Bedford Slims Review

By Dave S. Posted February 19, 2013

Bedford Slims isn’t the biggest name in the world of e-cigs, but you shouldn’t discount them straight away. With a unique style, strong vapor production and a dependable battery it’s a viable option, but more nicotine levels and flavors would be ideal.

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  • Good vapor production
  • Cool designs, with some done by Brooklyn artists
  • Good battery life, suitable for three hours of continuous use
  • Well-executed flavors
  • Very affordable


  • Could use more flavor options
  • 18mg and 6mg nicotine levels would be useful
  • Designs very much down to personal taste
  • Fairly basic starter kit

Bottom Line

If you want an e-cig that matches your Victorian moustache, you’re in luck. With excellent vapor production, a cool (if esoteric) design and good battery life, Bedford Slims accomplishes a lot for an affordable price. More nicotine levels, flavors and a wall charger would help, but overall a strong effort.
Price: $32

Bedford Slims: Our Expert Review

Bedford Slims is a pretty new company, but on the approach to their second birthday the company is gaining a pretty sterling reputation. The name comes from a block in Williamsburg, Brooklyn – Bedford Avenue – where the co-owner noticed there was an abundance of skinny jeans, or “slims.” The plan was: first take Bedford, and then take the world. The Vapourette Starter System comes with either one or two automatic batteries, a USB charger and a pack of five cartridges. Although it’s a new company, it’s pretty affordable, so it’s well worth consideration.


Packaging and Design


The Vapourette Starter System comes in a soft cardboard box which is not much bigger than a pack of cigarettes. It’s pretty basic in design, with 19th century style branding, a sketch of two leaves in a “v” shape and the contents on the front, and the instructions written on the back. It’s minimalistic, without a doubt, but it reflects the Williamsburg roots. It’s basically hipster central there, so the curly mustache logo fits right in. Inside, all of the components are in individual boxes, which all have the same overall style. The box opens up completely, but it folds back together easily.


Bedford Slims Review


The e-cigarettes themselves are two-piece in design, and come in the expected pen-size. The cartridges screw on securely, leaving only two thin slits for air-flow. The batteries come in four designs, one in Stainless Steel, one in Black Plaid and two more colorful options designed by local Brooklyn artists Joshua Williams and Aimée Wilder. They all have the logo towards the top, and the tip lights up with the same curled Victorian mustache when you inhale. Depending on your opinion, this could be anything from thoroughly ridiculous to one of the coolest e-cigarette branding decisions in the industry’s history. I happen to side with the latter camp, but it will undoubtedly be visual kryptonite to some vapers.


Nicotine Levels


Bedford Slims only offers three different nicotine strengths, Non-nicotine, Light (12mg) and Full Flavored (24mg). Most manufacturers offer four or more separated by 6mg steps, so this isn’t really many options for those looking to manage down their nicotine consumption. 18mg is available almost across the board, and 24mg may be a little too strong for most smokers. However, it’s much better for those who smoke a lot of cigarettes, because they don’t have to constantly drain the battery to get their nicotine. Although the nicotine-free option is a nice addition, a 6mg cartridge would also be good for those looking to manage down.


Flavors and Vapor


The Bedford Slims e-cig really performs when it comes to vapor production. It measures up to companies like V2 Cigs and Green Smoke, who are widely-known for the thick cloud of vapor their electronic cigarette produce. With a few puffs to prime the atomizer, the vapor you get is comparable to the smoke you’d expect from a drag on a tobacco cigarette. It’s a remarkably thick vapor, and as a result you get a strong, satisfying throat-hit with every puff.


The flavor profile is also another area where the e-cigarette delivers. There are only four options, though, so you don’t get too much variety. The Dark Roast is a coffee flavor, made from Pure Gum Arabica Beans and topped with a hit of caffeine. It’s full-flavored, with a notable aroma of coffee and chocolate undertones. The other flavor options are a Tobacco cartridge – which is based on Kentucky tobacco with hints of vanilla – a Menthol option and Clove flavor. It’s a shame there are currently only four, because the choices and execution of them are very impressive indeed.


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The batteries are automatic, so they’re only activated when you take a puff, but when fully charged they last for up to three hours of continuous use. “Continuous” use isn't really a useful measurement though, because you’ll only take periodic puffs. In practice, the battery lasted for around a day, so you can be confident that a fully charged one could see you through an entire workday. The tip flashes when it needs recharging, but the tiny mustache logo doesn't give off much light so you have to hold your hand up to the tip (or spin it around and take a look) to check if it’s flashing when you’re not getting enough vapor. Charging is quick, and the LED on the pen-drive style charger switches to green within two to three hours to tell you it’s completed.


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The Bedford Slims e-cig might not be as well-established as the competition, but it’s definitely still worth consideration. The style might not be for everybody, and they could really do with more nicotine levels and flavors, but if you can overcome these problems then it’s a really awesome e-cig. The vapor production is great, you can depend on the battery and the flavors they've attempted are well-crafted. Hopefully, the future will see Bedford Slims continue to develop, so more accessories (such as a wall or car charger) can be bundled into a bigger starter kit. Even without additional development, Bedford Slims is one of the best low-price, minimalistic starter kits we've tried.

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    1. Mrs. Hughes

      I love BedFord Slims!

      I used Another company’s product, needless to say…. It made me BLU…. So I did some research and found this company. I’m totally in love and will stay forever!
    2. Thomas Keener

      Absolutely blows away the competition, and the Mustache is really cool…It lets people know which e-cig you’re smoking when you’re out, since it doesn’t look just like every other one.
    3. W

      Affordable, cool-looking and an excellent drag

      I haven’t tried many other brands of ecigs but did a lot of research before buying Bedford Slims. I have not been disappointed. I love the design and the vapor draw is very smooth. The menthol and dark roast flavors are excellent. Stay away from the clover flavor—extremely disgusting in my opinion and barely tastes like clove. They just added 4 more flavors including root beer. The artist’s designs are back in stock and I just ordered a Joshua Williams battery because although I love the sleek look of the stainless steel battery I would often misplace it. Also I would rather give my money to a small business instead of the the big companies.