John Madden

John has been using e-cigarettes for almost 2 years, although he admits he wasn't completely satisfied with his experience with them in the beginning. Since then he has been on a quest to find the "perfect vape" while trying out hundreds of combinations of e-cigarettes, mods and atomizers with countless local and online vendors at his disposal. Because he feels e-cigs have the potential to be a public health miracle, John is also active in their research and promotion as a safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes.

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Starfire Cigs Review

Posted November 7, 2013
Starfire Cigs Electronic Cigarette Review

Starfire Cigs is yet another Florida based e-cig company, only this one is located on the panhandle as opposed to the South Beach area. They launched in October 2011 and currently offer a basic starter kit in two colors along with cartridges in nine flavors. For customers just looking to test out e-cigs, Starfire also has a mini kit in tobacco and menthol flavor as well as disposable e-cigarettes in five flavors.

Atmomixani Nemesis Review

Posted November 4, 2013
Nemesis Mod Review

Along with the Poldiac, Atmomixani’s Nemesis leads the way for mechanical mods utilizing silver-plated contacts. There’s a reason why this mod constantly sells out everywhere it’s stocked.

Study Reveals E-Cigarettes May Not Be a Gateway to Smoking

Posted October 30, 2013

Two researchers presented yesterday what may very well wind up one of the most important resources to date against the argument that electronic cigarettes are a gateway to teen smoking.

2013 Vapetoberfest Recap

Posted October 28, 2013
Vapetoberfest Recap 2013

Recap of Vapetoberfest at the Long Beach Convention Center.

Revolver E-Cig Review

Posted October 22, 2013
Revolver Electronic Cigarette Review

Revolver’s website showcases a wide variety of electronic cigarettes and accessories. Their branding is geared toward fans of heavy metal and rock music but their products can appeal to all smokers and vapers. For review purposes, I tested out their Talon eGo-T kit and USA e-liquid.

Crown7 E-Cig Review

Posted October 10, 2013
Crown7 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit Review

Electronic cigarettes first hit the US market back in 2007 and Crown7 was there from the get-go. Based in Scottsdale, AZ, the brand offers three different starter kits, disposable e-cigs in two sizes and an eGo style “Gladiator” kit. I would figure that with over six years of product development, Crown Seven e-cigs would be a game-changer.

EU Parliament Votes Against Medical Regulation For E-Cigs!

Posted October 9, 2013
European Parliament Ban on E-Cigs

Here in the states, we awoke to big news this morning from our neighbors across the pond. Today, Members of European Parliament voted on several revisions to the Tobacco Products Directive. Among them was a vote on whether or not to classify e-cigarettes as medicinal products, restricting sales to pharmacies for products with a nicotine concentration over 4%, or 4 mg/ml.

Vaporin Electronic Cigarette Review

Posted October 8, 2013
Vaporin Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

Only launched a few months ago, Vaporin already has a pretty lofty line of e-cigarette products complete with starter kits, disposables, eGo style devices, clearomizers and e-liquid. The brand joined the likes of several big name e-cigarette brands by setting up shop in Miami, FL back in June. But can they compete with names like V2 Cigs, Green Smoke and South Beach Smoke? We reviewed their “On-The-Go” Starter Kit and Gold disposable e-cig to find out.

ECC Day 2: More Vendors and an E-Cig Regulations Workshop

Posted October 7, 2013
Electronic Cigarette Convention Anaheim Day 2

Day 2 of the Electronic Cigarette Convention in Anaheim featured a workshop on e-cig regulations and e-liquid safety by Azim Chowdhury, Lou Ritter and Linc Williams from AEMSA.

VIAe Cigs Review

Posted October 2, 2013
VIAe Electronic Cigarette Review

VIAe Cigs is yet another newcomer to the electronic cigarette market. However this one is backed by industry experience that dates back to 2008. Based in Charlotte, NC, VIAe offers one of the lowest costs of entry in the industry, with their starter kits priced as low as one pack of cigarettes.