Are Electronic Cigarettes a Safer Option?

By Ecigarettereviewed Posted August 25, 2012

are electronic cigarettes safe
It may seem like it is too late for most smokers to give up the nasty and harmful habit of using traditional tobacco cigarettes, but electronic cigarettes are making it possible for smokers to say goodbye to tobacco forever. The electronic cigarette industry is taking credit for helping many folks switch from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigs, as well as offering an alternative method for consuming nicotine.


Folks should know that while a lot of people may claim that electronic cigarettes are a healthier alternative to smoking, there is not any scientific proof that backs up this claim as of this date. While electronic cigarettes may contain less harmful chemicals that traditional tobacco cigarettes, that does not make them 100% safe. There are still a few risks involved.


The University of Alberta School of Public Health conducted a survey that stated that almost all people who are using electronic cigarettes are using them to replace tobacco. Being able to enjoy an electronic cigarette just about anywhere also bring appeals of smokers. E-Cigarette cartridges that are nicotine free are offered by some brands such as V2. These allow users to feel like they are smoking without consuming any nicotine. Groups who are against electronic cigarettes state that the flavored cartridges could promote smoking.


Smokers who try to quit using gum or patches are hardly successful. In fact, only eighteen percent are successful in most cases. Compare that to the thirty one percent of users who state they have not used traditional tobacco since they started smoking electronic cigarettes.  It is easy to see that electronic cigarettes are the better choice even if there is not any conclusive proof. Who needs proof?


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Disclaimer: Electronic cigarettes have not been proved to help smokers quit, and are not approved by the FDA (as of March 2014).