Are More Rules Needed Concerning E-Cigarettes?

By Ecigarettereviewed Posted August 31, 2012

Cigarettes Vs. E-CigarettesE-cigarettes were designed to be an alternative to tobacco, but it seems like more and more people are having success using these products to quit smoking for good. You would think that the Food and Drug Administration would be scrambling to classify e-cigarettes as quit smoking devices, but that is not the case by any means. The FDA tried to have e-cigs classified as drug delivery devices, but they were unsuccessful. The FDA is currently trying to have electronic cigarettes classified as tobacco products.


Electronic cigarettes do not currently have any regulations or restrictions as to how the products can be made. There are also many states that do not have any laws regarding age restrictions to buy electronic cigarettes. Admittedly, more rules should be put into play concerning e-cigs.  The long term effects of smoking electronic cigarettes have has yet to be determined as the fad has just now caught on. Who knows? In the long run, electronic cigarettes could end up saving lives by helping people give up tobacco. Or electronic cigarettes could cause serious long term effects that folks are just not aware of yet.


Not all brands of electronic cigarettes are created equal. Some brands use more dangerous types of chemicals than other brands. Some brands such as V2 electronic cigarette and GreenSmoke invest more in safety measures such as cartridge batch testing, high manufacturing standards, and multiple-step quality controls, while other brands aren't capable of going through these safety processes. Be on the safe side and research the various brands before trying them (top 10 e-cig reviews). You should be aware of what you are taking into your body. Electronic cigarette companies that use these dangerous chemicals should be required to include this information with their brand of electronic cigarettes.