Soul Custardy by Beantown Vapor is the most popular custard vape juice on the market based on our poll. The flavor is another vanilla custard blend, with Beantown adding notes of bourbon, graham cracker and butterscotch to give the juice some character and separate it from the multitude of vanilla custard e-juices on the market.

This is one of the most recommended juices to fans of custard e-liquid, with the bourbon and smooth vanilla custard dominating the inhale but with the graham cracker and butterscotch giving the exhale some extra complexity and depth. The bourbon is smooth, and thanks to the subtle nature of this and the other elements of the juice, the vanilla and custard elements manage to shine through without getting lost in the mix. The flavors are expertly balanced, and it keeps vapers coming back for more.

Soul Custardy is available in 0, 3, 6 and 12 mg/ml of nicotine, and costs $17.99 for a 30 ml bottle. However, the second version is due to be replaced soon (with a new blend), so if you want to try the one vapers are raving about, it’s worth placing an order before it’s too late. Although it’s hard to imagine the V3 being anything other than delicious.

Top Custard E-Liquid (As Recommended by ECR Staff)

The top 10 list above may capture many of the best custard vape juice flavors, but there are tons more to choose from. To give the custard-lovers among you more choice, we’ve put together 10 recommendations for the most popular custard vape juice flavors from the staff here at ECR. The selections might depend more heavily on personal preference, but if you want some other juices to try, these are ones we think you should check out!

9 – Grateful Red by Motley BrewGrateful Red - Best Custard Vape Juice Flavors

With names taking inspiration from rock legends, Motley Brew has some awesome juices in their line-up, but Grateful Red makes this list for the interesting blend of apples with the classic vanilla custard flavor. The mix of the fruity flavor with the rich, creamy vanilla custard makes this one of the top custard flavors on the market for us, and the flavor is topped off with caramelized sugar and caramel for good measure. It costs $21.99 for a 30 ml bottle.

8 – Prototype C by Project Sub OhmPrototype C - Project Sub Ohm - Best Custard Vape Juice

This Project Sub Ohm mix is another fruit and custard blend to make our top 10 custard eliquid flavors list, combining bananas and caramel with vanilla custard. The combination works perfectly, with the creamy, well-captured vanilla custard serving as a backdrop to the caramel-sweetened bananas, with an accurate fruity flavor that comes through nice and strongly. The bananas really give the juice its character, but the custard provides the depth and richness that keeps you coming back. The juice costs $11.99 for a 15 ml bottle.

7 – F.U.E.S. by the Standard VapeF.U.E.S. - Best Custard E-Juice Flavors for 2015

The Standard Vape’s F.U.E.S. is a vanilla custard e-juice with cream to enhance the richness of the mix. It might not add any major additional components to separate it from the pack, but it pulls off the classic flavor exceptionally well. It’s also something of a “mystery” blend, and there are definitely touches of extra flavor notes in there that help to differentiate it from the multitude of other custard e-juices on the market, with almost peppery notes coming through from time to time. F.U.E.S. costs $22 for a 30 ml bottle.

6 – Banana Cream Pie by Mt. Baker VaporBanana Cream Pie - Mt. Baker Vapor - Best Custard Vape Juice

Although Mt. Baker has Vanilla Custard, where the custard plays a larger role, the subtle notes of custard in Banana Cream Pie – combined with the fact the juice is generally delicious – puts it among our picks for the top custard vape flavors. The flavor is pretty much what the name suggests, with authentic-tasting bananas being supported by smooth custard, topped off with hints of nuts and graham cracker. The juice is also very affordable, at $7.49 for a 30 ml bottle.

5 – Duke by King’s Crest Duke - Top 10 Custard E-Juice Flavors

Duke by King’s Crest is a vanilla custard juice, and makes our list for both pulling off this classic flavor expertly, but also for the addition of other, minor flavor notes that are hard to put your finger on. The flavor is definitely unique, with the difficult to pin down minor flavor notes adding character to the juice, but the creamy, rich and smooth custard ensuring that every puff is an absolute delight. The juice costs $21.99 for a 30 ml bottle.

4 – Bourbon Custard by Cotto’s RevengeBourbon Custard - Best Custard Vape Juice

This juice blends a custard base with vanilla, toasted almond and bourbon, hitting on a winning flavor combination that’s pretty similar to Castle Long by Five Pawns. The juice is thoroughly delicious, with the bourbon being fairly subtle, and adding its unique flavor notes to the smooth, creamy vanilla custard and making the whole thing, alongside the gentle notes of almost, and making the juice a definite all-day vape. It costs $19.99 for a 30 ml bottle.

3 – VCT by Ripe VapesRipe Vapes VCT - Best Custard E-Juice 2015

VCT stands for vanilla custard tobacco, and that’s exactly what you get with this juice: an interesting mix of complex tobacco and a creamy vanilla bean custard. It might not seem like the flavors will work well together, but the result is really excellent, with the tobacco being softened perfectly by the vanilla custard, while still carrying through enough of the robust flavor to separate the juice from the multitude of vanilla custards on the market. VCT costs $21.95 for a 30 ml bottle.

2 – Rainbow Custard by VaporFi (Grand Reserve)Rainbow Custard - VaporFi Grand Reserve - Best Custard Vape Juice

VaporFi’s Grand Reserve Collection sees the mixer turning its hand to premium juices, and the results are generally excellent. Rainbow Custard belongs to this collection, and combines tangerine and strawberries with an English custard for a unique, fruity and multi-tonal juice that we’d put right up there with the top custard flavors on the market. The fruits do take center-stage in the juice, but the custard is there throughout, keeping the whole experience smooth and delicious. Rainbow Custard costs $21.99 for a 30 ml bottle.

1 – Eclipse by Space JamEclipse by Space Jam - Best Custard Vape Juice Flavor for 2015

This juice is very much like VCT from Ripe Vapes, combining a Cavendish tobacco with vanilla custard for a unique spin on the fairly run-of-the-mill e-juice flavor. We think this is the best custard vape juice on the market thanks to the masterful balance of flavors, but also the base of Cavendish tobacco, which carries hints of sweetness in its own right and helps the tobacco settle down into the mix. It goes down smoothly, but still has a robust and delicious flavor. The juice costs $21.95 for a 30 ml bottle.

Conclusion – Plenty of Options for Custard Lovers

Looking for the best custard flavor e-juice is a rewarding experience, with so many delicious custard-infused blends to try on the market, and plenty of options outside of the vanilla custards that dominate the flavor category. As always, even though our poll got a fantastic response, this isn’t the definitive listing of the most popular custard e-liquid flavors, so it’s well-worth exploring the other options on the market in the search for new favorite custardy vape. We’ll be adding some tips for finding the best custard e-liquid in the coming weeks, so check back for more soon!