John Madden

John has been using e-cigarettes for almost 2 years, although he admits he wasn't completely satisfied with his experience with them in the beginning. Since then he has been on a quest to find the "perfect vape" while trying out hundreds of combinations of e-cigarettes, mods and atomizers with countless local and online vendors at his disposal. Because he feels e-cigs have the potential to be a public health miracle, John is also active in their research and promotion as a safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes.

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ECC Day 1 Recap: Global Vapers Unite in Anaheim!

Posted September 27, 2013
Electronic Cigarette Convention Anaheim Day 2

Recap of the 2013 Electronic Cigarette Convention in Anaheim, CA, presented by West Coast Vapers Club.

Top 20 Rebuttals to Win an E-Cigarette Debate

Posted September 25, 2013
20 Rebuttals E-Cigarette Debate

20 of the most commonly heard anti e-cig arguments rebutted by scientists, researchers, and advocates including Dr. Michael Siegel, Dr. Carl V. Phillips, Dr. Farsalinos, Dr. Ross, Chris Price, James Dunworth, Gregory Conley, Paul Bergen, Kristin Noll-Marsh, and Oliver Kershaw.

Electronic Cigarettes Are Not a Public Health Hazard

Posted September 25, 2013
Electronic Cigarettes Are Not a Public Health Hazard

Do you think e-cigs pose a risk to bystanders? Studies have shown that the vapor of e-cigarettes is less harmful than the air you inhale on a regular basis.

Vaping is Not the Same as Smoking

Posted September 25, 2013
Vaping vs Smoking

From their medical definitions alone, it’s pretty obvious that smoking and vaporizing are not the same thing. Electronic cigarettes were designed as a safer alternative to traditional tobacco smoking.

Metallic Particles Found in E-Cigs Are Below USP Limits

Posted September 25, 2013
Nanoparticles in E-Cigarettes

While it may be true that e-cigs contain trace amounts of said metals, they are still in compliance with federal safety standards and should therefore cause no alarm to health officials or the general public.

Electronic Cigarette Flavors Are Not Targeted At Minors

Posted September 25, 2013
E-liquid Flavors Vapor Shop

Flavored electronic cigarettes appeal to and are targeted toward adults. Just because we age does not mean we lose interest in the delectables of life. Flavored e-cigs undoubtedly taste better than tar-filled tobacco smoke and are a sincere attempt to keep health conscious smokers from falling off the vapor wagon.

E-Liquid Does Not Contain Toxic Anti-freeze

Posted September 25, 2013
E-Liquid in E-Cigarettes

Most of us are now well-versed with the 2009 FDA study that found a small amount (1%) of diethylene glycol, a toxic ingredient in anti-freeze, in 1 out of 18 cartridges from just two brands of electronic cigarettes. Not one study since then has found the chemical in any cartridges or liquids, suggesting that the device in question may have been contaminated.

E-Cigarettes Are Not Gateways to Tobacco Smoking

Posted September 25, 2013

CDC lies about kids using electronic cigarettes. How can e-cigs be gateways to smoking the real thing?

Typical Vapor Content of an Electronic Cigarette

Posted September 25, 2013
E-Cigarette Cartridge Ingredients

E-liquid typically consists of four main ingredients: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine and flavoring. What isn’t exactly clear is what constituents make up the vapor e-cigs produce.

Inherent Dangers of Lithium Batteries in E-Cigs

Posted September 25, 2013
Electronic cigarette battery explosion

Rechargeable batteries based on lithium-ion technology are what power many of our electronic devices, not just e-cigarettes. And because of the nature of their chemistry, lithium batteries all possess inherent risks.